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Les Notes de Lanvin : Oud & Rose (2011)
by Lanvin


Les Notes de Lanvin : Oud & Rose information

Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
Average Rating
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Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Les Notes de Lanvin : Oud & Rose

Les Notes de Lanvin : Oud & Rose is a shared / unisex perfume by Lanvin. The scent was launched in 2011

Les Notes de Lanvin : Oud & Rose fragrance notes

Reviews of Les Notes de Lanvin : Oud & Rose

That well known rule of perfumery Luca Turin's Iron Law - which states that in every trio of perfumes one of them shall be naff - has been broken by Les Notes de Lanvin.

The superior quality* of Oud & Rose when compared to the others in the series suggests that a second rule may be at work here; a harder-wrought, more demanding, Platinum Law of Perfumery which states that only one of the trio can be good.

*(I should perhaps qualify this opinion by saying that Vetyver Blanc, while being no two-dimensional lash up, smells chemically pungent and ill conceived and I never wear it; and after an hour's skin test the third placed Orange Amber never even made it home with me - even at the discount price it was offered at...)

It is really false modesty on the part of Interparfums to imply that their Notes de Lanvin collection is just that - a collection of notes - as though they were simple two-tone colognes, just like those of 4711.

The name Oud & Rose, while accurate, doesn't really do justice to the scent; it feels like a fully worked out Eau de Toilette - which is exactly what it is : a rose water nougat, decorated with strawberry and iris-rasperry notes, surrounded by lighter modulations of citrus, orange flower, banana and green notes. And of course there is the usual Western style sticking plaster oud. There are also some screechy synthetics - which the oud cannot totally disguise and which can sometimes get a bit intrusive.

This bitter-sweet and powdery rose oud starts off well enough, but the complexity soon fades and then later the quality. It's like the money (or the time) ran out before work on the second half was finished. Enough effort seemingly went into the project for one good fume, but not a trilogy. The two underperformers should therefore have been dropped and this one worked up into something special. As a fully finished, high quality stand alone it might have still been on the market today.

14th February, 2017
Hubar Show all reviews
United States
Although, I've been loving & collecting fragrances for years I have never leaned to dissect a fragrance. I am currently trying to learn. Most of the reviews seem to feel this is a male fragrance. I can only say, being female, that I absolutely love this from start to finish on me. My hubby likes this on me but it really doesn't suit him. I think this is definitely a fragrance to try before buying.
06th March, 2016
Actually a very nice one.
I'd have given a thumbs up if it wasn't for the more feminine phase in the middle if its development.
Start and finish are definitely masculines though.
16th July, 2014
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
The listed notes for this one seem to be patchouli, rose absolute, oud wood, and skin musk. I'm not an oud fan and have disliked the acrid note in some of the Montale oud scents I've tried. That's not the kind of oud you get here. In fact, it reminds me of wormwood more than anything else. If you want Ungaro I but can't afford it this might work for you, actually. I don't get much patchouli either, and the rose is subdued and subordinated to the wormwood tinted oud note. Fortunately, there is no major iso e super or any harshness, though if you hate all wood notes this probably won't work for you. I'm really surprised at how "high quality" this feels. I don't know what the original retail prices were, but some have said it was selling for $14.99 at discounters! I took a chance on this one (cost me more than that), and I'm really glad I did! Longevity is outstanding and projection ("sillage") is just right.
23rd March, 2014
This is a very sexy oud fragrance with average projection and rather long staying power. I smell very little rose, but the oud is nicely done. It is a little smoky in the middle and very soft on the dry down. To me, this smells very very masculine. Maybe the right woman can pull this off, but I know that I can. This would smell great on a man. Sexy and sophisticated at the same time.
16th March, 2014
I usually don't do rose scents so this is a spur of the moment blind buy.

Started out as a powdery rose scent. Sweet, old timey and classic, I only sprayed one spray on the wrist and it's not too harsh. Lasted 8 hours, not overwhelming but if I sniff the wrist, I can definitely smell it. I like the end more than the beginning, more earthy/fresh flowery then the powdery smell at the start. I guess the oud is more my cup of tea than the rose.

A perfectly pleasant scent if you spray conservatively (but then I don't like rose, so take that with a grain of salt).
22nd February, 2014

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