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Aoud Forest
by Montale


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GenderShared / Unisex
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About Aoud Forest

Aoud Forest is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale.

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Reviews of Aoud Forest

A foray into pound shop territory for Montale, this release is a generic ‘man cologne’ in the manner of some of the ‘fresher’ Axes with a tiny dab of a not particularly interesting oud construct in the background. So if citrusy herbals masking mentholated mouthwash run over by a tidal wave of aquatics are your thing, then this may be for you. But then again it may not be, as it seems so half-hearted and ham-fisted. The oud note here is about as featureless as it can be, just something piercingly woody rather than the dark, textured constructs come across in other Montales.
I can’t blame the brand for going down this route – most of the mainstream Arabic houses have similar offerings in their ranges. And the overall result is not unpleasant – but when that becomes the criterion for finding something positive to say about a perfume, it’s time to pass and move on.
16th September, 2015
Yet another oud by Montale, and while most of them are decent, this one sadly falls into the "bad ones" category. Despite its name, it has not much of a "forest"; it is basically a sort of iodine-ozonic oud with a bold "deo spray" feel all over (that "fresh" feature of supermarket deodorants). There is some synthetic pine-herbal notes, a pungent spicy-salt note, perhaps vetiver, but most of all this balsamic, aldehydes-ozonic notes with a menthol feel oddly blended with oud. Clumsy and uninspired.

09th September, 2014

The first time i tested it on my skin immediately detected the "marine side of the moon" and i thought, "it's not possible, the name is Aoud Forest, my old, usually reliable, nose is going to fail for sure"....and what? I check the listed notes and see the marine elements. I can say for sure that on my skin the marine presence is unmistakable, i detect a musky/salty rose (a bit metallic) with an aromatic (almost minty, but i suppose it is due the ginger) atmosphere elicited and a sort of lemony woodiness around. I suppose that the aim of Mr. Montale has been the one to create a sort of cool, sparkling, lemony (and grapefruit) vibe over a woody/musky base and i think he obtained the aforementioned effect also combining an airy marine/woodsy feel with citrus, watery fruits and ginger while the ambergris presence manages to finally dry the blend in a sort of moodier way. Not for me but a must try for sure. Weird.
20th March, 2013
Def not an oud fragrance. I would call this a fresh, musky, salty and slightly aquatic scent with a touch of rose to soften it up. I wouldn't consider this fragrance that has a bunch of character and is going to make you scream for joy but it's still not a bad scent. Very enjoyable for me. Could be an everyday scent.
27th November, 2012
I cant smell any oud on this one. Nothing new on Aoud Forest. I did expect more. Smells like a less sweet version of Vetiver Des Sables. Not worth it in my opinion.
30th October, 2012
Funny, Aoud Forest has neither any oud, or a forest scent. It starts off very citrusy, Grapefruit Lemon, some rose. dries down to an aquatic rose. I think Montale cornered the market on Rose Absolute, they put it in virtually everything they make. This fragrance reminds me of sitting on the beach, Drinking a Grapefruit juice, with some rose bushes behind me. Nice fragrance, summer wear. Don't get it expecting the medicinal "Aoud" blast from most other Montale Aouds...It isn't there.
10th September, 2012

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