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Ballena de la Pampa (2012)
by Fueguia 1833


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Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseFueguia 1833

About Ballena de la Pampa

Meant to evoke the image of a whale resting on the grass of the Pampas. The fragrance contains 13 different musks. The fragrance is part of the Fábula Fauna collection.

Ballena de la Pampa fragrance notes

Reviews of Ballena de la Pampa

Fueguia 1833 – Ballena de la Pampa

Main Notes: Ambergris, Musk, Hay
Projection: close to the skin
Longevity: 8 hours

Ballena de la Pampa has a very promising opening. When I put my nose to my wrist and closed my eyes it felt as if I was surrounded by hay on all sides with a warm sea breeze gently blowing on my skin. It reminded me of the Mediterranean Sea.

The first twenty minutes of Ballena de La Pampa’s promise were not delivered upon. When the top notes dissipated a very sharp animalistic scent broke though. From this point on the musk and ambergris dominated too strongly. The scent became offensive. Deeper into the heart the musk became a lot sweeter, but the fragrance remained unpleasant.

During the dry-down the scent was no longer unpleasant, but its animalistic character remained due to the continued dominance of the ambergris and the now sweet musk.

Ballena de la Pampa has excellent longevity, promising top, but a disappointing heart, base and poor projection. I disliked it so much that I will most likely give the remainder of my sample to someone else to try out. I do not recommend buying this fragrance.
06th August, 2014 (last edited: 07th August, 2014)
Fueguia's - Ballena de la Pampa
A weak fragrance, not made with passion and/or skill. It somehow ends with a salty, sour-musky tone, smelling like something that died in a garbage-bin.
All i get is a salty beeswax note that doesnt change one bit, smelling like dried chili-peppers on fresh cotton blankets, moving to a soft resinous-sweet beeswax/incense note that grows in strength and radiation, together with minty herbaceous majoram and a spiciness that reminds of garam masala. If they really used 12 different kinds of musks here, than they did a not so good job - its dryout smells weak, stinky in a bad way and too transparant, lacking character. More a scent than a perfume and not really enjoyable wearable on a human being.
08th June, 2014
Fruity and common. It's not really a good perfume. Persistent but absolutely trivial and certainly not suitable for a man. This house I do not understand ....
30th April, 2014
Animalic top notes rapidly acquiring musky undertones, powdery yet modern, its complexity is revealed in the mid and base notes, which take a respectable amount of time to evolve - apparently, plain musks, but so many of them that you can perceive the way they change through time. Thus, the animalic traces don't vanish through the olfative journey, they express themselve from the grassy notes to the beforementioned musks. The end result is a powdery, subtle fragrance that lingers on the skin for a good amount of time.

I'd say is def a unisex scent in the full sense of the concept: femenine in its nuances, masculine in its subtlety - if you are among the ones thinking men's scents demand a restrained character, outruling bold blends.

I'd say it is among Fueguia's best.
10th March, 2013

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