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Luna Rossa (2012)
by Prada


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerDaniela Andrier
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa is a masculine fragrance by Prada. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Daniela Andrier

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Reviews of Luna Rossa

Bitter and citric
Is no way to go through life
Unless you're fragrance.
16th October, 2017
Lavender/citrus powdery fragrance very clean and pleasant. The smell that I can recall the most from this is baby cologne. For the younger crowd.
21st May, 2016 (last edited: 13th August, 2016)
There's an amazing frangrance hidden behind simplicity. Daniela Andrier loves natural contents. Bitter orange and mint surround lavender, then a warm skin amber appears... We can feel the sun and salty ocean... fresh but sweet with a very good sillage and longevity. It's Magic like a sunset on the ocean, a summer ending day. Natural global impression, "a must" for me.
30th April, 2016
Another lavender scent. I get lavender and mint from Luna Rossa. Am I missing something here?! Citrus notes but that dissipates quickly. Not a scent I would wear and performance is weak. Smells like something you clean the bathroom with.
02nd April, 2016
to me, this is the smell that will forever remind me of my graduation from Marine boot camp last year. this was my first fragrance that I bought as well as 212 for men, eros, and 1 million. this is the one, out of ALL OF THEM that everyone in the platoon wanted to wear on graduation and asked me for a spray, lol. now, on the the real review.

longevity: eh...honestly I noticed this doesnt last that long on me. personally, i think the most i pulled out of it was 4 hours? maybe 5. it feels watered down in the sense that i feel like that is as best as it can do, after about 6 hours of wear, i hardly noticed it.

projection: projection isnt bad honestly. people can smell you for about 4 feet away and it leaves a great scent train.

occasion: personally, i think this is a great fragrance for the summer, during a nice casual festivity. a simple date (walk in the park, trip to the carnival, or the movies; stuff like that).

ages:16 to 35(depending, in my personal opsionion, your personality and use as well as what your wearing).

this is the fragrance for the mature youth out there.

7 and a half out of 10!
06th December, 2015

PRADA fragrances are one of main pillars in my collection.LUNA ROSSA is a refreshingly aromatic blend of citruses and lavender, mixed with fresh mint and amber that provide a fresh masculinity and refined elegance. Modern,Youngish,Crisp,Summery, Interesting,Clean and Lovely with a elegant bottle.

Strong orange opening.The dominant essence mint,is very complimentary to the top notes,rendering them ever so slightly soapy.This is such a pleasant, soft and cute that remembers A summer afternoon at the beach when your lover smile to you and you play with her hair.The mint never disappears but folds into the creation,keeping it fresh and light.

LUNA ROSSA is a fresh daytime scent for the active man who loves to feel his blood rush.perfect for warmer weather and casual wear.You can not wear this fragrance without Feeling very YOUTHFULL.Makes YOU feel good after work.Freshness is a definite Characteristic in it.Highly Recommend for everyone do not Like strong smell.

Sillage?Quite acceptable for a citrus Aromatic.

Longevity?Surprisingly Good on my skin.

11th May, 2015

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