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Interlude Man (2012)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerPierre Negrin

About Interlude Man

Interlude Man is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Negrin

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Reviews of Interlude Man

Amouage is an amazing niche brand with a large number of well-made, distinct fragrances worth checking out by any serious scent aficionado. Interlude Man is an example of one of their colognes that remind me that there actually are serious companies out there of credibility.

Interlude Man starts out with commonly used bergamot, along with very uncommon notes of oregano and allspice, starting this off in a semi-gourmand direction. Amber abd honey-like cistus hits the nose immediately upon initial spray-on, lending a stunning sweetness characteristic of a lightly sweet tobacco leaf. Myrrh (opoponax), with its alluring Middle-Eastern pungence and woodiness, resides in the heart of this mix. Incense adds a light complexity, as do the patchouli and laid-back agarwood. Sandalwood and rich leather are sensible foundation notes in this exotic mix.

Interlude Man has a classic 80's oriental spicy-sweet men's cologne quality. It feels more appropriate for older wearers in general, as it has a mature, sophisticated vibe that I can't see men below 30 sporting too well. I enjoy it greatly and can see myself putting it on for more formal evening occasions during cooler seasons.

Excellent bold, manly scent that tips the hat the past, sophisticated and layered to stay interesting. Highly recommended.
18th August, 2018
It's a sweet and fruity incense. At times it reminds me of Fanta incense and it should be a terrible combination but I like it.
09th August, 2018
If you're not used to oriental fragrances, be careful on this one. My wife loves it on me. One spray is pretty much all you need to be completely honest. It's by far the strongest and longest lasting fragrance I've ever had the pleasure of trying. The smell itself isn't so bad. Just different. Very smoky and sweet. It may work on other people but as an American I feel out of place wearing it. I'm just personally not into it. I would suggest applying this one behind your neck if you ever try it.
04th July, 2018
In 2016 I was travelling through Heathrow and a rep for Amouage offered me a few sprays.

The next day and after a shower I could still smell this amazing fragrance. My wife (who loves it) bought me a bottle for Christmas that year and I use it on and off. I looked at the bottle the other day, it looks full. I’d say 4 sprays of most other fragrances equals one of this beast.

It’s so strong I can smell it on myself all day which can be a little tiring.

So if you like incense, bergamot and smoky leathery fragrances this is the one. It’s unique, expensive, masculine and beautiful.

For me it’s better than Aventus but for me not a daily wear. Could I wear it in the office, possibly not.

A double thumbs up for this truly exceptional fragrance !

15th June, 2018
An event similar to Apocalypse from a good horror movie, everything is on fire (trees, buildings, cars, etc), devils and demons howling ready to feast from human flesh, people screaming and coughing from the dense smoke, lots of cries for help, the fire is rising and the smoke becomes too dense and dark.

Suddenly a high priest appears, he walks confidently directly into the fire and he start shouting a powerful prayer. He strongly smells like incense, leather, myrrh and sweet berry. Terrified people can hear his prayer and can smell him through the dark smoke and everybody is gathering at his feet to feel protected. For the moment humans are safe but not for long...

This is what i see when i sniff/wear Interlude Man. Dark, spicy, very religious (thanks to incense and especially to opoponax), sweet, mineral and smokey. A masterpiece and the best scent from Amouage. Interlude Man is not for everybody. And when you wear it you dont need/want compliments cuz you already know who you are and people should step aside when you appear.

Sillage and Projection - giant.
Longevity - it lasts forever
12th April, 2018
The most powerful fragrance I know of, plain and simple, and I really like it! I had used a sample for awhile, and just recently got a FB. The Amouage bottles themselves are almost worth the purchase price. I get a lot of oregano and incense, with some hints of the patchouli and sandalwood throughout the drydown....which could last a week, lol!!
28th February, 2018

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