Amyris Homme (2012)
    by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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    Amyris Homme Fragrance Notes

    Amyris Homme information

    Amyris Homme is a men's fragrance by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. The scent was launched in 2012

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    Genre: Woody Oriental

    The idea of amyris (West Indian sandalwood, elemi) and iris is an interesting one, but the execution here is simply too unrelievedly sweet and foody for me to enjoy. Bright citrus top notes usher in the central elemi and iris accord, which is heavily sweetened with cocoa, coconut, and coffee. The use of balsamic wood and coffee brings to mind Maître Parfumeur et Gantier’s masterful Santal Noble, but that scent is both drier and far less “edible” smelling than Amyris Homme. Powdery sweetness persists through the drydown, which leans heavily on tonka and soft, buttery iris root. Of the listed oudh I sense very little, which is a shame, since its medicinal edge would go far to counterbalance the composition’s borderline cloying sweetness. Gourmand lovers may enjoy this scent more than I do, but I find it one of the less attractive offerings in Francis Kurkdjian’s generally outstanding line.

    13 July, 2014

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Crisp, chirpy, and utterly conventional. The overriding impression I take away from Amyris Homme is of a citrus-rosemary accord common to legions of ‘masculines’ done in an ‘aqua’ manner, dipped in tonka sweetness and sitting on that horribly piercing wood base that is the bane of several designer offerings – here given the glib appellation Modern Woods (put that in your pipe and smoke it!).
    There was a brief redeeming moment when a sandpapery coffee spooned lovingly with the woods but it soon got drowned. I haven’t a clue what amyris blossoms smell like – but on this evidence I’m not any wiser.
    I’m afraid I have to join the chorus that’s singing this is generic designer ware not worthy of MFK.

    14 May, 2014

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    United States United States

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    It started with a 1ml sample that I quickly used up inside of a week. As I sadly used up the last drop of the sample, I knew it was bottle time. I understand the reviews that criticize the price considering its underwhelming subtlety. You would think that something so palatable would be inexpensive. However, Amyris Homme is a simple focused luxury. It never turns against me. It never goes wrong. I've never needed to fight it or wait for it to dry down or burn off or dissipate. It's comforting, invigorating, and currently my go-to scent. There's nothing crazy, stunning, or glamorous here. It's all about playing it cool, warm, focused, and confident. In a world of blaring, competitive, clamor, Amyris Homme is just the opposite. I'm glad it's expensive and not popular. I just hope they don't vault it before I can justify another bottle purchase. And lastly, I haven't found something cheaper that has such charm.

    19 April, 2014

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    after two full wears i got to again admire Kurkdjians' genius. full bottle worthy, great multifaceted scent.

    06 March, 2014 (Last Edited: 10th March, 2014)

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    Iran Iran

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    A nice smelling fragrance with pretty generic smell (kind of synthetic!) and average quality which you can find it in designer brands 3-4 times cheaper!
    The opening is a sweet, semi fresh citrusy scent with good support of floral notes.
    The sweetness is from tonka bean that beside the vanilla like sweetness, give the scent slightly bitter aroma.
    The citrusy note in not up in front. actually it's side by side the tonka bean at the start and fades away after around 15-30 minutes.
    The dry down is a sweet floral scent with some woods in the background.
    The scent is not masculine that much, but it's neither feminine.
    This can be easily a unisex fragrance.
    Projection is average and longevity is around 5-6 hours which is again average.
    You can do much much better with your money in this price range.

    16 February, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Smells exactly like a cheap shampoo I used to use at my parents' house (it was called Vidal, black bottle, if you're interested in smelling the same way at approx. 1% of the price of this scent!). Unworthy any further review, and obviously not its price.


    24 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 27 April, 2014)

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