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Fan di Fendi pour Homme (2012)
by Fendi


Fan di Fendi pour Homme information

Year of Launch2012
Average Rating
(based on 39 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerBenoist Lapouza
PerfumerDelphine Lebeau
PerfumerFrançois Demachy
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Fan di Fendi pour Homme

Fan di Fendi pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Fendi. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumers François Demachy, Delphine Lebeau and Benoist Lapouza

Fan di Fendi pour Homme fragrance notes

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Reviews of Fan di Fendi pour Homme

How can people claim Dior Sauvage is great when this is so much better?

I am so happy I found a bottle since it has been discontinued for a while. I got it as a sample for buying fragrances at a store and loved it (they didn't have it for sale yet they gave samples of it, yeah go figure).

It is so good, Fendi should get more praise from people.
03rd December, 2016
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United Kingdom
Only had this for a few hours and I am really loving this! Great quality, beautifully blended and develops so well! I was expecting this to be much sweeter with the comparison to Spicebomb. On me there is only a slight resemblance to this but it does have sweetness, not OTT cloying sweetness, it starts to reveal itself as the fragrance develops. I think this is discontinued because the general market wouldn't really get it but fragrance overs will usually give a new fragrance time and not make snap judgements. Give it a try before it disappears! I've bought 3 of the 'Giant Edition's' as I don't want to run out of it!
05th August, 2016
This is a dreary cocktail of crab apple purée, cedar, and nuclear strength pimento. Or - mush, wood and fallout if you prefer.

There is also a synthetic metal-grey, dry approximation of an aromatic accord that develops at the outset and which clouds over the heart section making it feel vague.

So, what Fan de Fendi pour Homme consists of is, a sweet unctuous amber and bitter-spicy tobacco accord which is supposed to be leather, plain cedar, and that manic pimento note irritating your nose, at either end of an ashy metallic grey fog.

Not only badly executed, the basic idea is utterly generic - the sort of thing you've smelled a dozen times before.

I suppose the two junior perfumers are also credited with this so they can at least blame each other.

04th August, 2016
An absolute clone of Spicebomb. Not a bad thing really. The notes just seem reversed to me. Getting compliments on this one already, so I'm scooping up what I can. Most Fendi fragrances have been discontinued since they have been bought out.
07th August, 2015
I can't believe I forgot to write a review about that one. I did write one though, on the Croatian counterpart of Fragrantica, 13.06.2013. so I'll basically rewrite it here in English, however not in a complete detail.

So, Fendi huh? A bit retro in the initial wave, very spicy and in style quite close between Burberry London (minus boozy, port wine feel) and Moschino Forever. More emphasys on Moschino Forever.

Spices and leather notes are rather neatly combined and that makes Fendi smell quite refined. Can't say exactly when to wear it. It has some depth and weight so it can be worn during colder days, yet again it so uninvasive and sort of light at the same time so it's very wearable during warm periods. Warm and thick, however also gentle and mild, but not weak. Very urban, both formal and casual.

Too bad it's discontinued so soon along with flankers.

Originality 5/10
Scent 8/10
Longevity 8/10
Projection 7/10
28th July, 2015

A very good grabber ladies evening.Everything about FAN di FENDI drips class,subtlety and quality,right down to their elegant and understated packaging.It is a success after FENDI UOMO.Classic yes,but not outdated.I found it Full balance between a Classic style and a Modern way. Glamorous,Sweet,Masculine, Sensual yet Elegant.Charming,Rich and Romantic.

The notes of citruses and cardamom rest over a soft heart mixed with pink peper and basil,its base is composed of soft woody notes and leather for a masculine and charismatic scent that Makes you feel Handsome.In fact It designed to present a unique and mysterious edge with a harmonious blend of masculine notes.

FAN di FENDI PH is a fragrance for those special occasions out or that time alone with your special one.ideal for evening wear in a rainy Autumn.It is not so sweet yet sweet,not so subtle,yet subtle.May not appeal to the younger set,but an essential classic for the more mature crowd. The bottle is Elegant and Gorgeous as Reflects the scent.Ladies absolutely love it on a dandy man!


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

12th April, 2015

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