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Vétiver Fatal (2012)
by Atelier Cologne


Vétiver Fatal information

Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAtelier Cologne
PerfumerJerome Epinette

About Vétiver Fatal

Vétiver Fatal is a masculine fragrance by Atelier Cologne. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jerome Epinette

Reviews of Vétiver Fatal

Starts out with a citrus and Vetiver combination that is very nice. As it calms down you get a subtle and light wood vibe. The Vetiver remains throughout the fragrance. 8/10
30th September, 2017
For me, this is the most wearable vetiver that I've tried. Has some sweetness to please other noses. The woody notes give it that masculine edge and the vetiver freshens everything up. Love the use of violet too.

Excellent performance. Lasts all day and projects nicely. You can smell it all day coming off your skin and don't have to worry about stinking up a room. Not nuclear strength, but just enough to get noticed.
02nd August, 2017
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United Kingdom
I have received a very comprehensive sample pack from Atelier Cologne - recommended!

The first fragrance tested is Vetiver Fatale.

What I mainly get is a sweet, dry, fruity concoction. As a real vetiver fan I was disappointed not to detect any! I remember reading reviews saying plum and possibly fig, so these soft fruits are where my mind is lead. This one leans feminine to me. It has the kind of powdery dryness that sucks away the moisture from the back of your throat, almost a tropical toasted coconut feel. Somewhat linear. With a creamy, suntan lotion thickness

Overall 62 out of 100. I would place this along with Philosykos, and penhaligons Endymion. Quality frags, but just not quite my style.
16th July, 2017
I felt that some of the negative reviews missed the point of this fragrance. Often "fatale" seems to reference an overdose of an element, like a wallop to the noise. In this case, I feel the vetiver is literally dying - held in suspended animation on a last breath, close to the skin (all of its smoke highlighted by a slightly plastic oud). Violets form a sphere for those in the personal space not invited closer. An ephemeral plum sits further away, austere enough for strangers. For Epinette, it bares striking resemblance to the tricks he used in his collaboration for Oribe (i feel a better realised scent). I would caution against excessive iso-E; it can become overwhelming on my skin. Some days I love this scent. Other days I wonder why I bought it. Probably the sign of a good creation;)
08th July, 2017
I wanted to try this for so long, I finally blind bought a decant.. and here are my thoughts. Green Irish Tweed meets Vetiver Tonka. It's uncanny. It's not sweet like Vetiver Tonka though, it's more on the green aromatic side.

All in all though, I feel it comes off smelling as little bit plasticy, which ruins a potential thumbs up for me. I think it's a try hard vetiver, and I see why it doesn't get much love from vetiver fans. Although it isn't bad, it isn't good either. Middle of the road mehh.
25th June, 2017
Atelier Cologne Vetiver Fatal is very reminiscent of Byredo Bal D'Afrique and Westbrook due to the common groupings of citrus, violet, and vetiver, to the point that I'd insist that someone try all three before making up their minds to buy any of them. As I've opted for Westbrook already, which I feel has a bit more allure to it anyway, I certainly wouldn't need to pull the trigger on Vetiver Fatal, but Vetiver Fatal is a nice fragrance in its own right--fresh and sweet due to the citrus, demure with the floral of the violet, and grounded in the earthy vetiver. An interesting try with well above average perforamnce for an Atelier, this is sure to make it to many's "top 10 vetiver" lists, and is a nice departure from the overly-fresh and short-lived trends of the house.

Standard retail pricing is $130 for 100ml, but it's seemingly widely available on discount sites, on FragranceNet for $116 for 100ml and even just $122 for 200ml, so there are deals to be had, but not by me, as I'm content with Westbrook and without Bal D'Afrique.

7 out of 10
03rd June, 2016

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