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Impossible Iris
by Ramon Monegal


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GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseRamon Monegal
PerfumerRamon Monegal

About Impossible Iris

Impossible Iris is a shared / unisex perfume by Ramon Monegal. The fragrance was created by perfumer Ramon Monegal

Reviews of Impossible Iris

Here's another candidate in my personal search for my first Iris purchase. This is a fruity Iris (something I haven't some across before), and while the manufacturer's notes tell me to expect framboise, I'm getting more mango and almost papaya on the to--at any rate, this smells quite exotic, with all the jasmine and ylang woven around it. The idea of a prim fragrance like iris letting its hair down is nice, but I feel like what I have here is a well-made floral tied together with the earthy notes of the aforementioned flowers and fruits with a little musk and maybe a hint of sandalwood on the drydown. The iris is in here, but I have to look for it, and that's not what I want. I keep picturing Miss Moneypenny in a conga line in Acapulco.
19th January, 2016
Impossible Iris by Ramon Monegal features an iris note that is similar to the one found in Terre d'Iris by Miller Harris. I enjoy both fragrances quite a bit; in fact, this is my favorite RM fragrance so far—it’s a wet, green, iris with a large dose of sweet mimosa that smells of the highest quality shampoo. I decided to run a comparison and applied II to one arm and TdI to the other. Then I asked the dear Hubs to sniff each arm and tell me which he preferred. (The dear Hubs is a “(-)fragrance fan”.) He chose II, so I immediately put TdI on my full bottle list.

21st July, 2015
l get a soapy, fizzy, aldehydic opening that tickles my nose & makes me sneeze. As it settles, l detect a powdery, fuzzy floral note, more akin to mimosa than iris. Gradually, however, the iris comes through, & a couple of hours in the raspberry note adds a little tartness without giving the scent an overly fruity feel. l don't get ylang or jasmine here, & there's no discernable base. The projection is medium, & it fades out around seven hours in.
l'm not an iris afficianado, but l find this one to be a bright, cheerful spring floral, in a similar vein to Byredo's La Tulipe, although they don't smell the same. For me though, La Tulipe is the more beautiful of the two.
01st April, 2015
this is feminine scent, its fruty raspberry scent, its sweet and almost powdery in the dry down and bit thin , synthetic as well

i was expecting so much more :) , the opening reminded me the most of iris silver mist,thats the part i loved, but soon it turns into fruity scent, with very little iris .....and very little excitement for me

its likable, but nothing impossible here:) fruity part overwhelmes it all.....for insolence lovers!
12th March, 2013
At first wear IMPOSSIBLE IRIS comes across a little too juicy-fruity for my taste, with the iris firmly in the backseat but subsequent wears reveal the iris accord to be much more prominent than I initially thought. While I'm not entirely convinced with the choice of aqueous ylang ylang and distinctly indolic jasmine as supporting players, clearly these have been modulated to avoid overwhelming the central iris. Which is something of a pity as I find the first hour to be the more interesting phase with floral nuances lending some depth and contrast to a largely linear accord. Still to Monegal's credit the iris' waxy and rooty signature is impressively persistent - a hitherto impossible feat.

09th March, 2013
Monegal is in the habit of labeling all his juice as unisex...but this clearly isn't. This is a powerful iris and ylang ylang open, with a clean soap dry down. Not for me, but well made female fragrance.
03rd March, 2013

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