Zegna Uomo (2013)
    by Ermenegildo Zegna

    Zegna Uomo Fragrance notes

    Zegna Bergamot, Violettyne Captive

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    Initially I like this one, but the more I wore it, the more I grew to dislike it. The overall smell is actually nice, but it's very synthetic in nature and very linear. After an hour or two it soured a bit on my skin as well. I'm not sure if Cumin is in this, but the sour note I'm talking about smells like a really bad Cumin note.

    04 March, 2014

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    Sweet, pleasant, unremarkable, floral tedium.

    17 February, 2014

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    Just terrible. It's an explosion of caustic, bleachy Windex-smelling "woody amber" chemicals brightened with a bit of what smells like nutmeg. If you like this sort of thing, there are much better examples than this (Bulgari Aqua is fairly nice, and Keneth Cole Black smells quite a bit like Zegna Uomo, but with a lot more nutty, smoky nuance). Gross and unnecessary.

    17 January, 2014

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    Shifty Bat
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    Citrus and 'wood' notes with a touch of bitter violet to add enough dimension to market it. This is a throw-away Sport frag like every big designer house is churning out now but they're using ad spin to convince the consumer that this one is what you should wear in a suit. Zegna Uomo is very synthetic but at least slightly pleasant, and much in the way modern, instrumentless pop radio is music for people that don't enjoy music, Z.U. is likely a great scent for people that don't really care about fragrance but want attention. It's not terrible, really, but I am so tired of this 'paring down to sexy up' marketing gimmick. If the manufacturer printed the materials cost on the display near the asking price of the store carrying this juice people would throw a fit.

    14 January, 2014

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    Portugal Portugal

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    I love this one.

    The opening reminds me of a soft version of Fahrenheit from Dior and then transforms itself into a pleasant and not so sweet version of Bleu de Channel. After that, an ozonic, almost metallic vibe starts to appear. It is sweet without those really sweet (and overly seen) notes like vanilla ... the ozone vibe it has makes it different enough and i love it.

    The smell is very pleasant and sophisticated. For a collector this fragrance can be regarded as a bit generic, but that is due to the fact they always search for very peculiar smells. For the guy that does not collect fragrances and only wish to pick some really nice, sophisticated and not a "in your face" fragrance this is your choice. Specially if your want to get away from those "generic" sweet vanilla and woody male fragrances.

    I love it and use it. Go check it out when you have the time.

    09 December, 2013

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    Nice But Nothing Special

    Zegna Uomo is a nice, safe fragrance that is very wearable into the office. It opens with a slight sparkle of Bergamot and Violettyne Captive (whatever this is?). Uomo, on my skin, is very linear and one dimensional; the dominant note is the Violettyne Captive.

    This scent does NOT bloom on the skin much. The sillage is mild to moderate and wears close to the skin. The longevity is on par with other fragrances on the market, which is to say, average.

    All through the life and duration of Uomo, the dominant note is the Violettyne Captive, yet at the complete end of it's life, the dry-down, the sparkling opening warms (which I assume is the inclusion of the Cedarwood and Vetiver) up a bit...this gives the Violettyne a soft, warming floral, rather than it's cool, metallic introduction.

    Zegna Uomo is a nice, safe, wearable mens fragrance for the guy who doesn't want to announce what he is wearing or wants to be noticed; it is light, clean, floral (maculine-floral) office scent.

    Would I recommend this new mens scent?...probably; would I buy it again?...probably not.

    Pros: Light, Clean, Wearable, Inoffensive
    Cons: Boring, Done Before, Not New"

    14 September, 2013

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