Flash (2013)
    by Jimmy Choo

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    Loud and synthetic, it's economical juice in a flashy bottle. From a tiny spray I get a large amount of pink pepper at the start and something that resembles fruity shampoo, the kind that was really cool to pull out after PE in the early 90s to make you popular. It's sweet, not cloying, but definitely a sweet fragrance. I wouldn't class this as an elegant and restrained scent, more in your face," please notice me or I will punch you" kind of perfume.

    The pepper, I find remains in the background,but it remains fruity and the wood gets sharp, really unpleasantly sharp. It reminds me of those cheap spanish wooden fans. At this point, I have to remove the scent as I start to hate myself.

    This scent is certainly not for me, it's very clumsy and sloppy. Its' sharpness is familiar, as so many scents seem generically this way; it's that kind of scent that assaults you when you buy a drink at the bar, and next to you is a 20 something gal in a Top Shop dress and Dorothy Perkins platform shoes with masses of false lashes and orange skin. She bought Flash because it is the only Jimmy Choo item she can afford. And that is what it is; loud, cheap and generic.

    Such a shame really, as Christine Nagel was part of Narciso Rodriguez for Her and I LOVE that scent.

    11th December, 2013

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    Russian Federation Russian Federation

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    For me, works wonderfully, but can't deny I realize that is not entirely well composed and is a bit synthetic at most of female's skin, therefore not a good one to blind-buy.
    Is a curious blend in between white flowers and straberry, with almost no other notes present but the strong initial blast of pink pepper and the very well executed tangerine and its flower.
    If works at your skin like does at mine (elegant, intriguing, playful), is FBW.
    If settles as bubble gumm, no other words are required.

    11th April, 2013

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    United States United States

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    When I first saw Flash I didn't have high hopes.
    After all, I definitely don't like Jimmy Choo's first fragrance, out in 2012, the self-entitled Jimmy Choo.
    Also, I admit, I had a sort of bias since Jimmy Choo, well, designs shoes.
    But I absolutely love Flash. In part, because it's addictive and kind of intoxicating.
    And versatile.
    It could be considered a floral fragrance, with its beautiful middle notes of tuberose, jasmine and lily. Or perhaps it could be classified even as a floral-fruit sent because of top notes strawberry, tangerine and pink pepper. It smells slightly oriental to me, even though it doesn't have the vanilla or ambergris associated with many Orientals. Maybe it's the Blond woods in the base that lends that oriental hint. And it definitely comes through as a gourmand, because Flash's strawberry is like strawberry creme brulee, rich and decadent all throughout. Other strong points include better than average longevity and silage.

    08 April, 2013

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