Carbone de Balmain (2010)
    by Pierre Balmain

    Carbone de Balmain Fragrance Notes

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    Argentina Argentina

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    Cedar / Pencil shaving lover's kind of paradise

    It does have a pencil shaving opening a la Gucci I, whoever morphing into fruit like mid notes. A skin scent with amazing longevity without much evolution. It does not fall into designer's oriental genericness, thus the reason for my 4,5 / 5. Blame the 1,5 on the fact it does feel synthetic.

    As per its similarities with Rochas Lui, it lacks its sweetness. Well, as a matter of fact, IMHO I can't see any resemblances between both.

    Pros: Cedar
    Cons: A tad synthetic"

    23 October, 2013

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    Philippine Philippine

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    This is a better version of Lui by Rochas. It is not cloying and has a good sillage.

    03 May, 2013

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    Jack Hunter
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I get a fresh spicy peppery incense aroma with a hint of sweetness off the top. After a while I can pick up the pencil shavings accord someone else mentioned.

    What makes this fragrance a little better than others from the same genre is the nice sweet fig accord that mixes in with the violet leaf. This shows it's head within the spicy woody heart of the fragrance and it's very nice indeed

    05 April, 2013

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    Germany Germany

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    Probably one of the 'darkest' fragrances I've ever owned. The name tells you all you need to know about this scent - it's coal. It's dark, metallic, grey and dark all in one.

    It's like rubbing yourself with coal... at the beginning it takes you some time to adapt to it... because it's strong and somehow weird, but after you let the strong spices and pepper do their work, you will know and understand that in fact you're not wearing the fragrance... it's wearing you.

    I'm not going to lie... it is incredibly strong and heavy. It's not for everyone, but I guess the people at 'Balmain' had that in mind from the beginning.

    31st March, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Not the most exciting scent on the shelf but an office-friendly cedar made more interesting by a bit of sweet fig and a light incense note. Won't win any awards but nothing dislikeable either. Longevity, like the fragrance overall, is average.

    19 February, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Very masculine and dark. It does have a resemblance to pencil shavings. Could be a near cousin to Encre Noire. I am also associating this with one of the scents from the lil' Niche wonderkin house "Slumberhouse". I cannot recall with certainty which one.

    There is nothing clean, soapy, sweet or aquatic about this one. It's all earth, spice, wood, shadows and sin.

    8/10 for the low price ($34 incld shipping on ebay) it's a good blind buy!

    18 January, 2013

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