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Fields of Rubus (2012)
by Kerosene


Fields of Rubus information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJohn Pegg

About Fields of Rubus

Fields of Rubus is a shared / unisex perfume by Kerosene. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer John Pegg

Fields of Rubus fragrance notes

Reviews of Fields of Rubus

semi-gourmand...opens with berry jam in the front and already smell the wood in the back...Patchouli is there nice and strong yet somewhat concealed by the fruitiness going on...then i started getting a kind of musty animalic sort of effect creeping up and then realized it was actually a slightly damp tobacco smell...smells interesting and could have been an even better scent if things blended together a little better...seems to kind of jump around from accord to accord...settles down to a woody finish with tiny little flourishes coming and going of vanilla, tobacco, and berries...not bad, but not anything i'll be adding to my collection...might be of interest to fans of gourmands and explorers of various tobacco scents...
23rd March, 2019
Fields of Rubus is one of seemingly many Kerosene offerings that is a bit controversial and divisive, though from the notes breakdown, I was optimistic I'd have a good shot of liking this one.

The fruit mix of raspberry and apple is provocative, and mixing in tobacco, woods, and vanilla makes for a harmonious group, leaning toward cold weather usage, but the patchouli factors in a bit too heavily for me to readily enjoy the blend.

One has to be able to embrace the patchouli side to embrace the fragrance, but fans of patchouli should fine this a fun, fruity mix.

Performance is decent, applicability is unisex, probably year-round, though I'd gravitate toward using it in the cold weather since the tobacco and patchouli factor in heavily.

This one would take but a push, a reduction of patchouli, for me to perhaps like it to the point I'd want to try it some more, but I'm already pretty much done with it after one usage. It's just above average, only slightly better than a fragrance I might never want to smell again.

6 out of 10
08th March, 2017
Sweet, jammy, berries, mainly. There’s some funky note in there, but for the most part, it smells like a waxy fruit preserve — like a sort of berry sandwich spread. It scratches the back of your throat a little, so I’ll take a stab and say that it’s tobacco of some kind. In fact, the longer it’s on my skin, the more it becomes an oily tobacco with sweet, fruity tints. It’s very thick and goopy-smelling — certainly not a scent for people who enjoy subtle nuance as it hits you like a wall. After 30 minutes or so, it’s basically a cigar dipped in marmalade. Because it’s so heavy, I suspect he’s using some nice naturals, but it certainly weighs the scent down. Syrupy, sticky, murky, inarticulate fruit tobacco sums it up.
05th March, 2015
Mating. Raspberries.

Costanza really wanted a sandwich with sex. Who can blame him? Two of a man's greatest loves mashed into one unholy existential triumph. Well. Lemme tell you about Fields of Rubus (which, in some great Freudian coming together, my spell checker keeps wanting to display as Fields of Rubs).

Omigod is it good. Like really good. Like sex with a sandwich and sweet slathered syrup on a sunny summer day. Do you like raspberries? Do you like it sweet? Sexy? A little bit spicy and a whole lot seductive? Jammy indeed.
11th February, 2015
THE OPENING SMELLS JUST LIKE PAINT! Yes, it opens really loud, and I suspect the patchouli is mostly what gives it that paint smell. But in a couple of minutes, that fresh paint opening reveals the raspberry, plum, and apple notes that smell so good. It’s too bad they don’t last very long before the woody drydown starts. Thankfully, the cedar note isn’t as strong as the patchouli, which I think blends well with the vanilla, although I'm not crazy about patchouli in general. The opening, after that initial blast of paint, reminds me of a breakfast buffet with plenty of jam, but the drydown is woody and patchouli and reminds me of Home Depot. Overall, I think the fruit, vanilla, and patchouli blend is slightly interesting, and sometimes I like the smell of Home Depot. Yes, it reminds me of lumber, but BRIGHT lumber, if that makes any sense. I think $140 is steep, but, overall, so far, I am impressed with Kerosene's line. I might have given a Thumbs Up, if not for the price.
13th March, 2014 (last edited: 27th June, 2014)
Gorgeous Fragrance!

Fields of Rubus notes: Raspberry, Plum, Apple, Tobacco Wood, Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar, and Patchouli

Gorgeous. Long Lasting. Great Sillage. The Kerosene blurb says that this opens with jammy sweetness, I'd say more raspberry jammy then sweetness! It is not a sweet scent per-se. On me, the patchouli is front and center all the way thru the drydown. The mix of fruits and woods is done very well. The drydown is just divine, with musk, sandalwood, vanilla and again, patchouli in the mix. Love! Love! Love!

Pros: Earthy, great sillage, perfect blending of ingredients!

17th August, 2013

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