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Liquid Night (2012)
by A Lab on Fire


Liquid Night information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseA Lab on Fire
PerfumerCarlos Benaim
Parent CompanyShaping Room

About Liquid Night

Liquid Night is a shared / unisex perfume by A Lab on Fire. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Carlos Benaim

Liquid Night fragrance notes

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Reviews of Liquid Night

A citrus, Amber, and sugar fragrance. Amber in the sense that it smells like incense, vanilla, and sharpness. The sugar is underlying and the bergamot shines through constantly. The citrus helps this to be more wearable in warm weather.
13th July, 2016
If you appreciate (each one in a specific phase of its development at least) scents a la Lancetti IL, Parfumerie Generale Coze 02, Noir de Reminiscence Pour Homme, Costume National Soul, Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb and (at least in part) Marc de la Morandiere Genghis Khan, Tom Ford Noir, Tauer L'Air du desert Marocain and Escada Magnetism for Men this A Lab on Fire's juice could theoretically appeal your taste. A Lab on Fire Liquid Night is incensey, "burnt sugary" and decidedly spicy in a way making us ideally locating it in the same league as scents a la Donna Karan Black Cashmere (finally more chic/sophisticated) and Spicebomb but in particular I find Liquid Night more powefully spicy than incensey on my skin. Opening unveils a tad of bergamot, liquid spices, aromatic green patterns and lavender (providing structure, wet fluidity and a citric/aromatic vague undertone) but in a while massive spices grow up (saffron and cinnamon in particular) and the juice goes quickly morphing towards a basically resinous/mossy/vanillic/woody dry down veined by a cinnamonic/sugary (vaguely dry-fruity/caramellous) vibe. This juice is more leaning on the synthetic side than on a more naturally niche-incensey sphere but I see a well executed work as appointed by a respectable performer (Carlos Benaim). In the core of the juice I get a lot of nutmeg, saffron and cinnamon supported by dry frankincense on my skin. I suppose spicy amber pairs frankincense in the appointment of this general resinous aura. In this phase the juice is sweeter while along the way sweetness slightly recedes in order to open the way for a more "tempered" musky/vanillic/slightly resinous "format". There is a vague "cedary/pencil-shavings" vibe lingering all around till the end. Honestly I don't get a disturbing synthetic "implementation" while I catch a well balanced connection of synthetic elements (quite in the average level of tolerance). I get a stable liquid-spicy/aromatic presence (cardamom?) as well. Nothing groundbreaking (or original) but surely a pleasant dark-spicy juice providing that touch of "enigmatic velvet" that is mandatory for a night out under the megalopolis skyscraper's shades. The best solution if you look for a down town club's elusive fancy-chic juice? Still Costume National Scent Intense. A better interpretation of the imaginary "liquid night" concept? Ulrich Lang Nightscape. Good projection and longevity on my skin.
02nd January, 2016
The almighty, one and only Iso E Super. Nothing else here. Not saying Liquidnight smells bad, it shows the usually set of nuances of this aromachemical (a warm, woody cedar-incense-spices blend), but first, speaking about niche, Molecule 01 did that already and "openly", and second, you can get the same by buying a way cheaper bottle of Iso E and diluting it yourself. I get that many people are legitimately not that interested in how a perfume is made, and Liquidnight surely smells nice, but... come on!

22nd July, 2014
I was looking forward to sniffing Liquidnight by A Lab on Fire; according to the note list, the composition centers around incense, woods, and vanilla, so I was expecting to instantly like Liquidnight. Unfortunately, I applied high quality car freshener to my skin. The incense note lacked depth and smoky heft while the woods and musk coalesced to form a sterile base.

24th December, 2013
Compex, sweet and citrus insense

This is a really complex scent with a lot going on. The sweet lime mixes with the incense at first, and after a while, a nice woodsiness comes into play. I enjoy this, but the sweetness is perhaps a bit extreme for my tastes, and it last, on my skin, for a good long time. Well made and well crafted, in my feeling.

26th August, 2013
Liquid Night: Review by Buysblind

Liquid Night could easily be a popular high-end designer fragrance intended for the fall and winter. It has a modern feel and an immediately appealing quality to it along the lines of La Nuit de L'Homme, Allure, or Spicebomb. It definitely seems like an evening fragrance that could be worn in either casual or romantic situations with equal success.

It opens sweet and spicy with a touch of lime. I've noticed that Saffron can often create a 'bubblegum' effect (for example, in Spicebomb), and this is exactly what I get beneath the peppery top. So the opening is spicy (peppery to my nose, though pepper is not listed as a note), and sweet with a marked bubblegum flavor.

As Liquid Night settles in after about 10 or 15 minutes, 4 distinct notes emerge: Hinoki Wood, Incense, Vanilla, and Musk. Hinoki Wood lends a crisp, almost lemony cedar quality to the fragrance which tempers the sweetness well and blends smoothly with the spicy top. It prevents the fragrance from becoming overly sweet and is a welcome addition. The incense is middle-of-the-road (not too ashy, not too smoky) and combined with the vanilla it really helps round out the fragrance. I like the fact that the parfumeur chose a medium to light bodied incense here as it maintains a certain levity, or upbeat quality that could have been ruined by a heavier choice. After all, this seems like a fragrance designed for a social night out--not a night of dark, contemplative brooding!

Beneath everything, the musk gives Liquid Night that final, romantic edge, melding the fragrance with your skin and pushing it just a bit to the mysterious side.

This is not a demanding fragrance, but it's appealing and is actually pretty interesting. There's excellent play between the notes and the inclusion of Hinoki wood makes it unique. In addition, it has a smooth radiance, characterized by a warm transparency which never feels heavy or cloying.

If you're looking for a spicy, woody, vanilla-based fragrance to wear in the evening when you go out, that's easy to pull off but still unique, you should definitely consider taking a look at Liquid Night.

Pros: Smells good, Easy to Pull Off, Pretty Complex
Cons: You may not like the sweet opening

18th June, 2013

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