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Wood Haven (2012)
by Kerosene


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Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJohn Pegg

About Wood Haven

Wood Haven is a shared / unisex perfume by Kerosene. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer John Pegg

Reviews of Wood Haven

A perfume name that calls to me because woody notes are my go to for feeling safe, nurtured and comfortable. I enjoy the entire spectrum from the smoothest of woody powders to the rowdiest of ouds, including even the aromachemicals that induce shrieks of horror in some quarters (provided they are handled well of course). Give me a composition consisting solely of wood notes and chances are I will lose myself in its grain rather than complaining over the limited range.
But Wood Haven, as many have noted, doesn’t give the wood notes listed (cedar, guaiac, vetiver) quite the starring role one would expect. That disappointment aside, I am struck by how fine it is – going straight for mainstream designer territory: a lightly spiced citrus-woody but doing it with enough panache and difference to make me take notice. The whole thing keeps reading fresh – the citruses sprightly, the spicing zinging over the sour tones rather than doing that whole butcher-than-thou thang. The woody backing is cut green and sappy – a clean vetiver (usually a thing I mourn rather than praise as I love the earthier aspects of this root) and damp cedar. There’s something about it that keeps suggesting verdancy and an oddly pleasurable scent, playing just under the main event, that recalls chickpea flour. This latter surprises due to how well this rather unexciting odour fits into and adds that something extra to the whole composition.
Maybe you’ll have a ‘meh’ response like so many internet reviewers seem to have had about this one, but colour me impressed. Sillage is polite.

18th February, 2019
Wood Haven, like Santalum Slivers, is a pretty agreeable, slightly masculine-leaning citrus/woody blend from Kerosene. Wood Haven definitely leans more toward cold weather use, as while it contains a similar blend of mixed citrus and woods (cedar and guaiac), some of the other contributors of vetiver, ginger, and especially pepper are more prominent. So it's also spicy in addition to being woody and fresh.

Like Santalum Slivers, Wood Haven is certainly a fragrance I would happily wear on many occasions, but I'm just not quite inspired to buy it. $140 for 100ml is more than reasonable niche pricing, so Kerosene always has fair price points, but this fragrance is safe and agreeable when I enjoy the more daring, bold options from the house.

Fine on performance but not boastful, Wood Haven is noticeable but not imposing, roughly average for both projection and longevity. Usage occasions are yearround, and while it leans slightly masculine, this is realistically something that can be worn by anyone.

Certainly one I'll revisit over time and see if this review changes.

7 out of 10
29th November, 2017
First of all I want to say that "Wood Haven" is not woody that much. it's a simple but high quality fresh citrusy and spicy fragrance with some green notes as a supporting note.
The opening is a tart and fresh (and slightly sweet) lemon scent that I can feel heavy spicy aroma right beside it from both ginger and black pepper.
The lemon note smells very natural and high quality and I can feel even the bitterness of the lemon's peel in it. the spices are fresh but very strong and they are kind of itching my nose and even I can feel them in my throat and my mouth which is very interesting for me and I like that feeling! :D
There is a soft green herbal feeling from vetiver as well that give the scent more character and at the same time old school classic vibe.
I'm not saying that this fragrance smells dated! not at all. let me say you this way.
Imagine "Dior Homme Sport 2008" with that natural fresh lemon and ginger combo on top. now amp up the quality of the lemon scent. add some bitterness of the lemon's peel. throw a little bit of black pepper beside ginger and finally add some green herbal classic vetiver in it ..... the result will be the opening of this fragrance.
As you can see it's a completely modern scent but with classic twist which makes it much better and more complex than something like "Dior Homme Sport 2008".
In the mid the lemon and spices still standing strong while I can feel a little more vetiver now with slightly smoky aura and very soft powdery feeling in the background.
The mid has a little more classic feeling but still it's a very modern scent.
There is no change till the end.
Projection is very good and people will notice you and longevity is around 4-5 hours on my skin.
I don't know about you guys but I really like these type of fragrances.
20th July, 2014

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