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Darley (2010)
by Parfums de Marly


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseParfums de Marly

About Darley

Darley is a masculine fragrance by Parfums de Marly. The scent was launched in 2010

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Reviews of Darley

A nice sweet Minty, Rose, Lavender, Sandalwood, Guaiac wood, Patchouli, and Amber fragrance with a floral opening that is very soft and very noticeable! Darley is light, but pointed! Daring!

...a creamy airy fragrance that could be found amongst the likes of Reflection Man even Lyric Man. (If these PdM fragrances smell this good, I can't wait for Byerley to arrive.)

Overall, a great fragrance!!
11th October, 2017
Parfums de Marly Darley is one of the less-celebrated members of the house, and the likeness to Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is undoubtedly part of the reason that Darley gets less glory. Darley isn't particularly daring.

Still, it's very pleasant and agreeable, as a citrus/mint opening gives way to a floral heart (rose, orange blossom, jasmine, rosemary) and a woody dry down of sandalwood and guaiac, primarily. It has that nutty/fizzy edge to it like Le Male without the almond itself.

Darley is far more a Le Male clone than Profumum Antico Caruso, as many accuse the latter of this but I think Darley accomplishes the feat of paying tribute to Le Male far better than AC. Both, though, are better than Le Male, and Darley certainly feels a little more sophisticated in that it is not quite as sweet as Le Male.

Performance is decent, about moderate on project but well above average on longevity.

Darley is a worthy scent but even at discounted pricing on the secondary market ($151 for 125ml on Notino), I'd be hard-pressed to want to buy a full-bottle.

7 out of 10
27th March, 2017
Lightly musky, floral and talc-like powdery with short-lived hints of rose and orange blossom, obviously done on the cheap. It's not an unattractive scent but DARLEY smells like a clumsy rip of of Lumiere Noire Pour Homme, at least for the first 30 minutes before it all falls to pieces.

I have no idea how this house runs its market research or product development but apparently there exists a market for lousy clones in pretty packages. I think it's perfect. Perfectly suited for clueless wealthy suckers who don't do their research.

Don't get ripped off.
14th July, 2016
Got a nice dose of orange blossom followed by a bit of sandalwood. Semi - sweet and seems slightly feminine. As previously mentioned, I do get a talcum power vibe as well. Nice fragrance, but not worth the price IMO. 6.5/10
09th January, 2016
If you're into simple and classic lavender based fragrances mixed with sweet vanilla such as "Caron Pour un Homme" or other fragrances with the same genre you will probably like this one.
The opening of this fragrance is a fresh, herbal, minty and kind of soapy aroma mixed with some sweetness.
At the beginning I can smell strong dose of lavender mixed with some orange flower and noticeable amount mint. these notes together creating a fresh, aromatic, herbal and kind of soapy scent that smells quite synthetic and remind me of laundry detergent's smell.
There is also some sweetness in the background to balance these notes and mesh them together.

The opening smell kind of like "JPG Le Male". they do have that synthetic laundry detergent feeling in common but at the same time there are some differences as well.
In the mid this fragrance changes a little bit and lean more toward fragrances like "Caron Pour un Homme" and much closer example "Lancome Hypnose Homme". the mid is an aromatic, powdery, sweet, slightly oily and laundry detergent like smell of lavender, vanilla and some rosemary. I don't get the actual rose that much.
The sweetness is creamy and it's not that loud. more like the spring and fall type of fragrance.
Projection is above average but longevity isn't that great. only 3-4 hours longevity which is poor for this kind of scent.
It's not for me!
03rd August, 2014
Sweet, round, rich, talcum-vanillin notes with a balsamic/mentholated twist – a funny (in the almost-pathetic meaning), cheap parody of Le Male.

15th April, 2014

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