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Who Knew? (2013)
by 4160 Tuesdays


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Not enough ratings.

People and companies

House4160 Tuesdays
PerfumerSarah McCartney

About Who Knew?

Created as part of the crowd-funded 10 Scents' Worth project.

Who Knew? fragrance notes

Reviews of Who Knew?

4160 Tuesdays Who Knew involves a curious opening of grass and strawberry before yielding to a rose-dominant heart and eventually a mix of green tea, woods, vanilla, and vetiver in the base.

The green strawberry opening is somewhat pleasant but admittedly seems out of place, an unfamiliar pairing. Fresh yet slightly off in the opening, the rose provides some familiar comfort in the heart, and ultimately the dry down is pretty agreeable, the lone provocateur being the green tea.

It's a moderate performer, and as a scent, isn't overwhelmingly sweet or acerbic at any one time, and is relatively easy to wear.

Certainly not among my favorites from the house but not a bad fragrance, and certainly reflective of Sarah's creativity and range, just perhaps not something that I'd especially aspire to wear, nor would I particularly prefer it on someone else. Surely it wins points for uniqueness, though.

6 out of 10
26th September, 2018
Stardate 20171105:

Vanilla with tea makes it smell like chai which is not a note I like to smell. And then berries and rose on top makes it a weird concoction.
Composition is good and has the vintage vibe and quality but I cannot wear rose chai. Sorry.

05th November, 2017 (last edited: 06th November, 2017)
I was happy to see the green tea note listed, to help me identify what I'm smelling. This perfume makes me think of the home furnishings and decoration shop Pier 1 Imports, with wicker chairs and potpourri, on a good day.

This is a natural smelling perfume, especially for something released as recently as 2013. It has dry, bitter, natural smells, that can almost be off-putting for a second, but immediately draw the nose back in, revealing a broader complexity where the bitterness is in harmony.
01st August, 2017
Opens sharp and green with bitter tea and bergamot, rounding out fairly quickly with a hit of dry, underripe strawberry which sweetens a sour, dusty rose, dried on the stem. This faded shadow comes alive in the heart when it's resurrected by lightly-sweetened vanilla, getting ever more succulent - even a touch jammy - when the citrus fades and the tea recedes to the base. In drydown, the lapsang smokiness gives an lovely cool incensy feel; after 6 hours it's a gorgeous warm and sweet vanilla.
I really like this - there's something quite grand but fragile about the rose - it brings to mind a dusty velvet chaise in a crumbling stately home. Mrs Haversham...
Lovely development, definitely unisex.
16th March, 2017 (last edited: 02nd April, 2017)
Green tea & geranium...

This is my first perfume from the brand 4160 Tuesdays, and from what I've read I quite admire the founder and creator and the attitude of this independent brand, so I had quite a few expectations beforehand. Needless to say that yes I do like this one.

The story with Who Knew? is that the person this was created for did not like rose perfumes, so the challenge was to present something which would appeal to her... and it worked! Hence the naming of the perfume Who Knew?

The scent opens up with a bitter green blast of bergamot, green tea & cut grass. Immediately it's very masculine and a little sharp and harsh. Going by the opening alone, it may be a little off-putting to some, but slowly a really nice dry-down starts to appear. I get the earthy smoky vetiver, and a combination between rose and geranium. This itself is a tried and tested combination in perfumery, as the geranium has spicy, lemony and rose like aspects, so the rose here is given "sharpness" or "crispness" by the multifaceted geranium (or pelargonium). Another perfume with such a pairing comes to mind, Rossy de Palma/Eau de Protection by the infamous house of Etat Libre d'Orange. Here there is no earthy patchouli with the geranium & rose, but rather the dry vetiver which keeps it from becoming too sweet or typically "rose-like" in any way.

However it's not completely devoid of sweetness, as I do detect a hint of strawberry which works well with the rose to bring out the sweeter aspects. I find this one straight-down-the-middle unisex. For some it will be too masculine, but I disagree. We are told that traditionally vetiver was once used prominently in female-marketed only perfumes, usually abundant in the "chypre" category. With Who Knew? we again return to this classic green floral mix evoking older creations when "green" perfumes were a trend in female-marketed perfumes (the examples out there are almost endless). I don't think this one will be for everybody, I think the brief for this one was "lapsang souchong tea with rose petals", I would instead venture to say that this is a very bitter, almost over-steeped green tea at play here, with the rose around the edges. Never the less a nice creation and one which I would wear, especially as the dry-down is very well done and pleasantly surprising compared to the opening. One to try first, and for people who don't like their rose perfumes too singular.
26th December, 2014

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