Volutes (2012)
    by Diptyque

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    Tony T
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    Based on the pyramid I expected more..Myrrh-pepper-saffron just to name a few that are undetectable.. I just sprayed it 5 times an hour or so ago and get only slight hints of iris and tobacco.. I thought this would be a standout from Diptyque but I was wrong.. Luckily I got is as a free sample and did not spend cash on this.. Now I must try my sample of Tam Dao..

    17 January, 2014

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    An altogether too humble offering from Diptyque, Volutes seems at first an essay in dryness as an iris and sawdust accord with mild leather accents faintly prickles the nose, later beginning to breathe a bit with a touch of sweet sweat (honey, immortelle and suggestions of resins and spices). All this discreet, powdery, dry sweetness is heading in one direction: a mild and comforting tobacco. While there is nothing in the composition I dislike, I canít get past how underpowered it all is; the feel is of wearing a scented body lotion rather than a perfume.
    Review is for EDT.

    14 November, 2013

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    very interesting not pretty though but i think its pure wood (EDP)

    OK , trying not to read other reviews. i've just sprayed the EDP on my write. There is an instant blast of something sweet a bit honey like almost the smell you get from a wood factory mixed with something very aromatic. then pooof! its gone. What i get now is cedar wood !! there is a touch a some sort of synthetic leather maybe but the wood is at the fore. AS it wears off its goes sweeter and then you do pick up the tobacco and i think a little white birch ! bit its peculiar to wear. it is honestly pretty similar to a wood suppliers or something to that and if that's what you want to smell like then this must be it.

    I don't wear this out. I don't think others would really this smell and it does not project well , scent stays close to the skin. but wierdly i have to admit i spray this on a lot a home because I like the aroma in the house. Maybe this is why Diptyque seem to be getting more of a name for their room sprays.

    so there you go honey wood wood wood a bit of leather and tobacco ! but is not a classic personal fragrance in my opinion its not exiting just interesting to smell.

    Pros: masculine, very autumn, woody
    Cons: a bit boring, not not pretty , "

    12 September, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    nice combination of leather and tobacco

    Volutes was presented to me as a combination of leather and tobacco notes. I have to say they are really well blended and recognisable. While on the mouillette it keeps the bitterness I first smelled, on my skin evolves into a sweet honey/iris scent that is not very interesting. My best tobacco scent is still Tea for Two by l'Artisan.

    Pros: two main notes of leather and tobacco are well blended
    Cons: not original "

    07 August, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Made me want a bottle of Habanita

    This review is for the EDT - I look forward to smelling the EDP as I think I'd like the fragrance more with additional sweetness and depth. The EDT reminds me very much of Fleur Oriental by Miller Harris. Both do a post-modern trick of reducing the impression of a vintage oriental down to basically a single note. I mean, they do develop a little, but compared to vintage scents they're very linear. I like vintage oriental scents so much that I enjoy having this option. Yet I must admit that smelling Volutes just inspired me to go and buy a bottle of my old fave Molinard's Habanita, which is so inexpensive, and has so much more complexity. I'd say that it, and not Shalimar, was the reference oriental for Volutes if there actually was one.

    Pros: Way more interesting than most releases
    Cons: A little simplistic"

    19 July, 2013

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    Card Board
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    Writing about the EdP here, but it hardly matters, as I am out of my depths with some of the stated notes. The opening is a honey and hay affair with an intriguing note of freshly peeled tangerine, which briefly adds a cool edge, before disappearing completely. I gather this is supposed to be spicier and less powdery than the EdT. I donít have the EdT (am interested enough to try at some point) but would never call this spicy. But there are spices, e.g., a warm underlayment of saffron. Less powdery this formulation may be, but there is a pronounced, non-dominant sense of iris-y powder. All I really want to say is this is really wonderful stuff. Very warm, comforting, and comfortable. Iíve not smelled the Egyptian cigarettes that inspired this fragrance, but this is pretty evocative of the tobacco fantasy.

    18 April, 2013

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