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Cedrat Boise (2011)
by Mancera


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Cedrat Boise

Cedrat Boise is a shared / unisex perfume by Mancera. The scent was launched in 2011

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United States
when first applied,aventus did come to mind. when i smelled my wrist again, the aventus was an twinkle of an eye, sandalwood stands up in this. cedrat boise has a citrus and woody personality with a discrete vanilla base. lemon,bergamot,sandalwood, cedar, blackcurrant to tone down the citrus, and vanilla....fantastic!!! totally different than aventus, which has a spicey identity. im ready to sign cedrat boise to my starting roster to join my superstars like aventus.
12th March, 2017
This opens with a rather strong lemon zest, which thankfully dies down rather quickly, but settles in with a sweeter version of lemon, like a meringue.

The fruit dominates, with just a touch of cedar in the background, to me a slight astringent tang, just a hint of a Band-Aid, in no way off-putting.

I really enjoy this.

13th December, 2016
Just received Cedrat Boise and I must say it is a lovely fragrance! Now, I know I am going to make enemies here so for all of my frienemies who say this is a clone of Aventus, smells like Aventus, resembles Aventus....unfortunately I would have to disagree. This is nothing like Aventus from the beginning to the end. And yes, we are all entitled to our own opinions, and mine says I don't get Aventus at all.

I, too, like landshark321 think there are other fragrances that resemble Aventus and due to all the hype put out there regarding these two (among others) I was intentional about locating the similarities and for me there aren't any. The first fragrance that came to mind was Obsession for men by Calvin Klein....
(If this reminds me of anything that would be the aforementioned. I think this is a newer more modern take on the very manly Obsession if to give a point of reference).

In a league of it own, Cedrat Boise has a woodsy, gourmand feel to it that is creamy and fresh all at the same time. With the Bergamot, Cedarwood, and a very potent Lemon and Blackcurrant that's clearly and artfully done-I see Cedrat Boise as one having created an ambiance of its own; a stand alone fragrance for anytime, anywhere, with....shut yo mouth!!

There is a certain DRY sweetness that you get as all the notes come together. I will give this a bit more time as I adjust...great fragrance overall!!
12th December, 2016
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United States
Cedrat Boise by Mancera has a fruity opening, and then it transforms to something familiar to me: fresh, woody, and a little sweet -- one of my favorite scents back in college -- the first version of Colors for Men by Benetton. Cedrat Boise is a lot better, though, and more modern. A gourmet version of fast-food Colors for Men.

Wearing just a dab sample, Cedrat Boise's longevity is excellent on my skin, and the projection is moderate at best. If you can afford to purchase a full bottle, I'd say go for it.
08th December, 2016
For me, it's the sandalwood and jasmine notes that star after the initial, very pleasant citrus opening. I get very good performance from this and it's the type of scent i look forward to wearing when the occasion and mood suits.
After several wears of this, it is definitely a keeper in my collection and if it was a choice between a bottle of this or a bottle of Aventus, it's this.
19th November, 2016 (last edited: 29th January, 2017)
My favorite of the Mancera fragrances. Most already has been said about this masterpiece. Only the first 30 mins do remind a bit of Aventus but then this goes its own way being a very nice fruity (black currant again!)-citrus woody scent for the first two hours, Then the leather starts kicking in together with the moss, sandalwood and vanilla which makes it lasts quite a long while without losing its freshness. The later stages of this fragrances are also more masculine imo. Performance is way above average. Rating: 9.5/10
14th October, 2016

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