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Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme (2011)
by Gucci


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme

Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Gucci. The scent was launched in 2011

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Reviews of Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme

It's funny seeing Guilty Intense get consistently slagged as a generic, focus-grouped cash grab while Bleu de Chanel enjoys a resurgence and Sauvage gets its 100th thread on its Aventus-like adoration by women. Apparently the spectre of the Tom Ford-era Gucci is too much to shake, and so Guilty Intense may never get a similar reassessment. To that I say: great! Less people on my block wearing it!

It's been more than hinted that the entire Guilty line owes something of a creative debt to Acqua di Gio - the biting citrus rind opening, cedar and patchouli in the base, an overall similar "weight" and feel - and yet for years I've suffered the agony of appreciating AdG as a great, superbly well-crafted men's fragrance rendered unwearable from overexposure. Heck, I've been fighting the urge to buy a bottle of AdG for a decade now, but leaving the house at all puts me at about a 50/50 probability of smelling it on another guy that day, and then I'm reminded of all the hundreds of thousands of men that wear it (and all the women whose exes wore it). The release of Profumo last year gave me hope, and my first spritz from a mall tester reminded me of everything that was so great about the original, but over the next hour it was still so much THAT smell in its essence; still so clearly an AdG product.

What I wanted was a darker, mellower, more brooding and nocturnal AdG, and I was forced to reluctantly admit (after clinging to the tester strip for days and then running back to the store for a decant) that what I was looking for was Guilty Intense. It doesn't smell like AdG and no one will think you're wearing AdG, but it has the same wonderful "seamlessness" between the notes and a massive, slightly damp patchouli in the base that is just pure magic. It is bizarre to me that only Darvant has even mentioned the dark patchouli accord here - to me it is the heart of this fragrance and gives it the "brooding" quality many talk about. The citrus in the opening is also superb and rind-like without any harsh Pine-Sol qualities.

As it dries down, Guilty Intense is like a lesson in how to dodge all the pitfalls of fresh men's fragrances today - no fake marine notes (I actually like them in other fragrances but they would ruin this one), no ozonic-metallic chlorinated pool chemicals, no Log Cabin syrupy maltol overload - just a clean, slightly dusty, slightly spicy sweet patchouli. I actually suspect some high-level engineering or perhaps a handful of natural ingredients went into this, because there's a certain texture unlike anything else I've tried. Longevity, while not stupendous, is well above average at about 5-6 hours, and it retains its character all the way through.

This is a daily driver fragrance you can still wear out to the rock show with your leather jacket and not feel a bit out of place. It's clean and badboy at the same time. It is in a class by itself when compared against synthetic nightmares like Eros and Invictus and should be up there with The One, Sauvage, and BdC as one of the best no-brainer department store masculines out there today. A strong thumbs up.
09th June, 2016 smells good. its of those fragrances that everyone will get because of the brand and it will become generic. it smells good's "generic bound". I see this being bought by non collectors and other small bands copying this. Not worth the money, but worth a buy IF you have the extra money, want to just buy a new cologne, and just want something more fancy than most normal day fragrances.

longevity: eh...7 out of 10
projection: 6 out of 10

would i keep this in my collection: eh...yes but onl as a young man until im 35.maybe 40...tops. this is a young beginners fragrance. a person who is trying to clean up his looks and style.
15th December, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The citrus/lemon opening with the added neroli makes for a fairly simply classic, pleasant opening impression. Alas the drydown is less impressive, with a dull and generic-synthetic patchouli being on the underwhelming side. Still, it has a touch more character than many of the insipid juices this a house has produced of recent.

I get moderate, adequate projection with five hours of longevity. 2/5.
09th July, 2015

If you want a girl notice you,take a chance spend a little money and knock her off her feet.GUCCI GUILTY INTENSE will do the trick for you.It is a crisp,masculine,modern aromatic that captures the exhilaration and confidence.This frgrance is an all purpose fragrance for men. Pleasant, Sweet,Flirty,Addictive,Crisp and Charming.

Lovely opening.A blend of amalfi lemon,coriander lavender,neroli,amber and patchouli that spells confidence on your wrists and ladies who appreciatethe tender.It has a nice finish on my skin not too overwhelming but also quite Soft and Lovely.this smells fresh without being too strong and makes a statement without a doubt.

This one is really similar original GUILTY so i think if you have it,you dont need this one.It is beautiful enough to be Romantic.The bottle and packaging are lovely beautiful too.perfect for Everyday use as well as the Intimate occasion.Totally if you are looking to wear a nice scent but dont want to worry about what is appropriate for what time,try this one.


Longevity?Average on my skin.

23rd April, 2015
commercial and boring

Gucci discontinued the perfume from the Tom Ford period (like Gucci pour homme i and ii and launch this commercial joke. A perfume made for the teenagers, the new target of all high fashion brands. It smells like gel douche.

24th June, 2013

A gummy combination of lavender and patchouli enveloped by a resinous ambery/woody cape and with a strong orangy tone. In the same vein with La nuit de l'Homme under my nose and probably better appointed (and more intense with its developed ambery touch) than the original Guilty formula. A sticky modern kind of fougere with an initial citrus/lavender wet presence, some green/rooty elements, a bombastic resinous orangy/woody presence and a dark patchouli backbone. Best for night time use. Boring and nowadays generic.
25th April, 2013

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