Sova (2012)
    by Slumberhouse

    • Launched: 2012
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Sova Fragrance notes

    Tonka, Poplar, Hops, Hay, Vanilla, Castoreum, Amber, Beeswax, Acacia, Cocoa

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    A dark, sultry, intoxicating song. If you've ever made fruitcake or Christmas Pudding (I did from scratch one year), do you remember how month after month the fruits and nuts transformed as you kept sprinkling them with brandy? After a while, it was just one amazing, can't-be-bought, knockout smell? Well, Sova isn't exactly that, but it has the same effect. I don't see it on their website. Lucky scent says it has: sweet clover, beeswax, poplar, genet flower, golden grains, hops, hay, tobacco. Also tones of honey, pumpkin and milk. Somebody at this place has one magnificent nose.

    22 December, 2013

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    I was a little apprehensive about Sova because the comments seemed to be split between "hay, booze, tobacco, animal" (good) and "curry" (I like to eat it but not so much to smell like it). The very high praise for Sova outweighed my apprehensions and I blind-bought it. I am glad I did. My first wearing of Sova was an Aha! moment, something I don't get often these days with perfume. I was immediately amazed by the depth, complexity and uniqueness of this scent. It didn't even really seem to be a perfume in the sense that I am used to experiencing perfume. It seemed to be alive. Sorry for the purple prose, but that's really how I felt.

    I found that "hay, booze, tobacco, animal" is a pretty good description of the parts, but the sum of the parts is more than that.

    One interesting thing about it is that it smells much lighter, sweeter and airier from a slight distance, but if I put my nose into my shirt, I get all the dirt and mouse dung that other reviewers have mentioned.


    06 December, 2013

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    Melting burning plastic.

    It starts off smelling like burning plastic, it gets slightly better as it settles down but never even reaches mediocre. To bad it lasts forever, if you happen to spray it in your house you have to move to get away from the smell.

    11th October, 2013

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    Mimi Gardenia
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    Milky Incense Sexy Skin

    Milky resins ,hay ,beewax and incense that starts with the smell of hops . Unique ! it's very sniffable .The color of dark yellow comes to my mind with the scent - very much the color of the liquid in the picture .

    Again there is a certain roughness ( though smoother than Jeke ) , a bold quality which is really a character of Slumberhouse. These are not airy transparent scents but strong and gripping.

    I get no flowers at all . This smells like sexy skin .

    Very good. I actually prefer this to Jeke but both are very good.

    Pros: Long lasting
    Cons: None"

    23 September, 2013

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    Math You
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    In a word? Outstanding.

    Sova is My first experience with Slumberhouse and its really something else. Think of hay stacked in an old luxurious barn (if there ever was such a thing). Add in a pack of freshly opened cigarettes, the medicinal quality of Burt's Bees beeswax chapstick, a touch of smoky incense, gingerbread, and the nose of a high-quality bourbon. Wearing this is an experience.

    The quality of Slumberhouse is immediately apparent. Be warned that this juice is concentrated and tquite powerful; one spray is more than Sufficient. The scent profile mellows out a bit over the first hour while it mixes with skin chemistry, but the power and longevity behind this frag stays. I highly recommend grabbing a sample pack from Josh to try out his current lineup and sample some unique scent profiles you just cannot find anywhere else.

    06 May, 2013

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    For some reason, Sova reminds me of Icelandic Brennivín and Aceto Balsamico Di Modena. It doesn't actually smell like either, of course, but that's the initial impression I receive. Or perhaps Root Beer and Champagne. It has a wonderful tartness that is never abrasive, always mellowed by honey and amber. And it exudes a certain warmth, exuberance, self-assurance that is always incredibly attractive... Leaves floating in a cool breeze, grasses swaying on a hillside, tumbleweeds...

    23 February, 2013 (Last Edited: 23 March, 2013)

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