Armani Eau de Nuit (2013)
    by Giorgio Armani

    Armani Eau de Nuit Fragrance Notes

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    Brazil Brazil

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    Well, Armani seems to think of itself as the ultimate fashion brand (what could be extended to its fragrance line)... It's the only reason to launch a super-ultra-overpriced fragrance with that kind of juice. Totally common, uninspired, bland scent. They must think everything launched under their trademark will be a success: It just needs a nice bottle.
    Ok, I could rate it with a big "thumbs down", but It's not a bad fragrance. It's just common, non-original and overpriced.
    The iris note could be translated as powder. Add a generic sweet smell, put some generic spice (probably pepper) and voilà: Eau de nuit. There's nothing new here. I got it as a gift and here's my advice: save your money! You can get closer scents for 1/3 the price: Banderas The secret, Silver shadow private and even D&G the one. I guess nobody will notice the difference if you use one of these instead of Nuit.

    14 February, 2014

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    Croatia Croatia

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    I'm not thrilled, however the longer it stood on my skin, the more I started liking it. There is a certain vibe/connection with Dior Homme here, however far from that I'd say they're the same. Albeit the fact that Armani Eau de Nuit is not original at all, it is not completely without character. So, it's not strong or "strong" but it has something that lifts the eyebrow up in "interesting indeed, Watson" fashion. Initially I was sure it'll be weak but it showed in way it is a quite "determined" fragrance. My liking aside, unfortunately it is attrited even in a sense of marketing, but then again it is not bland. In one moment I agree it is unrefined, unfinished even, but then again everything is somehow here. Indeed it is also quite artificial, unnatural, but then again what is natural these days?
    Suma sumarum - quite solid, not for bashing around, however neither is it near for pedestaling. (13.07.2013.)

    05 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Manatee's review is hilarious. Reviews like his keeps me coming back to this website. So, forgive me for not posting any thing about the actual fragrance. The ingredients alone signalled a very tired, bland product. Then I read the review by Manatee. Bravo!

    08 December, 2013

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    Wild Gardener
    England England

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    Initially I held off from buying this one because on paper it comes across as a bit synthetic. However it does work better when being worn, and although its not a heavy scent, it performs well in the cold.
    The similarity to Dior Homme is there, with the iris note in the heart, but the appeal for me centres on the light tobacco dry down. Like Tabac Blond done in a contemporary style, for guys.
    Pity the quality isnt what it could be, and the longevity is not so good, but in general not a bad effort for a mainstream masculine.

    06 December, 2013

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Nuit Armani's finest hour

    Airy-spicy with the now-cliched transparent peppery woods (*sigh*) and quite possibly a trace of ginger, the base warm and mellow. Certainly not what I expected from a 'night' fragrance for men. In fact it smells like a toned down version me of the disastrously awful Fan di Fendi pour Homme or perhaps a creamier D&G Le Bateleur which is not saying much really. Projection is pretty good with average longevity.

    Should we blame the Big 5 for peddling the same lame stuff to all these designer houses or the bean counters for shifting fragrance material budgets to the better quality 'Privy' line? Perhaps. But to add insult to injury Armani has decided to house this undeserving scent in an attractively 'noir' edition of the iconic Eau pour Homme vintage bottle.

    Pros: Iconic bottle
    Cons: Banal juice"

    03 September, 2013

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    Germany Germany

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    There was a 'tester' in a Men' Magazine. I was curious, but had no expectations, ever since Acqua de Gio Essence. It took me by surprise.

    It is very warm and woody - it resembles 'Kenzo Power' a lot, just this is a lot better. It's like a warm blanket in a cold winter night.

    04 May, 2013

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