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Jour d'Hermès (2012)
by Hermès


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJean-Claude Ellena

About Jour d'Hermès

Jour d'Hermès is a feminine perfume by Hermès. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena

Jour d'Hermès fragrance notes

Reviews of Jour d'Hermès

Quiet juicy floral.

Jour d'Hermes is a perfect example of why one shouldn't judge a perfume by descriptive notes before sampling. Had I read 'floral notes' prior to trying this, I would have completely waved it off and not even bothered to try it. By trying it blind I was swooned and courted with a myriad of notes I couldn't quite put my finger on and ended up falling in love with. I keep catching hints of other perfumes (Dahlia Divin le Nectar springs to mind for the creamy musky notes) as it dries down. This one is a shape shifter of sorts and I enjoyed the ride from first spray to end of day.
30th June, 2018
Floral notes? Jour d’hermes is all about citrus fruit, mostly grapefruit. I get some well-appreciated rhubarb as well. Very nice, fresh though potent, luminous, summery. But nothing exceptional, except it’s well done.
17th May, 2018
Floral frequencies
Being luminous in the
Visible region.
26th October, 2017
Springtime by Claude Monet 1872
25th April, 2017
Review for Parfum (extrait) of Jour d'Hermes

I like Jour d'Hermes in its EDT expression which was effervescent, bright and full of spring flowers - but I found it somewhat leaning feminine because of the florals.

When I chance upon a great opportunity to purchase the Parfum (extrait) at a steal, I could not help but blind buy and it truly is divine - the citrus is fuller and more persistent in the Parfum expression and the floral notes are more grounded : the Parfum feels like a walk amidst a flowering garden with the florals and the greens, instead of the EDT which feels more like a walk around an empty room with a bouquet from this garden.

It may not have astounding silage but people around you will definitely enjoy it and it holds its own against others such as Tuscan Leather when I wore them at the same time with application to different parts of my body.
17th October, 2016 (last edited: 14th January, 2017)
Delicate and refreshing...

Again, I am impressed by the work of Jean-Claude Ellena. This is an example of something beautiful and something which I think is a classic in the making.

First of all, I think because this task was given to someone like Ellena, the perfume really became something special in terms of female fragrances. It's very common to have a light, fruity floral mix which smells generic. But here, the focus has been on the balance between the delicate white florals, and a beautiful citrus undertone (mainly from grapefruit). You have notes like Gardenia and sweet pea and and a delicate lightness with just a touch of creaminess beneath, but never overpowering.

One thing I like about this fragrance is that at no point does this descend into powdery floral territory. In fact it keeps this delicate floral citrus balance throughout (which in my opinion is very hard to do). Again it shows the work of a master perfumer in my view.

With regards to performance and longevity, this Eau de Parfum projects on my skin for the first 4-5 hours, with a further presence of about 2 hours after that. I feel that it does perform like an Eau de Toilette and I do with it would last longer. I can see this working very well in spring and summer, and great for wedding parties etc.

Really recommend this one as it stands out from the crowd of generic summer florals, and shows itself as something more delicate and beautiful. Really wonderful!
24th June, 2016

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