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Emir (2010)
by Micallef


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Emir

Emir is a masculine fragrance by Micallef. The scent was launched in 2010

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Reviews of Emir

What can I say? Simply a warm, wonderful and complex fragrance. One of my all time favorites. If you've never tried Emir, you simply must!
06th May, 2017
This is a stunning masculine with excellent performance. The note pyramid only tells part of the story because the oud has many facets: leathery, fruity, smoky, woody. It's a terrific representation of oud. There is an 80s powerhouse vibe in the background, which may be what Darvant refers to in his review below as the traditional patchouli/geranium blend. Emir also has a very nice orange/grapefruit opening. 5 stars.
28th March, 2017
Emir is a tall fruity/floral oudh fragrance with its citrus/grapefruit (orangy and sharply spicy) opening and an elegant and almost classic patchouli/geranium accord anchoring this modern masculine to a more traditional olfactory concept. The "basement" is assertive, woody, barely tobacco rounded and slightly soapy/medicinal while the frontal approach is sharply floral and darkly earthy. The more the aroma evolves the more I detect a pepper/oud centered mysterious vibe supported by musk, faint smoke, floral patterns and subtle fruitiness. I like this fragrance cause It possesses an its own specific identity turning it out in an almost unique way. The aroma is not extremely sophisticated or distinguished but is sinister, bold, elusive, dark and sensual. Really commanding. I detect a steady sort of orange-pomegranate-lemon-herbs type musky/soapy intensity throughout (with a powdery/woody undertone, which is ambery, slightly aromatic/talky and vaguely eliotropic). Emir arouses an oriental exotic mystic aura but it manages to be all at once surprisingly easter and modern (despite its classic twist). A really interesting aoudh rendition by the Micallef maison for us.
P.S= the aoud/musk/sharp floral notes/spices/patchouli accord is vaguely a Black Aoud's and Gold Rose Oudh's conjuring olfactory agreement though Emir is more fruity and different in its floral approach.
10th April, 2014 (last edited: 05th September, 2015)
huge sillage and duration, develops great in warm temps, patchouly/ oud combo with a rather gourmandish vibe... a smash hit with ladies!
14th March, 2014
Emir is a big masculine fragrance with classical roots. Opens with pleasingly tart grapefruit and sweet orange that is immediately stiffened by dry pepper that causes the nose to open wide, go AHH and then grab onto the green mid notes. The geranium is smooth, round and blends with the green from cedar wood and possibly vetiver for a greenish body. The combination of tart citrus in the opening and cedar wood gives a very green feel to this scent that combined with the pepper says "galbanum" although it is not listed. The very green and peppery middle notes finds a landing upon soft warm leather oud / patchouli scented base. The green pepperiness stays throughout the development of Emir. This is a fine masculine fragrance that is hard to find an objection with and fits nicely into the the masculine fragrance genre that began in the 1980's with VC&A Pour Homme, RD Capuccci PH etc. Smells slightly similar to Clive Christian X and contains many of the same notes, but is more pleaing to my nose mostly from the presence of oud. The oud gives it a modern feel but is not strong enough to declare this a member of the oud fragrance category. Emir is a respectable, conservative, peppery dark green soft leather masculine scent. Rating is 3.5 of 5 stars.
13th April, 2013

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