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Enchanted Forest (2012)
by The Vagabond Prince


Enchanted Forest information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseThe Vagabond Prince
PerfumerBertrand Duchaufour

About Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest is a shared / unisex perfume by The Vagabond Prince. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour

Reviews of Enchanted Forest

I loved this the first time I tried it, when it veered back and forth between blackcurrant and pine, both realistic, both wonderful, not what I had ever imagined working together, but somehow they did.

Then I wore it again today. It was much warmer outside today than when I first sampled. NONE of the pine came through, and it was all blackcurrant, and not nearly so exciting.

My recommendation is to try this in winter or fall, when it is sublime. In summer, don't bother.
20th June, 2015
The name says it all - the opening is pure enchantment. I wanted it to last forever. The beautiful musky aroma of authentic wild blackcurrant, distinct and piquant, conifer notes, cool air and fragrant moist forest floor humus really took my breath away. Beautiful evocation. I've picked blackcurrants in the woods, and this speaks of all that's wonderful about it, that musky fruit aroma on your hands as you pick. I felt a true sense of place. But beyond that, the berry here really is outstanding. It has such character it stays in your memory. At this point I didn't want this fragrance to go anywhere but where it was. I could have stayed in this forest forever.

I was almost afraid how this fragrance might develop. Was it going to follow this vision I fell in love with, or fall into triteness? How do you follow an opening like this? The fragrance slowly leads you away from the deep forest down a path that steadily brightens, like the archetypal one of fairy tales, toward a sunny glade. The moist notes started to dry off, the deepness became warmer. An ambery benzoin started suffusing the blackcurrant musk with the smell of conifer resin heating in the sun, mingling with wild rose in the sunshine. I was surprised by this new note, how very sensual blackcurrant, rose, resin and vegetable musk was. It was really beautiful. It was so different from the typical musk you smell in a fragrance, really quite unique, such an authentic sensuality, as if it came straight from the blackcurrant. At this point, the fragrance was starting to feel inspired. And again, I didn't want to leave this spot. I wanted it to go on forever.

The amberiness gradually became stronger, like the sun rising toward high noon in the forest glade, slowly burning off moistness, topnotes and delicacy. Soon, the sensual rose, blackcurrant and resiny musk dissipated under a preponderance of surprisingly non-complex vanillic amber. There were subtle undertones of the blackcurrant and rose, staining it with a sweet memory, but not enough to give it presence or complexity. The final end seemed mostly amber, a crime against the blackcurrant which was the raison d'etre of this fragrance. And beyond that, it wasn't even an amber with character, but a weak one. The switch in this fragrance was huge. And puzzling.

I have to say I'm not an amber fan - it has to show me a lot of complexity before I'm beguiled. But I also thought if any fragrance would have done so, this one would. It's originality and enchantment to this point sort of demanded it and makes the dry down disappointing. Amber fans may like it, but not the rest of the fragrance, while berry lovers may like the beginning but not the end. It seems set up to not be able to fully please. I still like it, with reservations. The opening and middle are the only parts I love. It seemed to fade away into an echo of what was the meaningful and most beautiful part of the perfume. The bar was set pretty high for me, and the ending was weak by comparison. It's good, but it could have been stellar.
06th May, 2015 (last edited: 10th May, 2015)
This is a very beautiful and natural smelling fragrance that is too pity it didn't last on my skin.
There are lots of notes listed here but it's much simpler than it looks like.

The opening of this fragrance is a tart and fresh and at the same time a little sweet black currant smell along with a beautiful mossy and piny woody aroma.
The quality of the notes is really high and the whole feeling of the scent is so natural.

As time passes and in the mid the fruity black currant settles down a little bit and the woody part gets a little stronger! now in this part while the scent has that tart fresh fruity feeling, it's a little more woody, slightly resinous and it has a soft smoky aura.

The base is the same smell but now those fruity and woody parts are much softer and there is a mellow vanilla note for sweeten the scent and a little bit of musk completely in the background.
This fragrance reminds me of being in a big pine forest in the morning while there is a camp fire burning nearby and you're eating fresh black currant fruit.
Projection is average and longevity is only 3 hours on my skin.
20th March, 2015
Enchanted Forest is a Douchaufour's complex (initially) greenish/fruity-sour (really balanced) combination of fruity/boise, woody, herbal aromatic (heady rosemary, coriander and juniper berries) and resinous patterns from the deep dark-green "dreamy" forest. The aroma performs a final semi-oriental resinous twist. The fragrance starts with a "wine/pomegranate-raspberries-blackberries-like" type of (vaguely liquorous) tartness evolving in to a more soothed woody oriental wave rich of nuances (spicy/floral/woody/resinous). You can detect the woodsy resins all around of course and a final mossy animalic (vaguely ambery, more properly vanillic) base which holds on to be influenced by red berries, black currant and dark woods. Actually, while I find the first stage really interesting (with its almost fizzy boise dark fruity approach- so cool and realistic) the following (decidedly warmer, more soapy and somewhat vanillic) evolution sounds pale and banally warmer in a less compelling way (I detect in this phase points of reference with several Douchaufour's appointments for Neela Vermeire for instance). I'd have preferred endly more oakmoss and less resins/balsams. In this dark soapy-spicy final stage several floral sparks provide a more eastern/modern/glamour/synthetic ordinary trail. Anyway an interesting concoction finally missing its initial promising veritable woodsiness.
18th October, 2014
Enchanted Forest is a very complex fragrance. I love the opening and you can instantly smell the blackcurrant. The dry down is a mild spiciness, on me I can really smell the rosemary and vanilla. It is sweet but powerful enough to get a whiff now and then. Perfect for the Fall and Winter.
26th September, 2014
Enchanted Forest opening is very similar to an old cheapie, Spark for Men by Liz Claiborne. I loved Spark when it first came out, but soon that honey and rum accord got old, and I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. Enchanted Forest isn’t any different, it smells nice enough at first application, but soon, those honey and rum notes are overwhelming. I actually like the smell of chili peppers, but the rum seems to drown all the other notes to the point that it becomes heavy, stuffy, and choking. The opening of green, buttery leaves (yes, buttery) is very nice, but then, in a short while, I smell like an alcoholic. For $200.00 per bottle, I expect more. PLEASE, give me some air!
24th July, 2014 (last edited: 05th February, 2015)

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