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Herod (2012)
by Parfums de Marly


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Herod

Herod is a masculine fragrance by Parfums de Marly. The scent was launched in 2012

Reviews of Herod

Great tobacco fragrance...

I had heard a lot about this one. A very nice tobacco fragrance which is enjoyable and has a vanilla and cinnamon vibe here which I love. Very luxurious and satisfying and one which I believe is perfect for formal and the cooler seasons. The tobacco is sheer and it manages to give a dry, almost humid feel to the fragrance but at the same time is great when combined with the cinnamon and vanilla. I would recommend this to people who like a good take on a well-made tobacco fragrance. Really good.
26th August, 2018
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United States
similar to tobacco vanille, but lighter and a touch of cinnimon. slightly spicey and would wear well in the cool to cold months.
14th August, 2018
surge Show all reviews
United States
I have a cold right now, and I also got a "tester" bottle of this -- so I'm not sure if either of those are contributing to what I'm getting here...but first, right away it reminded me of Versace's The Dreamer. No similarity to Pure Havane or TV whatsoever -- none. Second, it seems to be very weak. Like really really weak. Not sure if that's my nose or what...hopefully I'll update this in a few weeks and figure out what's going on here. Neutral rating, for now. IDK, it just reminds me so much of The Dreamer and I get virtually no tobacco whatsoever either.
13th April, 2018
Initial thoughts... wow this smells like Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford... at least in the start. The Cypriol in this juice takes it in a different direction overall compared to TV. Overall I do find it to veer in a sweet direction with less tobacco and more of a musky sweet dry down. Overall I do like it and would recommend it for sure with a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY due to being similar to TV by TF. Enjoy!
30th January, 2018 (last edited: 01st February, 2018)
I received my sample yesterday. Still undecided as to weather I like or love this. I know I at least like it but might have to give it more time.

I get a sweet tobacco. As if a packet of tobacco has just been opened. I also get honey or cinnamon. There are a few spices thrown in for good measure.

It lasts around 6-7 hours on my skin with average sillage.
19th October, 2017
The perfect balance of tobacco and sweetness. This has a moist tobacco note.

Two sprays to the back of my neck and the scent was detected 6 feet away. The next day, the scent was slightly lighter but still easily detectable on my skin.


Note: If you are having problems finding Herod, Nordstrom is carrying it. It is easier to find on their website than in their stores.
25th August, 2017

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