Luna Rossa (2012)
    by Prada

    Luna Rossa Fragrance Notes

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    United States United States

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    This is one of the more interesting pseudo-aquatic-style scents I’ve encountered. In the opening it provides an ozonic base with a citrus/ lavender/ mint bent. I find the lavender to be a bit synthetic but quite pleasant, and it’s combinations with the bitter orange and the mint / clary sage form interesting abstractions which come across as suggestively full-bodied, aromatic, and ozonic. I love the combinations of notes used in Luna Rossa: The lavender manages to hang on for a long time; the bergamot note disappears relatively quickly, to be replaced by the sage / mint… this is quieter and less aromatic with almost all the ozonics expended. It is a textured accord that is fresh, relaxing, cool, but short lived (1 – 2 hours). The amber (ambroxan?) base is quite reticent. Off my skin it has limited projection and longevity, which presents the main problem I find with Luna Rosa: It doesn’t last very long. I find the base a disappointment… It is not as original as the opening; also, it doesn’t project very well from my dry skin. It is soapy in nature, and I quite enjoy its soapiness.

    Luna Rosa is an interesting, pleasant, original fragrance. If it could have retained the opening / middle accords longer, I would buy it, but the most interesting aspects of it are short-lived as is its longevity on my skin.

    11th March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    prada luna rossa is a good fragrance scent that lasts for awhile when wearing. good choice.

    06 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    This one is a little too generic for me. No originality on this prada.Nice bottle though. No disrepect to the younger crowd, but they may like this one.

    04 November, 2013

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    Norway Norway

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    Breezy, elegant, sweetish. Very carefully balanced. I get an impression of very understated candy and herbs, herbs almoust touching on tobacco. Very subdued, I understand why some find it bland. But if you want some pleasant sweetness that is not greasy or cloying, it may be for you. Is it worth the price, though?

    03 November, 2013

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    Fresh and Clean

    Citrusy bitter orange plays nicely with the lavender opening. Citrus dries down in about 30 mins to form a soft and relaxing lavendar bubble. Mint is almost imperceptible but its there keeping the whole structure fresh and clean. As one woman said to me, Its the kind of fragrance that makes me want to smell your shirt when you leave.

    Pros: Lavender opening
    Cons: Longevity (4-6 hours)"

    30th July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    A decent release, more or less

    Soapy and sterile in the vein of previous Prada fragrances, yet sweetened and smoothened a bit with floral notes and a bit of vanilla. As confusing as this sounds, it has parts of it that are really unique, but in it's overall framework it does feel a bit on the generic side. At least on the surface, it's typical. But deep down, if you look into it, it's more than it appears on the surface.

    As for what I would compare this to. Definitely Body Kouros, except without the eucalyptus and incense. Though it is less gourmandish than Body Kouros, safer and overall wellrounded, which is good if that's what you are looking for. The ingredient quality is well on par with the standards for a designer fragrance. It is a dualism between medicinal and sporty, which is perfectly wearable for a man and while it never crosses the gender boundaries, it feel a little bit on the feminine side of masculine.

    In the end, what is Luna Rossa? It's a good release from Prada and surely worth checking out. It's not revolutionary or innovative in a meaningful way, though it takes a common formula for designer fragrances and ever so slightly changes it up a bit. It's not groundbreaking, but it doesn't disappoint.

    28 July, 2013

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