Tom Ford Noir (2012)
    by Tom Ford

    Tom Ford Noir Fragrance Notes

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I hear a lot of people put this tom ford frag down, however I have to disagree. To me this smells of expensive nights out on the town, if you want something that will go well with a suit and a fancy dinner this is what I would choose. Not really a day or summer fragrance but for expensive nights out can't go wrong...unless you spray too much as it can get quite sickly. Very sweet and creamy. The price tag is not too bad for what this is too, great silage and longevity and rich smelling experience.

    27 March, 2014

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    Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

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    Smells very similar to habit rouge.

    22 March, 2014

    foetidus's avatar
    United States United States

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    I think itís a safe guess that this is not a selection from Tom Fordís Private Collection Ė TF Noir is a competent fragrance but it is quite ordinary and uninspired. Except for the prominent civet, it is early-Ď90s fragrance dressed up through the use of higher quality (more natural smelling) materials. The notes themselves are very good; for example, the rose note is one of the better I have experienced in designer level menís fragrances. The civet note is a very nice blast from the past, but it seems to be rather fly-by. The combinations of iris, opoponax, amber, and vanilla make for a nice powdery effect Ė very nice if you are into powder. The dominant notes have good projection and longevity.

    I think that Tom Ford Noir is a good fragrance: it has some excellent characteristicsÖ particularly in reference to its decent-quality materials and its better than average performance. But Iím not voting thumbís up because I find it lacking in direction and inspiration.

    11th March, 2014

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    This smells identical to "PS" by Paul Sebastian on my skin. The big difference is that this frag costs A LOT more for a much smaller volume. Although it is very nice, and lasts long, it is not worth the price when compared to the much cheaper alternative.

    10th March, 2014

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    Decent, if unexciting fragrance, most people would like this - smooth bodied creamy vanilla and spicy peppery scent with a very pleasant citrus and patchouli note on top to rough it up a bit. Quite versatile, can be used day or night although I think it probably leans a bit more towards night time. Lasts most of the day on my skin and gets a lot of compliments - I'm just not sure its exciting enough for me.

    13 February, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Yeah, I like this one! It starts with a burst of citrus, but not the standard you're used to smelling. There is a vintage (yet very modern) vibe in there that really comes to the fore in the dry down. Once it settles in you have a great leathery, vetivery, modern-take-on-a-vintage masculine fragrance that isn't quick to fade into the background like a lot of others.

    I see what Tom Ford was going for here, and I'm a fan.

    25 December, 2013

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