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Time to Draw the Raffle Numbers (2013)
by 4160 Tuesdays


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

House4160 Tuesdays
PerfumerSarah McCartney

About Time to Draw the Raffle Numbers

Created as part of the crowd-funded 10 Scents' Worth project.

Time to Draw the Raffle Numbers fragrance notes

Reviews of Time to Draw the Raffle Numbers

Time to Draw the Raffle Numbers is perhaps the most idiosyncratic creation under the 4160 Tuesdays label that I've tried so far.

It has a certain sharpness in its opening, perhaps due to the linden blossom, but rather promptly dries down so that within an hour it smells entirely of the dirty mix of leather, tobacco, and vetiver, along a vague bready sweetness, perhaps a combination of the croissant and coffee notes.

It's a nice performer, not terribly offensive, surely cold-weather-leaning, but I fear due to the sweetness more or less waning that it's simply not quite attractive enough for me to want to wear it again, usually the hallmark of a fragrance being likeable vs. feeling blase toward it.

Still, the creativity and skill that Sarah wields are on display in TTDTRN, but it's just not quite my cup of tea.

6 out of 10
02nd October, 2018
Stardate 20180612:

I do not like Cocoa. This one has cocoa. Tons of it. I think pyramid is wrong. There is no coffee.
When cocoa dies down you get ash tray.
And there is no marmalade here. The burnt stale toast has some Vegemite on it.
I do not like vegemite. And I do not like cocoa.

13th June, 2018
This is supposed to smell like waiting on the finish line when Bradley Wiggins completed some big-deal bike race or another. I have no idea how this brief was achieved, but achieved it was... Raffle Numbers opens with notes of tyre rubber and metal polish, with a side of damp paper. The heart has coffee and leather with just a hint of marmalade (a certain sweet-sharp tang which I would never have ID'd as marmalade if it hadn't been on the pyramid), while the base is sharp and green with vetiver and linden (supposed to be in the top, but wasn't evident on me until the drydown). Personally, I didn't pick up any notes of wheat, croissant or any other bread products, for which I think I'm grateful. It's unusual and much more wearable than you'd expect. I doubt this one will be FBW for me, but I can definitely see one of the cute 9ml vials making its way into my treasure chest, completing my trinity of weird smoky-rubbery fragrances (along with Black by Bulgari and All Good Things by Lush).

As is typical with Sarah McCartney's frags, the development is quite a journey and one with which I can actively engage; her scents are like curios - 4160 Tuesdays brings me a kind of nerdy joy no other house does. For me (and only Brits will get this reference), they're the olfactory equivalent of a line-up of 'experts' on Antiques Roadshow - eccentric bordering on a bit batty, fascinating, full of character and unabashedly enthusiastic. Her perfumes (as I've said before) have just the right amount of whimsy. They're original, skillfully prepared and they never take themselves too seriously. I don't necessarily want to wear all of Sarah's creations, but *do* I want to explore all of them - I want to meet each and every one of the cuckoo correspondents from her crazy commune.
17th April, 2017
It's okay. For a fragrance with such a bizarre pyramid, it is rather simple. It's on the industrial side a la O'Driù. An off-kilter citrus opening, a leathery/chemical mid, and a drydown that just adds a stale tobacco to the leftovers from the heart.

It's supposed to smell of metal polish and I have to say it kind of does. Novel idea I guess, but I would never wear this. It's one of those instances where they seemed to try too hard to be unusual...feels contrived.

Have you seen a photo of a Blobfish? For whatever reason (for me, of course) this is the olfactory equivalent of being stared at by a Blobfish. It's not something I'm especially attracted to, but it's mildly and strangely interesting, and not something you often experience. At the end of the day, though, Blobfish still aren't pretty.
09th August, 2016

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