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Cuba Prestige is a masculine fragrance by Cuba Paris.

Reviews of Cuba Prestige

eccj Show all reviews
United States
I sprayed a half spray into the box at Ross, and the security guy (who has a poor sense of smell) said yeah man, that's good and strong! lol

I thought the scent was nice, but I couldn't figure out what it was at first. After I got home and pulled it up the A*men registered immediately! Win for Cuba Paris!
14th June, 2015
So to my pleasant surprise this smells JUST like A*Men from Thierry muglar! I mean just like it! The scent has a tobacco, vanilla, amber, smell that has a small bit of citrus. No need to worry about a harsh opening because there isn't one. A*Men has a tar smell in the beginning on here it opens up as vanilla and citrus with a tobacco dry down. Can't stop smelling my arm, hold on I'll continue typing in a second..........ok I'm back! Buy it you can find it for $7.99 at Ross. Remember this rule, if you see a Ross you have no choice but to stop by it.
11th October, 2014
Definitely a warm vanilla, coffee, amber, pipe tobacco scent with a hint of citrus. A bit too sweet for my taste ... but for the price (about $10 at Ross) it ain't bad. The ladies like it. Wear this at night.
17th July, 2014
vawallpa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Cuba prestige is indeed very similar to A*Men so it gets a 0/10 for originality but on the other hand it is a very nice sweet smelling fragrance and almost as potent as A*Men, but maybe a little less harsh. Good value for money :)
11th December, 2013
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
I'm among those who are not fans of Angel Men. I find its mixture of burnt coffee and vanilla extract too hammering. Cuba Prestige rounds off those edges and for the first six hours or so, it is quite a nice alternative to Mugler's fragrance. After that, unfortunately, the economy of ingredients betrays the scent and it becomes more or less a straightforward cheap amber, which I simply can't abide, even in higher quality offerings. If you like your fragrances underwritten by Baskin-Robbins, then this ought to float your boat.

I won't turn to this aroma often, but for those rare times when it'll hit the spot, the low financial investment makes it an easy keeper. I prefer Animale Animale for a similar, superior sweet bottle.
17th December, 2012 (last edited: 23rd February, 2013)
Very similar to Amen. If you like Amen, you'll be OK with this. Vanilla, spices, coffee notes. Powerful. Lasting power great. Big thumbs up from me.
24th August, 2012

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