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    Herod Fragrance Notes

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    Herod is a men's fragrance by Parfums de Marly. The scent was launched in 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Herod opens with a sweet, sugary, soft and mellow accord of tobacco, resins, candied notes, sweet spices (cinnamon) and pleasant whiffs of myrrh, vanilla and light vetiver. Few notes and all quite detectable. Halfway some “candied” Lutens (like Arabie) and soft-sweet tobacco scents like Tobacco Vanille or Tabacco Toscano by Santa Maria Novella (to which the tobacco note in Herod resembles quite much; I am pretty sure they used the same aromachemicals here too). The head notes provide a light fresh breeze, I smell something halfway silky bergamot and a greenish-balsamic note (I guess this may all be due to osmanthus, which is in fact a tea-ish sweet-fresh note a bit balsamic and a bit floral). But most of all it’s tobacco and resinous spices. The tobacco note is close to the smell of fresh and humid tobacco right out of the bag, so nothing “dark” or too masculine – on the contrary, slightly humid, quite plushy and sweet. Among the Parfums de Marly range, which for what I’ve tested so far I always considered below mediocre, this is one of the nicest for sure; derivative and quite uncreative, but crisp, rich and pleasant, not (too much) synthetic, with a nice set of nuances which work fine. Good persistence and quite bold projection. Just a bit tacky perhaps, but a nice “Christmas tobacco” scent which I’d (moderately) suggest to all tobacco fans.


    08th December, 2014

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    United States United States

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    I really enjoy this one. Herod opens with robust notes of tobacco, cinnamon, and what smells like cherry. It's spicy and rich and on the sweet side--a semi-gourmand that never crosses compeltely over due to the tobacco and solid blend of woods in the base. As Herod dries down a wonderful vanilla note emerges, deep and all-encompassing, similar to the vanilla found in Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. From it's lively spices in the opening to the very end, Herod is an excellent fragrance. However, its drydown is without a doubt the best part. There's great balance between the cinnamon, vanilla, and deep woods and everything melds together flawlessly. In the end, you're left with a great option for the cooler months. More sophisticated than Pure Havane, and not as crude as Tobacco Vanille, Herod is worth sampling and I'd even recommend it as a blind buy for those in the gourmand-tobacco market.

    30th October, 2014

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    United States United States

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    I like it but the price tag is a mountain for me. The notes from top to bottom is blended well although I have issues with the longevity on my skin which would also prevent me from purchasing a full bottle of this but a decant would be nice to have.

    30th June, 2014

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    United States United States

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    I had really high hopes for this fragrance. I was about to blind buy it because people compared it to Tobacco Vanille, but there is no comparison to TV. The opening smells like OXY Acne Cleansing Pads. I haven't had acne for a long time, but it brought me right back to my teenage years. It feels cool when I go to sniff it on my skin almost like menthol or mint. A few moments later I start to smell the tobacco with a hint of honey and vanilla, but it doesn't last long on my skin. After a couple hours I get a faint s'mores like scent similar to Tobacco Vanille, but it doesn't have much sillage. It's also very expensive and only comes in 4.2 oz.

    30th January, 2014

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    I've heard this compared to Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, but I like this better. Not as sweet as TV, the vanilla is more subdued and the tobacco is more up front. While TV is unisex, Herod is much more clearly masculine. Fairly linear, lasts a long time, but projection is modest.

    Pros: Great tobacco scent, masculine
    Cons: Hard to find, expensive

    01st January, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    I can see some people comparing this to "Tobacco Vanille" from "Tom Ford" so I was really excited to test it and see how this one work against TV.
    When you spray this fragrance on your skin and you're smelling it, first thing that attack your nose is lots of spices and semi sweet vanilla smell.
    There are lots of spices, specially cinnamon and some black pepper that creating a bitter spicy scent.
    They're strong but not offensive.
    There is a light incense scent that give the smell a smoky aroma but not too much.
    The semi sweet vanilla scent also exist that tune down those spices.
    There is no sign of tobacco yet so it doesn't smell like "TV" at all!
    As time goes by, the spices settle down and now tobacco kick in.
    The scent also start to warm up and get sweeter in honey like way and this is where you will find similarities with "TV".
    The tobacco note in "Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille" smell like wet tobacco leafs, but in this one, tobacco note smell like dried and herbal tobacco.
    Tom Ford doesn't have strong spices (it's softer against this) but this one does, and the cinnamon scent give it a bitter scent.
    Tobacco Vanille is simpler and definitely has better quality against this, but this one is a little more complex and a little more masculine because of strong spices.
    Tobacco vanille is more sexy and yummy, but this one is richer and heavier.
    Projection and longevity both are great even it's an EDT concentration.
    All and all, it's a really good sweet and spicy tobacco based fragrance which has some similarities with "Tobacco Vanille" but at the same time it's something different.
    If I had to put a number for similarities between this and "Tobacco Vanille", it's going to be 50 percent!
    Personally I prefer "Tobacco Vanille".

    23rd December, 2013

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