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Cuba Royal is a masculine fragrance by Cuba Paris.

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I bought the 30 or 35ml of Cuba Royal for around $5 just to try it & donated the bottle after a few wearings. It's not terrible but sweet - 90% similar to PR 1 million though I get a bit of creamy tobacco. You are not getting a very rich fragrance & no where near as loud as one million. Works for around one hour, then no one can smell it. If you want a good clubbing fragrance, it must be loud. There is simply no reason to wear this fragrance out.
19th March, 2016
I'd be remiss not to echo that Cuba Royal is a fantastic clone of 1 Million (much closer than Cuba Prestige to A*Men, as Cuba Prestige is more interesting in its own right). Royal gives a fresh fougere smell without seemingly any lavender at all, but again the same tobacco/cedar combination that's allegedly part of the original. I get more citrus and floral aspects (not listed in the note breakdown) but it still contains some aspect of cedar and woods. Overall, a fresh, remarkably cheap ($10 for 100ml on FragranceNet), though predictably short-lived and not huge projection. A great option that strikes me as most appropriate for warmer weather days---not formal, and not very cold weather-leaning but very versatile in casual application.

7 out of 10
08th October, 2015
Archie Bunker's choice for a rare, romantic night with Edith.
11th March, 2015
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United States
A cheap smelling, sweet, synthetic disaster, this fragrance smells like grape flavored hard candy! This is what Cuba Royal smells like when I wear it.

Actually, this smells okay when you spray it on paper. That way, the room becomes filled with a rich, sweet tobacco smell. On my skin, however, the fragrance is a chemical mess, with no redeeming qualities.

I can't imagine many cigars smelling like this, unless we're talking about crap like Swisher Sweets. Cuba Royal is a disgusting fragrance.

21st July, 2012

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