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Intense Oud (2012)
by Jovan


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Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty

About Intense Oud

Intense Oud is a shared / unisex perfume by Jovan. The scent was launched in 2012

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Reviews of Intense Oud

I'd like to start by saying I enjoy a good Western rose oud, and have tested high and low examples of Western oud perfumes. It's not that I'm unwilling to try real attars, they're just much more expensive than even many niche perfumes (for the good ones) and super hard to apply, so I get lazy and stick to Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum formats. With that having been said, Jovan Intense Oud (2012) is a great oud take for the silly-low price, being the bargain basment version of the vibe communicated by Montale Black Aoud (2006), but that's like saying Taco Bell is the bargain basment version of Chipotle. Compared to a real tinctured oud parfum from an artisinal house, or even a niche-level item from Diptyque, Jovan Intense Oud is literally obliterated in an energy blast like a villain from a rerun of Dragonball Z, but for somebody wanting an inexpensive rose oud fix they won't have anxiety expending, this is near-perfect. Intense Oud is part of a trio Jovan launched in 2012, with the other two scents being Secret Amber (2012) and Silky Rose (2012). All three were Jovan's drugstore take on the Middle East perfume craze Western designers were experiencing at the time, and all but Silky Rose are pretty solidly unisex, with the latter being wearable more so by folks with feminine persuasions. Sadly, we don't know who signed for this or any of the trio, but they did an admirable job all things considered. My question to Jovan is to whom did they think they were selling a drugstore oud? The answer to that is apparently nobody, since this stuff never touched shelves of any Walmart or Rite Aid I ever walked into, and Jovan is pretty centralized around US distribution, so few outside the American continent have seen any Jovans period. This one seems to be the realm of discounter sites only now, and prices are on McDonald's levels.

Jovan Intense Oud opens with a pretty loud medical synthetic oud note which any wearer of Western designer ouds should recognize. The note is a bit sharper and more plasticy than other higher-end synthetic oud notes, but it also has more of that leathery virility sweaty crotch vibe which bangers like Dior Leather Oud (2010) possess, just with a fraction of the power. Jovan really knows its audience. The saffron and lemongrass top are pretty dry, ochre-like, and support this oud, which quickly settles down into a surprisingly good Turkish rose middle. The rose is of the dark variety, and is flattened some by cistus labdanum sharing space in the heart with it, until the budget base shows up to remind you this is still Jovan. The signature Jovan sharp patchouli shows up here, and some synthetic sandalwood that is unrecognizable as such also rears into view, but the lovely rose and edgy synthetic oud remain the star of the show as intended. Wear time is Jovan-long (i.e. all day), but the scent is unusually quiet sillage-wise for the brand, behaving more like an eau de parfum with a tight bubble of scent around the wearer despite being labelled a cologne like all of Jovan's products outside their original musk oil. Jovan Intense Oud is quite sharp enough for summertime use, but like most orientals with a hefty aromatic base, Jovan Intense Oud has decent winter legs outdoors as well. I don't know where you should wear this, as its own existence as a "Plastic Rose and Oud" for the masses who don't even know they want it sort of defies convention to begin with, so have fun playing with this rose oud made "the Jovan way", and if it doesn't put a smile on your face, you can send me your bottle to use.

The sad truth about oud is most folks really into it have the cash to throw at niche wares or attars, as the note has mostly been packaged and sold as a status smell by Western designers in the same way ambergris used to be a century ago. When amber composites became a necessity due to demand, nobody stopped commercial houses like Avon or Coty from abusing them, so the scent lost status. High-end Western perfumers seemed to learn their lesson with oud and set about doing better gatekeeping once synthetic oud compounds showed up as a necessity too, so Jovan's problem is this scent has no audience since the target demographic for it doesn't even know what oud is, let alone how it smells. Plus, unlike musk or amber, oud is inherently challenging in its opening, the way old animalics like civet and castoreum were, so it's an acquired taste from the start, with people who buy in the segment Jovan serves making their choices in the instant they smell the opening. I think fans of Western Oud perfumes who already have their fill of Tom Ford, Montale, Mancera, and the like will find Jovan Intense Oud as an amusing cheap thrill (which is where I sit), but people who take agarwood to humorless levels of dedication will raise the monocle and scoff in contempt. My morbid curiousity got the better of me, but at the end of the day, this is a nice harmless rose oud you can abuse that's a bit more rose than oud, and at least worth the pittance it sells for these days. Hell, at these prices, Jovan Intense Oud makes a good throwaway daily driver stop gap scent that saves you from wasting your more expensive ouds at work, as it has the Western medicinal edge and Eastern skank factor in tandem that surprisingly even higher end Western ouds miss, if you can hang with the rose. Consider this stuff your weekday "Clubman Pinoud"... Okay, I know that was a bad pun. Thumbs up!
07th November, 2018
The initial blast of this is actually nice, and somewhat promising. I get more rose than anything. Very similar to the greenish rose from Rose 31. However, this very very quickly dies down, (within seconds) and reveals its inner shell. A cheap, plasticy smelling oud. It almost smells like those blowing bubbles too, if you smell the liquid inside. Sort of like a really cheap bubble bath with no particular flavor. As it dries, it kind of has this chlorine smelling undertone, like you know when you get out of the pool, and your skin has that faint chlorine smell. I really don't like this at all. The oud in here is not good, and barely even smells like wood. More like an abundance of cheap chemicals, thrown together, trying to achieve the oud accord, and failing miserably.

The more it dies down, the slightly, ever so slightly better it gets. Becoming less chemical smelling, and a little more spicy, but not really in a good way either. I can't help but think of body odor.

Why this has 3 thumbs up is completely beyond me.. I think this is one of the worst smelling fragrances I have ever smelled. You be the judge though, it's quite cheap!
13th September, 2014
The first thing that came to my mind in the opening was some sort of plastic. Like some of the other reviewers mentioned, this one gets better the longer it's on your skin. After about 20 minutes the plastic accord dissipates and what your left with is what feels like a modern industrial type fragrance. Industrial in the way Nar.Rodriguez for Men has that wet cement smell, this has a very slightly smokey treated wood smell. A newly laid hardwood floor comes to mind. Sounds odd, which it is, but oddly enough it's wearable and likeable. Buy it.
16th July, 2014
When I first put this on, I didn't care for it but within a few minutes, I fell absolutely in love with it! It dried down to a BEAUTIFUL woody, resiny, spicy scent that I am crazy about. I just hope Jovan doesn't discontinue this one like they did my other favorite in the 1970's-Madame Jovan. I don't usually care for this house but every now and then, they come out with a real winner.
24th May, 2014
JDBIII Show all reviews
United States
A raucous opening of Johnson's Baby Lotion, suntan lotion, and bubble gum. Perhaps a bit of plastic as well. If this had occurred in a niche scent It might be called edgy or odd. But, it is from Jovan. Don't let this deter you. This is a humorous scent and unlike any other oud scent I own. Gone is the smoky darkness and animalic haze. The top notes stay intact and quite linear for two hours then the oud starts sneaking in. Mild, bright and clever. I did not expect to like this scent as I haven't enjoyed much from Jovan since the 80's, but this blind buy has been a pleasant surprise. The marketing, with it's tones of black, gold, and burnt orange are way off track and insinuate a much heavier scent. And the price is quite affordable. Check it out.
20th May, 2014

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