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Gucci Guilty Black pour Homme (2013)
by Gucci


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent Company at launchProcter & Gamble > P&G Prestige Beaute

About Gucci Guilty Black pour Homme

Gucci Guilty Black pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Gucci. The scent was launched in 2013

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Reviews of Gucci Guilty Black pour Homme

A modern interpretation of a 80s powerhouse I think. It is not black by any means. It is weird up top then moldy mildewy in the middle and drydown.

Somehow I feel this will hit in 10 years. We'll see.
30th September, 2015
“Gucci Guilty Black” …I think they’re right! … Gucci SHOULD feel guilty… first, for creating this mediocrity… and second, for calling it ”black.” The way to profit nowadays apparently is to knock off as many cheap flankers as possible. The original Gucci Guilty wasn’t a bad scent – just a bit cheap and a lot uninspired. This one is gross with its appalling synthetic lavender and cilantro opening; its redundant middle; and its threadbare patchouli and cedar wood base.

Mediocre projection, short lasting…

When I consider the phenomenal 1976 Gucci Pour Homme, the exquisite Gucci Nobile, the captivating Envy for Men, the ground-breaking Gucci Pour Homme I & IIs, and all those fantastic women’s fragrances … I can’t help but lament how far Gucci has fallen so quickly. Whoever’s running things won’t be able to trade on the Gucci name much longer – at least as far as fragrances are concerned.
03rd May, 2015
Another Gucci fragrance that I was given a free sample of and was very reluctant to try. Common enough opening of citrus and lavender, but the quality is very, very low. Smells like there is plastic resin mixed in. Dry down was nothing special. Other reviews have it right in that this is just a dull, boring, low quality effort not worthy of the designer's heritage. The two other Gucci fragrances I tried were equally synthetic and short on sillage and longevity. Sad that this is the best this house can do.

A dime store fragrance at best.
21st March, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Another Gucci Flanker

The lavender opning is quite traditional, but the drydown with neroli amd coriander has a very synthetic and unoriginal character on my skin. A pretty ordinary patchouli in the drydown and a similarly unexciting cedar note lead to an unglorious finish. There are worse products, but there is nothing that excites me in this fragrance. Two hours of longevity. Gucci obviously can af-Ford to offer us such stuff.

23rd October, 2013
Aromatic fougere nowadays

The attempt to resurrect the aromatic fougere (coriander-lavender) genre with a new virile classic a la Drakkar Noir? A failure; the watery barber shop initial vibe ( a huge amount of lavender, patchouli and aromatic herbs) does not become along the trip drier (in a more mature, woodsy, spicy, leathery complex way) and the external vibe is a sort of dynamic shower foam mixture with a dark orangy approach, a waterfall of fresh patchouli and a never ending sporty (splashing) temperament. Useless.

Pros: Dark and virile
Cons: Too much bath foam type"

07th August, 2013
It does not last long, nor is it a sillage monster, but if you apply the right amount and wear it on a warm day, then you get a green, pleasant scent. It's woodsy, green as I mentioned, with lavender and neroli, though dialed down in contrast to the two previous guilty offerings. This also happens to o smell really great on the collar of your shirt after a full days wearing. Not groundbreaking or a panty dropper, but I enjoy this for myself, call it a guilty pleasure
11th May, 2013

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