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Thirty-three (2013)
by Ex Idolo


Thirty-three information

Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseEx Idolo
PerfumerMatthew Zhuk

About Thirty-three

Thirty-three is a fragrance crafted from very special ingredients. The soul of the fragrance is built around a vintage oud - distilled in 1980 and aged until its release in 2013. It is also the only modern perfume to use a significant amount of wild-harvested Chinese oud oil and natural Chinese rose oil to build the scent profile.

Reviews of Thirty-three

Not a whole lot to say, or add to what has already been said. Another rose 'n oud fragrance in an increasingly crowded category.

This one is inky, dark, rather resinous with more oud than rose. Not overly outstanding.

Projection is fine and longevity is good. agree with many of the other reviewers. This is reminiscent of Montale Black Aoud. It has a more Inky Aoud smell than Black Aoud, and a less quality rose. Great projection, great longevity.
27th September, 2019
33-year old aged wild oud?? Yeah, right. Where’s the oud, really? In the marketing copy, that’s where. Nowhere else. Doesn’t Ex-Idolo know oud scent profiles vary with age and terroir? The fact they just labeled it as Chinese rather than a specific province is a dead giveaway. Not to mention how expensive wild oud oil truly s... I’m notifying the BS police on this one and in good conscience won’t be recommending it.

Other than the poorly researched ad copy, scent-wise Thirty Three is decent enough as a woody rose-patchouli fragrance to be worn by either gender without offending anyone. It almost makes up for its lack of character, making it a suitable albeit pricey option for any beginner dipping their toe into a crowded and highly competitive genre.

28th August, 2019
Strong pepper. Only a hint of orange. Loud rose and orris mix, amped up in a vibrant screechy bath of oud and patchouli, leaning more towards patchouli. Masculine but not so much so that us ladies cannot wear. Long lasting.
27th July, 2018
Vivid, super fresh, dewy rose. Clean, clear, and as if picked from the garden. An exceptional rose perfume.

Oud? Not really.
20th February, 2018
Let me see this the 56th or 57th rose/oud fragrance i've sampled? sorry, I lost count...well, I can see the popularity and is a great smelling combination that can be tweaked in a multitude of ways...I'm gonna try not to compare this to any other examples of this's been done in other reviews and I am in agreement with most of the comparisons already presented...OK, I'll just say - Montale Black Aoud...probably most mentioned because it's probably the one that most have sampled and has sort of become the benchmark of the genre, so that all others are judged as being better, same, or worse than MBA...OK, enough of that...on with the my nose, 33 opens up with the rose and oud duking it out for the top spot...the oud is smooth, very woody and refined...i get no bandaid or barnyard funk...the rose is dark/jammy/ a rose syrup being dripped on the oud...this, in turn, is sitting on top of a rubber mat...very plesant and relaxing to me...a slightly dusty feel...i find 33 to be on the mellower spectrum of this scent combo...overall, i think the rose takes the gold and the oud and patch get the silver and bronze...if you like this genre I would highly recommend giving this a sniff or two...
06th February, 2018
Rose and oud, with some spices. Nothing more, and nothing less - but the execution and quality is very good.

Thirty-Three starts off with a sharp, rich rose with a hint of pepper, quite dark and deep. The oud is in the background, before slowly developing. There's a steely / metallic note in the mid-phase, when the oud-rose accord is in full swing. The rose continues into the woody oud-driven dry down, but is more subdued. There's a bare hint of patchouly at this stage. On my skin, sillage is strong initially before dropping off, and longevity is excellent at over eight hours.

Thirty-Three is yet another entry in an overcrowded subcategory, that's almost become an olfactory cliché. However, it is among the best in its style. I perceive two potential drawbacks. At times the steely note makes the composition feel a little synthetic. Secondly, it's not very complex or abstract, and can appear boring if worn on several days in a row.

Otherwise, thumbs up.

29th December, 2017

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