New York for Gentlemen (2008)
    by Brooks Brothers

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    This is a refined, well-blended, spicy/woody fragrance which is really a pleasure to wear. Distinguished, classy, and not likely to offend anyone. Nice bottle. Inexpensive. Thrilling, groundbreaking? No. But simply beautiful.

    22 February, 2014

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    Classy, Refined, and Underrated...

    Brooks Brothers' Gentlemen was a total blind buy for me... One that worked out well and I am pleasantly surprised...

    Gentlemen is a gentle citrus fragrance that settles into a smooth musky fragrance that is very nice. The fragrance fits the company - classy and distinguished. I have worn this cologne once and received no compliments, however, I am confident that with time and frequency, compliments are out there to be had. (haha - for those who know me - I have never been short on confidence..!!)

    While the projection, sillage, and longevity are only above average, this may be appealing to some - those who want a pleasant fragrance (ok - I will say great fragrance) that is subtle and easy on the nose. It settles close to the skin, but I will add (yes, I do wear the shirt and tie daily) I spray my daily fragrance on my undershirt - and I do catch a glimpse of this fragrance throughout the day. Additionally, Gentlemen offers great flexibility due to its "classic" makeup that can be worn anytime of year and for any event. The bottle and packaging are done first class. I will admit that I own the small bottle and that it can be a little cumbersome spraying, but only minor deductions there. At the going rate of mid-$20s for a large bottle, the price/value is above average.

    My final tally for Gentlemen is 4 stars out of 5. This scent is very pleasant without being overwhelming - definitely will not offend those in close proximity in the workplace..!! For the price/value and the classic nature of the fragrance, I definitely recommend adding to your collection. Make a decision today - will you spend your time or will you invest your time...???

    11th May, 2013

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    It's nice to see a contemporary fragrance that isn't anti-history. New York Gentlemen looks back to classic citrus-centric offerings such as Dunhill and Eau Sauvage but is more discreet than either, making this a safe, solid choice for school or work where proximity merits subtlety. The bottle is nice and classic looking and the fragrance equally so, if not quite a great one due to the relative formula budget yet it smells better and lasts longer than many pricier rivals.

    22 February, 2013

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    A truly wonderful fragrance. A very nice combination of mossy woods and cirtus going on here. it's light enough to not overpower any noses. while still retaining enough muscle to express bold character. nothing wrong with going back for seconds though. Makes you that much closer to being a real New York gentleman. A fine product indeed.

    28 December, 2012

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    Props for the bottle -- it is a stunner. A very classy-looking item, like a sapphire.
    The juice is nice. It goes through various phases. The first is a brief but powerful citrus note, emphasis on plummy bergamot. Then we see an airy, white-shirt note: crisp, low-key, smells like a freshly-ironed shirt. This phase is most suitable for office wear. The dry-down reveals a very carefully modulated cumin note. Many times, I find cumin in a scent to be either very pongy (like male sweat) or else suggestive of chili. Here, it is just a nice woody spicy -- clearly cumin but not all over the place with that.
    This is a safe, somewhat conservative scent for guys. I can't imagine anyone disliking it to wear or to smell on others. It is not terribly original but it is well done.
    Rates a mild thumbs-up.

    13 August, 2012

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    Shifty Bat
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    This is a stunner. I am quite surprised by New York for Gentlemen. The opening combination of the mandarin, verbena, petitgrain, and vetiver creates an accord like lime rinds and the warm, spicy backdrop of cumin may well be the best use of cumin I have encountered so far. This is not a loud or assertive fragrance, nor is it a meek one, but rather a suave, confident scent that stays close and lingers and develops richly and nicely.

    If I had to compare it to anything else, I'd say that NY for G comes across like a Creed summer scent or 4711 with the warmth and sort of fuzzy texture of New York by Parfums de Nicolai. The drydown is very pleasant, and reminds me a little of Fendi Uomo. This is a great bargain scent, so if you see a bottle at a local Marshall's or similar know it is worth much more than the $17 price tag.

    25 July, 2012

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