Interlude Man (2012)
    by Amouage

    Interlude Man Fragrance Notes

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    50ml EdP
    50ml EdP
    (*converted from GBP 145.00)
    50ml EdP
    (*converted from GBP 145.00)

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    Darvant's avatar
    Italy Italy

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    Interlude Man strikes me soon for the olfactory juxtapositions of diversely consistent and "oriented" spheres since a dark woody/oriental resinous basement is by soon counteracted by a weirdly fresh, hesperidic and mineral first approach. The overmentioned juxtaposition conjures me more than vaguely the wonderful Jacques Zolty by Jacques Zolty's structure. (I detect also many points in common with the interesting but probably less "fresh/warm" in perception Nemo by Cacharel because of the common interaction between fresh spices, pepper, lavender, patchouli, olibanum, herbal notes, leather and woods). The previous two scents (Amouage and Zolty I mean) are extremely close each other as sharing a huge number of notes (a musk/patchouli common backbone, a bunch of mineral secret elements, bergamot, oregano, mild spices, probably lavender, ambergris, woodsy resins, olibanum, sandalwood, suede end further). Probably Interlude Man smells more finally smokey and resinous being Zolty on the contrary more initially aromatic, floral (rosey) and mineral. The Interlude Man's beginning (following a really close to Zolty evolution process) starts with a really aromatic, musky, mineral and peppery (almost "Nu_besque" in the approach) "ambiental" accord (almost silent and holy in expression) embodied by an oregano/lavender/fresh bergamot/soft musk/cistus agreement. The note of oregano is heady and perfumed (really aromatic I mean), a dominant realistic element in the top of the structure. The cistus in particular provides an herbal and humid undertone throughout as it is supported by a dark and earthy patchouli stout presence. The note of olibanum (never too much churchy or sacramental) keeps soon contaminating the elements with its smokey aromatic mild exhalations (a dull, soft, progressive, harmonic burning perfumed incense treated with burning sweet spices and aromatic mild resins). By soon the mineral muskiness is turned out such a craggy, somewhat spongy, carnal, slightly fruity and herbal one by the costus/ambergris intervenction itself. The note of olibanum is averagely smokey/spicy and it melds perfectly its substance with the musky/ambery resinous basement providing such a resinous and mossy accord mastered by a main smokey/spicy temperament (a vague conjuration about the Piguet Casbah's incensey/spicy/resinous consistency). I still detect a musk/ambergris/myrrh main basement on which the mineral and aromatic patterns still jump and sparkle. There is a mild spiciness enriching the cloud which is basically in my opinion elicited by pepper (in particular) and cinnamon (may be coriander). I don't feel in particular a sheer final oudh apparition (since a sort of resinous woodsness is operating throughout) while is easily catchable a disclosing completing suede touch managing to soften the scretchy ambery muskiness while leading it towards a velvety/silky woody sphere. The sandalwood (but even the oud note) in particular emerges at distance averagely dry, barely fruity and never syrupy or overly resinous. Interlude Man possesses for sure an intricate structure in which each note performs greatly its individuality and owns its autonomy though in the meanwhile partaking to a complex harmonious olfactory game, that's plain. The creation is a modern oud/olibanum rendition in which the previous elements are such of baptised and deprived of their classic medicinal or overly liturgical characteristics. This fragrance is a solid composition with its dark spicy/incensey and musky appeal but is in the things to underline as its lack of uniqueness and the slightly synthetic final vibe surrounding the agarwood resins in particular turn it out unworthy of its abnormal € 195 for a 50 ml bottle. Great longevity and slightly more than discreet (but constantly lingering as a ghost) projection on my skin.

    19 March, 2014

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    India India

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    Just tried my sample and initial thoughts are

    sweet / smoky / leather and a little pungent...i like the opening :) have a local indian attar oud mulhallat blend which smells somewhat similar but Interlude seems to be more refined and richer whereas the attar smells kind of thin

    is there any oud in this, seems to catch a tiny whiff of it now and then

    will post more thoughts as i spend more time with it

    08 March, 2014

    FISS80's avatar
    United States United States

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    I'm late to the party on this one but I will still share my opinion. Opens very fruity and medicinal. Medicinal as in Vicks Vapor Rub but truly intoxicating. This stage stays for about an hour. Them it transitions into a smoky sweet smell that I cannot get enough of. Easily my favorite part of the fragrance. Interlude Man then proceeds to effortlessly transition between these two stages for the duration, which is extremely long. Easily 12 hours. Very well blended. I detect the leather, Opponax and cistus mostly in this fragrance(based off of the description of the aforementioned as I have never personally smelled them. Incredible Longevity and siliage. A FB may be in the future...

    03 March, 2014

    rum's avatar
    Greece Greece

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    England may now be a smoke-free land, but this fragrance by Amouage is an Interlude from normality. This is not your everyday designer fragrance or one that you will find everyone wearing on the bus.
    Interlude (which graced us with its presence in 2012), primarily dominates with an opening of smoke along with a cleverly designed oregano note that is most unusual in modern perfumery (that's Amouage for you all over!). It's very carefully hidden, but you can be sure it's there!
    But my favourite note in this extremely long lasting (and by that I mean 12 hours at least!) is the incense. This is no ordinary incense though. This is actually 'sweet incense' or 'sweet myrrh' which is commonly referred to as Opopanax. This is quite a contrasting combination with the earlier smoke that accompanies the opening of the scent, but it nonetheless works beautifully!
    I have to agree with others that the bottle of this fragrance and the box are just sheer royalty. It's a thumbs up from me.

    09 January, 2014

    hedonist222's avatar
    Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

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    Smells like oppoponax.

    Burning oppoponax.

    Dry down is a copy/paste of Ambre Fetiche.

    I give it a neutral rating because it's not bad.
    Nice oppoponax based perfume but it could've been more complex.

    I see a lot of notes mentioned but in reality it smells crammed.

    16 December, 2013

    sjg3839's avatar
    United States United States

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    A skanky oud and incense which is pretty good. I would buy a full bottle of this stuff if it wasn't so expensive. I get the leather and woody notes in this one. One of the best Amouage scents thus far IMO.

    04 November, 2013

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