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Joop! Homme Wild (2012)
by Joop!


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerAliénor Massenet
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Joop! Homme Wild

Joop! Homme Wild is a masculine fragrance by Joop!. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Aliénor Massenet

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United States
A little strong/synthetic and in your face at first blast(it is a Joop scent afterall, what else would you expect right?!lol)but when it mellows out, it's really nice. Sweet, boozy and spicy with a little tropical feel in the background...long lasting too. Very nice release from the house of Joop!
13th November, 2015
Joop Homme Wild is what I wear on a night out when I just want to have fun, not make myself the centre of attention. It's an approachable fragrance with a pleasant sweetness balanced out by a fresher edge. Not even remotely edgy, but all-round nice to hang out with.
12th September, 2015
The Wild edition of Joop! doesn't really need to exist. For starters, it is nearly the same fragrance as Joop! Jump. The body weight, longevity, and projection are the same and the only real change is swapping out the airy orange blossom for 'rum absolute,' which comes off as sweet and foody, like a version of Rochas Man that trades in the coffee-mocha tone for marshmallow yet remains mocha-colored. Wild is pleasant and can be had for quite cheap, but there are many better scents out there like it.
Having said all that I do enjoy wearing this one, and others seem to like it on me. I just get bored with the composition easily because there is no real movement. If you already have Rochas Man, Jump, CK Intense Euphoria, Apparition Homme Intense, or Oak by Bath and Body Works you'd be better off passing on this offering. If you do not own any of those give it a go, as these aromatic semi-gourmands are currently well-favored by the vast majority of people I meet and I feel every enthusiast should own at least one.
Joop! Homme Wild is not at all a bad boy scent. It is not hardened or mysterious. It certainly doesn't break any rules. It's actually a velvety-smooth Mr. Nice Guy and pairs well with sweaters and cappuccinos.
02nd June, 2015

This is such a handsome fragrance!JOOP!HOMME WILD is the right evening to night time scent to be worn in proper sense.a attention getter of ladies.people have noticed it and enquired about the same.much better than the JOOP HOMME who i am a big critic about it.a great choice for a younger and older crowd looking for a younger radiance.te price is very reasonable just like another JOOP fragrances.the scent is really lovely but nothing something new about it and it is not one of those fragrances i have never experienced in my life.Sweet,Cute,Sensual,Modern, Delicious, Sensuous and Warm.

An initial burst of spice(pink pepper)dries down to the most intoxicating brew of rum,woody notes and a dash of sweet white tobacco makes a fragrance that screams seduction and sensuality of skin.the dry down is so handsome and it is not absolutely masculine at all.However it is not too heavy and wild but rather if applied in moderation,it makes a nice scent for any occasion.i recommend it for the sexy,modern and energetic young man who can wear a fragrance with confidence into a BAR/ is also a great smell if you are single to land you a great date and maybe something even doubt it is suitable for a WINTER EVENING.

Sillage?Very Good.

Longevity?About 5 hours on my skin.

11th May, 2015
Combine the classic Joop Homme (candied-mentholated black cherry syrup) with Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Man, Escada Magnetism For Men, such further fragrances a la Azzaro Decibel and Baldessarini Ambre', a touch of One Million, than add a whiff of virile exoticism (a vaguely simil rum-tobacco accord) and you will obtain Joop Homme Pour Homme Wild. Aromatic and boozy spicy (peppery)-minty bombastic ambroxan with darkening woods, nocturnal flowers, tobacco, leather and patchouli. Appealing for the younger crowd, less original and bold than its predecessor. Probably hints of synthetic resins (Iso E-driven Incense, galaxolide ??) are included in the recipe. A pleasant synthetic amber decently appointed but finally boring.
P.S= over many hours on the skin the synthetic amber appears less aromatic and more specifically nutty, (somewhat hazelnut-cocoa veined). The lasting powder is nuclear as usual with Joop.
07th August, 2014 (last edited: 08th August, 2014)
I own Original Joop, Joop Summer Ticket, and now Homme Wild. Summer Ticket definitely has the original Joop DNA, albeit with some new fruity notes replacing the cinnamon. However, Homme Wild doesn't share any similarities with Original Joop. As others have stated, its a warm, creamy, woodsy, boozy, sweet and sensual ride. I can't think of anything I have in my collection that smells like this one. I just purchased it recently, so haven't had a chance to wear it clubbing, but I imagine it will get some positive attention. Definitely for nights out.
18th January, 2014

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