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Korrigan (2012)
by Lubin


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyLubin

About Korrigan

Korrigan is a masculine fragrance by Lubin. The scent was launched in 2012

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Reviews of Korrigan

Reminds me of PdM Herod. Nice! Recommended.
17th October, 2017
If I ever was to wear a fragrance out of sheer nostalgia or joy it would be Korrigan. Here the legend gathers booze (whisky, cognac), lavender, leather and musk. On top an ample Juniper note sets off the scene. Immediately a buttery shampoo accord paired with liquor dances in like a spinning delight in the thin air. At the center, a lavish lavender touch so fresh and uplifting compels the scent to radiate with rakish elegance. Finally, thanks to divine providence, sumptuous dry woods flesh out the path to grand manner. The notes become flamboyant players in their own stages supporting a fragrance that is at once smaller and larger from its parts. Sometimes from this fusion an image of perfect beauty will emerge like cypress trees whistling in the calm summer wind. Such a smell is so inexplicable and irreproducible that all the heart can do is suffer with gratitude. Korrigan was made for Lubin (a brand revealing great depth and integrity) by Thomas Fontaine in the height of his powers. It feels like a scent made by a hustler on the make, composing a heedless perfume. To me it is like a fragrance conjuring memories of memories working its magic with hypnotic fashion.
12th October, 2017
This has done something QUITE unfortunate on my skin. I get cigarette ash, heating vent on full blast and dishwater. I didn't know such a thing could exist!
05th December, 2016
I've been looking for an everyday (!not! signature--I think that word is kinda stupid), daytime scent to wear during cooler months here in Texas, and I think I've found it. For everyday use, I didn't want something in the grand manner or with too much sillage--I like something that wears close to the skin.

I also have a native preference for gourmands with a twist--no idea why--but no matter how much I can appreciate other types of fragrance in the abstract, these are the ones I want to wear, at least for now. On paper, this sounded like my speed. It's even better than I hoped.

I love the smoke and musky funk that I got right out of the bottle; it keeps those whiskey/vanilla/caramel accords everyone talks about in check so it doesn't swing towards Frappucinoville. You have to look for the rich floral notes swirling around in the middle (they also have a little stink on them--jasmine, right?). It stays right with you for hours, easing toward leather and then a powdery drydown that reminds me of yeast on lees in aged champagne.

There's something a little old-fashioned in this contemporary fragrance. I suppose it's that current of amber that reminds me of my grandmother's Youth Dew.

Is this the most sophisticated fragrance on earth? No. It's got a few surprises packed in, but it's eminently wearable, and that is exactly what I wanted. It's the olfactory equivalent of an oversized camel-colored cashmere cardigan with tobacco leaf crumbs left in the pockets and those carved weave buttons. With a shawl collar. That you wore on date nights years ago when you still smoked, but now wear around the house because it's just a little fuzzy.

Although I do love anything with tonka bean on date night in the summer . . .
14th January, 2016
Not my style and to my nose a rather odd combination -- gourmand & oud. However, it is well made and some may like it.
Quite sweet, with vanilla, sugar and butter notes -- like a sugar cookie or shortbread. Then, hints of leather and oud.
24th October, 2015
A pretty out there offering from Lubin – a perfume that is silky smooth and elusive, dense as dulce de leche but at the same time coming across as spare and even a bit reticent. Perhaps the main trick is the cloak of ambrette Korrigan wears, a scent that is close to human skin that allows other elements to sparkle in the mysterious way that the colours of an opal twinkle through the milky haze of the stone.
The opening is slightly boozy with a touch of rancid butter about it – one almost expects carny fairground music to strike up at any moment. But with time some of the other elements emerge through the silken fog, there’s a vetiver-cedar pairing uttering its parched call, a fresh and juicy lavender bringing echoes of more traditional compositions. However, none of these elements strike a defining note, they’re glimpses in its white buttery swirl.
Original and beguiling it sure is, whether it is also delicious I’m not at all sure despite the ramping up of the sweetness during its evolution.
18th December, 2014

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