Speakeasy (2012)
    by Frapin

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    Speakeasy Fragrance notes

    Leather, Tobacco, Mint, Musk, Bergamot, Styrax

    Speakeasy information

    Speakeasy is a unisex fragrance by Frapin. The scent was launched in 2012

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    100ml EdP

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Smells of minty cocktails, faux leather and suede. The best part was probably the first 5 to 10 minutes when the perky waitress brought me the house special. Thereafter everything started to go hazy with whispered voices and snatches of conversation. Perhaps I should have sprayed this one on rather than sipped.

    29th July, 2014

    Colin Maillard's avatar

    Italy Italy

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    Speakeasy opens with a really pleasant accord of amber, earthy notes of patchouli and oak, edible fresh fruity notes, a chorus of flowers and Frapin's signature boozy vibe all around, almost sparkling and bubbling at very beginning, then still there but warmer and calmer, on a cozy discreet vanillin-woody base. One of the nicest openings among Frapin's line, and you can clearly recognize Corticchiato's style (big fan here) – that same Mediterranean feel with a dusty, coniferous mossy-chypre aftertaste, on a green base with nice, silky tobacco-hay-suede notes. Still, it kind of switches off all the lights pretty soon, "losing" all that clarity and soundness of the composition, becoming quickly a more undefined, generic, even a bit confused mossy-chypre delicate blend, with a liquid and subtle boozy feel. Not saying it's bad, just paler and in a way, more "washed down". A couple of hours, and even that is all gone. A promising opening and overall a nice scent, but still sometimes doesn't work for me.


    21st May, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    If you like complex and non-linear fragrances, this is something worth checking out. Mr.Corticchiato of Parfum D'Empire's fame gives yet another confirmation of his talent by composing an interesting gem.

    An extremely aromatic green lime note is paired with other citruses and booze to give birth to a sparkling opening. A mint / geranium combo which is not *that* distant from the one found in Geranium Pour Monsieur, joins the party right away reinforcing the overall exotic and summery vibe. I was ready to dismiss the fragrance as yet another citrusy summery thing when it suddenly started to change form and morphed into a bolder tonka / tobacco driven middle phase. Gone is the mint, the citruses and the summery vibe. The transition from the opening was really smooth and so nicely handled that it all felt incredibly plausible and natural. The middle sweet tobacco base lasts for quite a while and when you would expect no more evolutions, Speakeasy is still able to surprise the wearer by introducing an amber / immortelle base to provide even more extra body. Very nice.

    Given the notes involved, I would have probably expected a bit more potency and tenacity but I can't honestly say the fragrance is weak either.
    My only concern is that this stuff is probably a tad too sweet to my tastes but if you're fine with it, this is indeed a solid delivery by Frapin.

    16th March, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Really particular, cultured and manneristic fragrance from the great Corticchiato (which I appreciate really a lot for its eccentric and refined creativity). Not for everyone for sure. An aromatic/fruity semi-oriental concoction with a creative approach and its own almost unique olfactory message. The first Speakeasy's blast is absolutely interesting with its gorgeous and almost luxurious rum/bergamot really minty, fruity (undistinguished mellow fruits plus orange) and almost aristocratic accord. In this phase I'm more impressed by a sort of lingering type of classic (almost baroque) luxuriousness than by a real tropical feel just vaguely (really vaguely) arousing its effect especially due to a sort of waving undistinguished mellow fruitiness. The bergamot (as well the orange itself)!provides indeed a really luxurious effect in its boozy expression evocative about cultured and aristocratic ambiences while the stout mint/immortelle presence provides a weird aromatic (royal) twist which is the "bridge" towards a following leather/musk/tobacco slightly powdery accord playing the role of main dry down connection. The minty vibe is durable throughout and (in its link with leather) provides a weird cool/leathery undertone which (expecially in the central phase) counteracts any sort of "expected" (by a rum/tobacco chord I mean) sultry/exotic feel. The dry down recovers a bit of simil-tropical appearance cause the leather/mint vibe barely recedes and the final aroma appears indeed a sort of fruity suede/aromatic musk accord rounded by a perfumed styrax/tobacco/tonka/seasoned woods accord still a bit (but far less) aromatic and yet fruity/boozy/ambery. The final olfactory expression is refined and seasoned, a rounded "sensible" and at once vaguely licentious type of aroma evocative about cultured ambiences, refined interiors, eccentric travellers in decadence, fine cognac, chandeliers and old books. A must try for all the studied/affected un-common concoctions addicted.

    16th February, 2014 (Last Edited: 28th May, 2014)

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    The opening is quite unique with a mildly boozy and spicy davana, where bergamot with mint are adding a very nice twist. The drydown adds a pleasant tobacco note, and the base gets muskier without losing the davana. Towards the end styrax makes and appearance and fits in very well. This all is very well blended and original. Furthermore, on my skin the performance is excellent with very good silage and projection; the longevity is splendid at ten hours. For autumn days a scent that is not too heavy.

    21st January, 2014

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    Switzerland Switzerland

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    Very happy to haqve purchased this one

    Since purchasing Frapin's 1270 some years ago, I've been a very ardent consumer of most things Frapin. Not every scent of theirs works for me, but I'm always interested in anything produced by this house and when I saw Speakeasy become available, I purchased a bottle sight unseen online.

    Immediately upon application, I get a strong mint that has a gentle citrus twist. It's not the best mint I've ever experienced in a cologne, but it is quite acceptable and sets a brisk, pleasant tone of alertness and purpose, thus best applied at the start of a busy day.

    On me, Speakeasy evolves and warms into a very pleasing, yet subtle, accord of leather, a rum taste, and citrus. This is the body of the scent for me, and it continues in this vein until the end. The only change for me is the gradually diminishing longevity.

    This Frapin scent is different from all the others of its family for me, in that the boozy rum accord is much more subtle to me than the very ubiquitous and specific rummy taste of other members of the Frapin clan. This fragrance therefore strikes a different, more alert tone, with a pleasing, spicy-leather body. Other Frapin frags like 1270, 1697, Caravalle Epicee and Passion Boisee all have that flat-on-my-back, dopey grin of the perpetual rum-drunk feel, a saturation of rum. Speakeasy, similar to Frapin's L'Humaniste, is outside that heavy Frapin-rum scent that I love. It is fresher, lighter, yet with the spice and boozy accords, still a member of the Frapin family; it just looks like the fair-haired, fresher-faced younger brother of the boozier-flavoured Frapins.

    I use this one regularly when dressing for work or for casual social affair; its never overwhelming. I will definitely replace my current bottle once it hits the end of its life.

    Pros: Distinctive combinations of mint and citrus
    Cons: Lower-end longevity"

    15th October, 2013

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