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Sand Aoud (2011)
by Mancera


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Sand Aoud

Sand Aoud is a shared / unisex perfume by Mancera. The scent was launched in 2011

Reviews of Sand Aoud

Amazing Mancera fragrance once again that is only to be judged after 20 mins! When it dries down one is left with a gorgeous blend of fruityness (mainly black currant) on a dusty bed of oud and patchouly surrounded by saffron and light spices but smelling still kind of fresh! Really unique stuff and I know nothing like it. It has above average projection and longevity for sure and performs marvelous.
Thumbs way up! Rating: 8.5/10
14th October, 2016
Mancera gets it right, again. Instead of going into some deep, psycho-babbly review, I'll just say this. There is NOTHING about this perfume that I dont like. Lets put it that way. And it has more of a Eastern vibe, than a Western vibe. You wont run into anyone else wearing this, unless they take perfumes as seriously as you do. There is nothing run of the mill about it.
26th April, 2016
Mancera's Sand Aoud is a very nice, semi-traditional Aoud fragrance, with spices and Black Current top notes, over a patchouli, vanilla and musk base. There's an almost creamy, sandalwood like sweetness in this, although sandalwood isn't listed in the composition. The vanilla, musk and patchouli come through in this very nicely and the development is very minimal. Sand Aoud is much lighter than similar Aoud fragrances, making for a more versatile, easy to wear scent than any heavier Aoud-Rose, Leather or Incense accord in the market. I see this as mostly a masculine scent that could be worn on any occasion, but better for cooler weather. Excellent sillage and longevity from two sprays. Smells expensive, high quality and well blended. Thumbs Up.

08th February, 2016
decent at first, gets really bad after a while. somehow a medicinal-weird-leatherish (and i love a good leather scent). good longevity and silage.
28th September, 2014
On first application I can pick up on a blend of Oud, blackcurrant and patchouli with a slight medicinal undercurrent.

The scent is fruity and spicy and eventually gets more sweeter as it eventually drys down.

A nice scent though not my cup of tea.
13th June, 2014
The opening and middle notes of Sand Aoud radiates with pleasure. This is one of the most wonderful fragrances, especially during the opening phases, that I've had the pleasure of wearing. The black currant first whiff is the intro to a chord of scent that includes some nicely blended spices with rose, saffron, and patchouli that balances about equally with the house agarwood scent. The oud aroma is noticeable from the the first spray, but it is blended with all the things that blend well with agarwood to lighten and make it very charming civilized. The oud smell is so civilized that some might not think its there, but this perfume illustrates why generations of perfumers always created their attars in a base of sandalwood. Yes sandalwood is the underlying scent that I smell here. I have no doubt that there is probably no sandalwood here, but all of the scents that blend to make Sand Aoud recreate aspects of thick deep sandalwood smell mixed that becomes a base for a woody oud. I am guessing the name Sand Aoud was inspired by the similarity to oud sandalwood attars of days gone by when rich sandalwood oils were always used for the receptive base oil for all of the other outgoing notes. The illusion of sandalwood is made here with the spices+patchouli+rose+vanilla+white musk.

The notes listed are: black currant, spices, rose, saffron, incense, patchouli, patchouli, agarwood, vanilla, white musk. My guess is the spices are a blending of cinnamon, cumin, bay, ginger but nicely disguised into a pleasant warmth. For the first 4 hours or so I really only smell the spice/wood combination + agarwood. It does smell light, slightly warm, but not really sweet. After 5 or 6 hours the vanilla starts to take over and this smells more like an amber fragrance. The black currant serves to give the opening spices a balsamic roundness, but neither the black currant nor the rose stand out as a dominant characterl. They all blend in to the Sand Aoud personality.

My only complaint I have about this beautiful fragrance is that long after application it ends up as a sweet vanilla amber woods - someone mentioned Halston Man Amber and I get that comparison. It ends up too sweet at the end. This doesn't happen until all the opening charm and subtlety of oud and saffron wears completely out which does take a long time. But, at the end its run the smell is kind of sweet and shallow. But that is a minor complaint considering how great it smells during its mature phase. One of the best from Mancera, in my opinion.
11th March, 2014

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