The Cobra And the Canary (2012)
    by Imaginary Authors

    • Launched: 2012
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Josh Meyer
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    The Cobra And the Canary Fragrance notes

    Lemon, Orris, Tobacco flowers, Leather, Hay fields, Asphalt

    The Cobra And the Canary information

    The Cobra And the Canary is a unisex fragrance by Imaginary Authors. The scent was launched in 2012

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    The Cobra and the Canary's acidic opening and slightly sweeter dry down lend credence to its name, and while I do regard the opening as undesirable, TCATC is definitely not as harsh as Bull's Blood in any phase, though TCATC's projection is more limited. The lemon note is the most obvious complementary note to the leather, putting TCATC somewhere between a leather chair and lemon pine sol on wood, neither of which I regard as flattering to smell at length individually, but together they do make for a creative leather scent. Imaginary Authors again crafts something different from the standard repertoire, which I respect, even if TCATC is not something I would purchase myself. I only warmed up to Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather recently, though, so my not being a fan of leather should be taken into account. TCATC's longevity is decent, as well, into the 6-8 hour range after which it become a skin scent. It never hurts to remind again that the Imaginary Authors EDP juice comes pretty cheap at $85 for 60ml (and at some sites, $55 for 30ml), so that always adds curb appeal to a scent you love, like, or can appreciate.

    A fascinating scent, and one that leather fans should clearly flock to, as should those, like me, that continue to be intrigued by the Imaginary Authors line.

    6 out of 10

    10th March, 2015

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    Review by Buysblind

    One thing I'll give The Cobra and the Canary credit for is that when you smell it, you'll be able to detect most of the notes listed in its pyramid immediately. A very clear hay note and leather note sit right up front. Leather is one note I usually have trouble identifying, but I find the leather in this very true-to-life. it's not the leather of an expensive, designer jacket or pair of shoes, but something a little more rugged and worn. Next to it sits the hay, dry and aromatic, summer in a barn. Keeping in tune with the hay note, comes the tobacco--also dry, leafy, and fresh--the tobacco of unsmoked cigars and plantations, not pipes. These 3 notes work well together, and while they don't necessarily offer contrast or interplay, they create a certain warm, pastoral atmosphere that's comfortable and without disturbance. There's also a mineralic edge to the entire composition, which suits it fine, and stays in line with the drier, natural quality of the fragrance.

    I smell The Cobra and the Canary and I envision a barn in the summer, on a farm where tobacco's grown, with maybe some mountains in the background, or a stream passing through (this accounts for the leather, hay, tobacco and minerals). Reading about it, I see the perfumer envisioned a young man driving a Shelby Cobra (the leather and mineral...asphalt) smoking a cigarette, after picking up his friend from the family farm (the hay). Either story fits, and what you imagine when you smell this could be something entirely different. But you will pick up on the 4 main notes listed in the pyramid. They're distinct and presented well, if not a little obviously.

    I enjoyed this one and found it a pleasant, easy-going wear. Imaginary Authors succeeded in creating a very relaxed, personable fragrance. I'd have no problem throwing it on and heading out the door for an evening with friends.

    Thumbs up.

    P.S. For a darker, more challenging take on hay and tobacco, you may want to look toward Sova by Slumberhouse. And for a more complex, chic, and modern take on hay and leather, there's Cuir Pleine Fleur by James Heeley. All 3 are great options and it will really come down to what you're looking for at the moment.

    Pros: Easy to wear, relaxed, harmonious composition
    Cons: Maybe too simple for some"

    05th October, 2013

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    Very enjoyable lemony leather

    This is a very nice lemony leather fragrance, which is meant to smell like being in a car on a road trip. Does it succeed at that? Well, yes and no. I still think that SMN Nostalgia wins the jackpot on literally smelling like the interior leather seats in a new car. I think, though, that this one is more interesting and wearable. I do get the leather car seats and also maybe a partially full ashtray, but the significant lemon note keeps it fresh and very enjoyable.

    Pros: Nicely blended. Easy to wear, but also unusual.

    24th August, 2013

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