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Hedonist (2013)
by Viktoria Minya


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseViktoria Minya
PerfumerViktoria Minya

About Hedonist

Hedonist is a feminine perfume by Viktoria Minya. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Viktoria Minya

Hedonist fragrance notes

Reviews of Hedonist

A rum and peach opening, but after that is is all osmanthus on me, with just a whisper of peach. I like it, but I wish I got more of a complex result on my skin, and more honey. Definitely a warm, thick perfume. I don't think I've smelled a compostion like this - rum, peach, white florals and woods that doesn't also have some kind of spices. It reminds me of a pared down version of an oriental peach like Casmir. I've heard Eau d'Hongrie has more honey, and I'd like to try that one.
04th October, 2017
Hedonist by Viktoria Minya is all about osmanthus (tea olive) blossom. The gorgeous Osmanthus is surrounded by her entourage—a group of pretty, yet supportive notes that compliment and accentuate. She throws a backyard party in her name, inviting, Peaches, Orange Blossom, and Vanilla. Rum cake is served. As the evening progresses, however, the guests remain rather subdued, practicing an innocent giddiness akin to an eight-year-old tea party. This is probably because Peaches—the sweet, yet domineering creature—rations the rum, only permits smoking in the back of the garden, and chides Jasmine for showing up late. Even Orange Blossom keeps her clothes on and refrains from dancing on the table. But, in spite of a general lack debauchery, and for that matter, serious hedonism, a jolly good time is had by all.

08th August, 2015
Notes: Rum, bergamot, peach, osmanthus absolute, jasmine abolute, orange flower absolute, tobacco, vanilla, cedarwood, vetiver

Hedonist is a voluptuous, but still kind of tainted, peach fragrance. The beginning is a golden honeyed peach, warm and syrupy, with whiffs of tobacco and rum. Kind of like canning peaches while drinking rum and smoking in the kitchen. Something kind of sensual about that. And not really gourmand. Or at least not too much. It's more a dirty lusciousness.
It becomes less juicy and more opaque after 1/2 hour; more tobacco-y, more boozy, a little vanilla. Osmanthus, with its fruity undertones, is really at home here. The drydown is very similar to the middle, a little deeper and lightly woody, but the peach note never leaves, nor does the tobacco.
There's something almost homey about all that peachy delectableness and paired with rum, tobacco and florals, has a foody carnality to it.

Edit (2019): I retried Hedonist and it was a little disappointing this time. I think it must have been reformulated because it’s thinner, and not as long-lasting as it was 4 years ago. It was a strong fragrance when I first tried it, and it has a more watered-down smell now, and kind of fades away after a while. The notes seem about the same, from memory, just less rich and provocative.
10th April, 2015 (last edited: 25th April, 2019)
A curtain of seriously honeyed boozy vanilla which gently sways apart from time to time to let in a breeze scented with spring blossom. The effect is utterly original but it takes a serious amount of craving to wear something so sweet it’s almost suppurating. With time the vanilla fades out somewhat and the heart of pulpy peach and apricot mixed with orange blossom begins to pulse, introducing an edge of tartness. There’s a pore-clogging richness to Hedonist, but as the sillage is moderate, it won’t offend.
I’m still trying to pin down a curious, sour, old makeup note in the dry-down which seems to jar at times and at others seems to be an interlocking part of Hedonist’s complex swirl. Classic, golden, honeyed, expansive, many will likely find it irresistible; for me it took several wears before I could take it on its own terms. For a long time I missed depth notes, maybe something dry or bitter, a bold touch of wood or spice, before arriving at the conclusion that that would have probably resulted in something heading in a completely different direction to the one the perfumer had intended. It’s grown on me and I have a sneaking feeling that increasing familiarity will result in greater pleasure.
13th February, 2014
Rich Syrup Rum Tobacco Peach Cigar

Hedonist is a very strong ,dense and syrupy perfume - nothing subtle about it at all. On thing for sure, you will get your money's worth from the 45 mls for $195 before tax because this stuff wears like Dior's Poison .

Applied to skin, immediately, Hedonist is rum and tobacco mixed in with a peachy syrup note. I have no doubt the quality of this perfume is excellent because you really do not need very much of it to smell distinct.

It is a beautiful perfume - rich and sweet . Not gourmand sweet but flower-syrup sweet. As it dries down, it begins to resemble Fracas mixed with honey , on my skin.

At this very moment, Hedonist is not to my liking. I find the rum -tobacco pairing overpowers the other notes

Pros: Long lasting
Cons: Price"

18th August, 2013

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