Aura Maris (2012)
    by Lorenzo Villoresi

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    Part of the Mare Nostrum-collection

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    Light, fresh, subtle. I especially like the faint earthy undertone. The official description mentions narcissus and one could certainly imagine an expanse of these flowers growing on a mossy bank somewhere near the sea. Although unobtrusive and gender free I wouldn't insult it by drawing any comparisons with abominations like CK1. As always personal resonances are important, and this composition puts me in mind of a wonderful fragrance offered by Robertet Grasse in the early 1960's, called Cedraya. I have very little of that precious essence left, but I catch fleeting glimpses of its beauty in Aura Maris, so I had no hesitation in buying a bottle.

    18 September, 2014

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    United States United States

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    True "shared" fragrance far superior to CK ONE! Light and breezy green and citrusy. Woods and patchouli give AURA MARIS a heft and dignity that does not intrude on the lighter notes. This is a "go to" fragrance for everyone in the daytime for casual wear. Lasts approximately 5 hours on skin/clothes before fading away to pure citrus plain and simple. This serves it's purpose in a wardrobe of heavy hitters. Perfect for young and professional as well as older and established men and women.

    11th June, 2014

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Lorenzo Villoresi - Aura Maris
    A very average sea-breezed Eau de Cologne that tries to imitate all of its lookalikes made before it. Mixed in a slobby fashion with a nice lemony opening, a soapy lavender with a soft neroli floralness, and a cooked green spiciness that floats on sea-breezy and transparant-woody synthetics. It has a 'misty' feel to its structure that misses a certain grip to keep my attention on a high level. Pleasant it is, but not more than that - it is smelled, seen and forgotten...

    05 June, 2014

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    divine but short-lived

    Aura Maris starts with a blast of divine bitter sour citrus very interestingly layered. This is the phase I loved but it only lasted 30 minutes. Soon after AM stays so close to my skin that I can barely detect it. After 4 hours AM disappeared into a sweet and powdery shadow with a hint of citrus (funnily enough citrus notes popped up after rubbing my skin with saliva!). I tried AM in a cool Scandinavian August evening and found its silage and longevity to be rather poor. I wish AM was more lasting because the little it lasts it is truly gorgeous.

    Pros: gorgeous opening
    Cons: poor silage and longevity"

    16 August, 2013

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Vintage Armani Eau pour Homme reincarnated...?

    Balmy easy-going fragrance, with transient whiffs of ripening citrus and green florals. The patchouli is evident to my nose early on, lending a certain heft or an earthy-musky presence to an otherwise transparent summer cologne. While this 'dirtied up' citrus is not something I could readily associate with Mediterranean coastal sea breezes, there is an undeniably cool, aqueous quality about it that evokes the atmosphere of a sea-faring town, with fruit stalls alongside sellers of fishing supplies. But more than that I admire AURA MARIS for seemingly paying tribute to my beloved vintage Armani Eau Pour Homme.

    Pros: See title...
    Cons: The bergamote-citrus aspect is uncomfortably a Speedo!

    27 May, 2013

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