Interlude Woman (2012)
    by Amouage

    Interlude Woman Fragrance Notes

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    gimmegreen's avatar
    Netherlands Netherlands

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    It’s been a while since I’ve been so wrongfooted by a perfume and it’s thoroughly enjoyable. If Interlude Man was little more (for me) than being in close proximity to a pizzeria oven, Interlude Woman actually lives up to the ‘chaos and quiet moment’ spiel spun by Amouage’s PR.
    At times it comes across as intensely dry, salty and resinous but glinting with all kinds of goodies. But more usually that dry resinous vibe is lifted from within by juicy, greenish florals (the marigold, for sure) and unreal fruity tones – kiwi anyone? Now and then a hint of honey, but never too rich, and balanced by tart lemon. And the leather lurking deep within, soft and rosy, a kid glove caressing your cheek.
    Despite its swirl of notes, Interlude Woman is perfectly pitched – wearing neither too light nor too heavy, and for all its oddity it just feels right and finished: I would not want to add or subtract anything here. Ms Spehner has delivered something utterly unique with this one and has become a perfumer whose work I feel compelled to follow.
    Two further remarkable things about it. One is the presentation of the immortelle – desiccated, singed by frankincense smoke and spiked with citrus. This has none of the piggy, sweaty, maple syrupy echoes that can overwhelm, yet is unmistakeably immortelle. Second is the frankincense, a trademark Amouage note, but here, threading its way so lightly through the composition, giving many of the other notes encouragement and support.
    I’m not sure how much bystanders will appreciate it, but I love a perfume that takes me places and this is one. A contemporary classic.

    07 March, 2014

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    Mimi Gardenia
    United States United States

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    Nutty Woody Incense

    I love the sapphire blue bottle with the gold lettering - very luxe .

    I am not even going there with the list of notes because Interlude Woman is chockful of all kinds of exotic things . On my skin no florals show up at all. No orange blossom and no rose. This opens like the smell of new paper on my skin- you know... when you crack open a book for the first time and smell the pages deeply. ( Never done that ? My Mum does it all the time ) It's a good smell but I don't want to smell of paper for a start.

    In creeps in the exotic stuff mixed with oily nuts. The incense and nuts plus wood is what Interlude woman is all about on me. And there she sits languidly but persistently making paper ,eating nuts and burning incense till I tell her to get off in the shower.

    Not for me I am afraid !!

    Pros: Has tenacity
    Cons: Not for everyone"

    23 July, 2013

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    I can clearly recognise the male interlude counterpart in this: the same incense-and-wood richness but less leather, and more vanilla and musk; the same brilliance and masterful blending. Wonderful.

    26 April, 2013

    only_me!'s avatar
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Mmm... This is delicious and gorgeous and, perhaps “Interlude, Woman” unintentionally exemplifies this magnificent house’s most suitable unisex creation.
    I confess from the outset that there’s something appealingly odd about this perfume that I thoroughly enjoy though appreciate fully that others might dislike intensely.

    Stylistically, “Interlude, Woman” is a ‘modern’ perfume of sorts in contrast to the classical Platonic ideals found in Amouage’s[women’s] creations: “Dia”, “Gold” and “Ubar”, and puts me in mind of a triangulation of sorts in which the extroverted, love-hate, chemically, fruity-lactonic-chypre theme of “Gucci Rush” meets the leather theme within (the underrated) “Cuir Amethyst” by Armani Prive, together with a tiny splash of Le Labo’s extraordinarily smoky, BBQ-plus-weird-leather chord that dominates their intoxicating “Patchouli 24”.

    I personally prefer to this new perfume to their excellent though rather blocky, “Tom Fordish” ‘masculine’, “Interlude, Man”, as on my jolly old male skin, “Interlude, Woman” behaves as a ‘proper’ perfume that without effort unveils and projects its inner qualities gently, warmly, and modestly. That is, once one has got over the initial aldehydic, acetone blast that, as many have remarked, can be off-putting to the point of possible repugnance.

    Indeed, to appreciate the grandeur of “Interlude, Woman”, one has to stand back from the opening fierce salvo as if igniting the propane burner in preparation to lift-off a large, hot air balloon. Once airborne and from a distance, however, there appears a certain tranquillity in which near-imperceptible powers of flight sustain the balloon in its apparent relative state of inactivity throughout the day.
    One can then marvel at this model of calm and composure as if gazing at the rotund body poised above the gathering early evening haze towards the close of a perfect, delectably warm, early September day in the South of England's ‘Weald’: the low angle of the sun’s golden rays almost occluding the occasional burst of shimmering fire that intermittently breathes a gravity-defying sigh of life in to the wingless giant.

    Housed in an exquisitely colourful avant-garde painted box, and stunning blue bottle, “Interlude Woman” is a triumph, though please try first and be patient!


    08 January, 2013 (Last Edited: 10th January, 2013)

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    Croatia Croatia

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    i must love it!! since i loved it very first time i smelled it in Loccitane Immortele!(i recommend to try that one first if you love it you will love it here 3 times more)Helychrisum is the name of the game here!

    It opens up with fresh ginger, citrus-orange like notes of Helychrisum! Like a sweet summer scent, after 1 hour is turning into autumn/winter warm cosy story, i love the chnage!

    This scent is put into perfect harmony between sweet-warm and bitter-cold notes. The heart is sweet floral, sweetnes is held in control with incense that is here warm and pleasant!

    Base is complex and again put in harmony, but vanila dominates a little. You can not pick out notes, base serves to enhance the mane theme and make it more sophisticated!

    Most dominant throughout the scent is ofcourse yellow Helychrisum, that smells sophisticated, warm, sweet but not overly sweet, fresh at the same time, nothing chaotic!

    I was pleasantly surprised with Helychrisum form Loccitane wan thinking why there is no more of this, and Amouage heard my thoughts :) thank you!!

    14 October, 2012

    Elzéard's avatar
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Dirty, woody... oudhy? This is a complicated fragrance. It's dark and mysterious, and particularly alluring. This is one you will have to smell frequently, if only to understand it. The dry down gets even dirtier, which is in no way a bad thing.

    24 August, 2012

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