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Café Rose (2012)
by Tom Ford


Café Rose information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Café Rose

Café Rose is a shared / unisex perfume by Tom Ford. The scent was launched in 2012

Café Rose fragrance notes

Reviews of Café Rose

My only gripe with Cafe Rose is that it doesn't stick around long enough. The opening, a fuchsia-toned rose blend with a bare hint of spice is accented beautifully by a synthetic but warm coffee and wood base as seen previously in Polo's underappreciated Double Black. It is a showcase for rose (not the bright English variety, but the more dark, smooth, and less cheery Bulgarian or Damask)and an easy wear for men and women, and as of late one of my favorite releases from the Tom Ford line. This is not a scent for casual samplers, but a nod to the real rose fans sampling niche scents. There are countless fragrances out there which straddle the lines of commercial and gender acceptability but this is not one of them. If you do not enjoy the smell of roses, do not enter here. If you are a rose fan, welcome home.
04th February, 2016
Rose lovers, this is for you! A beautiful dark rose with a touch of saffron and coffee. Not much coffee though. Semi sweet and seems like another keeper for the ladies. Because of the darkness of the rose, a guy could rock this also. I get a little amber and patchouli in here as well. Not bad. Not full bottle worthy IMO. But, I could go for a decant (which I have). 7.5/10
19th October, 2015
Cafe Rose is a balanced fragrance with a dense rose smell and not the fleeting floral lightness with which many rose scents can be associated (i.e. Jo Malone' s Red Roses, though pretty much every JM offering is light).

It's a strong scent that is anchored well by the coffee, incense, and patchouli, which I cannot detect individually but rather absorb as one dark, woody base that doesn't contrast the rose but rather complements it. I'm not familiar with rose enough to detect the different types of rose notes listed, but this doesn't smell like most rose scents because it is so heavy in general and so heavily rosy in particular. Jo Malone's Velvet Rose & Oud is a decent comparison, but that is somewhat sweeter and spicier, and less wood and rosy. The dark rose aspect is similar to that of Noir de Noir, as well.

Cafe Rose leans slightly feminine but is effectively unisex. I could see men and women alike wearing, and I would consider buying it myself. With the Tom Ford Private Blend label and price, my high expectations for projection and longevity were both more or less met. It projects beyond a foot and a half and lasts in the vicinity of eight hours, after which it devolves into a skin scent.

Of course fans of rose who aren't familiar with this should smell it, but anyone who enjoys woody florals should try it as well.

8 out of 10
03rd March, 2015
One of the better rose based fragrances out there which smell very nice but it's very simple and kind of boring.
At the opening I can smell a fresh and sweet rose scent with huge dose of white musk and smoky incense.
The white musk give the rose a dirty animalic musky feeling which may be not for everybody but usually people are OK with the smell and they like it.
As time goes by the musky scent settles down and I can smell a little stronger smoky incense beside that rose.
It's simple and pleasant musky rose scent with noticeable amount of smokiness. that's it.
Where is coffee in this fragrance? I don't know!
Projection is awesome and longevity is around 8-10 hours on my skin.
I like it.
30th January, 2014
delta dawn

This is the Rose of the twisted Garden? Antoine Lie, l’enfant terrible, was the perfumer? Maybe I’ve gotten high on the fumes the smoldering rose chypres of the 70s-80s, but twisted or noir this ain’t.

Woody roses are easy in concept. There is a logical fit and a mutual enhancement. Because rose provides its own top, middle and base, the pairing with woods is logical. Patchouli, incense, sandlewood: Cafe Rose has them all. Amber, another expected match with rose, rounds out the mix.

Antoine Lie has visited this idea with colleague Antoine Maisondieu in Rossy de Palma Eau de Protection for Etat Libre d’Orange. Rossy plays with a dark rose and woods, also, but uses spice and chocolate as well as tones of metal, dust and blood. Unfortunately, Cafe Rose is best captured in what it is not. Not outstanding, not inspiring, not polarizing (not a good sign) and to my mind, given the competition in the niche market, not worth the price.

Cafe Rose isn’t a particularly ambitious perfume. The only sense of noir it conveys is, ‘Hey. It’s dark in here. Where’s the light switch?’ The concept isn’t new and the execution is uneventful. It conveys a feeling of the satisfaction of connecting the dots. The components are in place, the bits all connect; therefore the perfume is good. To its credit, the perfume doesn’t fall apart or become unbalanced. If you like the opening, you’ll likely enjoy the rest of the perfume. But the bar just seems to be set low, and the risk-averse Cafe Rose favors balance over richness, competence over inspiration.

from scent

24th June, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The initial hint of light spice gives way to a pleasant, not bright but also not dark rose mores that are the backbone of this scent. A hint of patchouli guarantees a tough of brightness in the drydown that js dominated by wood, amber and a decent dose of coffee, at times with a drinking-chocolate-like undertone on my skin, giving it a whiff of gourmand. Overall though, this js not a heavy composition, well-blended, smooth and not overly sweet. Projection and silage are good, especially over the first couple of hours, and the overall longevity is a very good five hours at least. Not highly original but well done by Lauder.
31st March, 2013

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