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Thirty-three (2013)
by Ex Idolo


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseEx Idolo
PerfumerMatthew Zhuk

About Thirty-three

Perfumer: Matthew Zhuk

Reviews of Thirty-three

A spicy rose-oud scent as much decent as dull and in the vein of dozens of others, from Montale to Xerjoff to well, two thirds of niche brands. I admit though, that this may sit just a tiny tad above many of them, because of both some moderately interesting nuances, and its overall quality. The smell is in fact enough thick, faceted and natural to result in something a bit (just a bit) more intriguing and fulfilling that several other average niche oud scents. Both rose and oud seem good quality, especially the rose note, which has a quite appealing texture of soapy, resinous, camphorous nuances, a bit as in Aramis Calligraphy Rose, with some sharp sort of spicy edges (I get cloves, definitely, and pepper). The same for oud, it smells a bit flat, but not overly artificial to my nose, and cleverly toned-down to act more as just a smoky, weightless, kind of cold yet gloomy dry-medicinal base for rose. I appreciate so much the absence of any cheap dry rubberiness as in the near totality of synthetic ouds.

Besides the faceted rose infusion, the “interesting nuances” I mentioned (interesting for me, of course) would be mostly a deeper woody-smoky-peppery vein with a sort of dry-mossy feel which kind of reminds me of some vintage masculine chypres (I guess it’s patchouli), that sort of austere dark green-mossy dryness with camphorous nuances infused with a hint of dusky flowers (rose) and something reminding me of civet – that peculiar sweaty-indolic-sultry feel. I see no civet here, but I believe that oud plus some sweet nuances and the powdery feel of the floral notes may create something like that. They create an overall sort of cold, dirty feel, which is quite fascinating – as long as it lasts (not much, sadly).

And that was the good part, basically. Fun subtle variations on a trite theme – this leading us to the bad side of this scent: rose and oud combos and variations are so ubiquitous, so abused and over-done, that it’s really hard for a scent to stand out, especially with absurd price tags such as Ex-Idolo’s ones. Thirty-three is somehow nice, it is refined and competently put together, but not really enough for being bottle worthy in my opinion. I mean: it’s decent, but it’s still just rose and oud again. So many others are equally nice and are cheaper than this. If it cost a third of its price, I’d consider it fine, but for $185 / 50 ml I want something outstanding, magic and memorable, and there’s none of it here (for my idea of “outstanding, magic and memorable” applied to a rose oud scent, just check any Abdul Samad Al Qurashi fine oil).

16th November, 2015
It's possible to smell this without thinking of Black Aoud. Dare I say this one is even more potent?

It's okay...but unnecessary.
30th October, 2015
Ex Idolo

Opening of Thirty Three of medicinal, orange and yellow "IODINE" had me cringing and wondering why????

As it hits the heart notes, all becomes clear.

The opening sets the stage for the unfolding of an incredible, multifaceted painting of "The Red Rose of Carnal Dreams". That of which has tinges of the Yellow needed, to

have the Masculine heart, beat faster.

My partner, Feminine, does not like this fragrance.

I have to wear it alone, to savour it's dark beauty.
11th July, 2015
Have you ever smelled "Montale Black Aoud"?!
This fragrance is the same garbage except this one has much more oud and better quality notes.
The opening of this fragrance is a heavy in your face oud and rose combo with lots of sweetness and some patchouli in the background. the oud note is stronger than "Montale Black Aoud" and it has better quality but rose which smells like rosewater (scent of the funeral in my country) is exactly the same. impossible to stand!
There is a sharp herbal and earthy patchouli right beside these two that gives the scent more masculine edge.

In the mid oud and rose both settled down while the sweetness and patchouli notes got stronger.
The mid is a syrupy sweet vanilla plus heavy earthy patchouli mixed with oud and rose a few steps behind these two notes.
If you think "Montale Black Aoud" is a bomb you should check this out. it has even stronger projection and longevity could pass 10 hours without any problem.
Not my cup of tea at all xD
01st August, 2014
One of the best oud and rose combinations I've seen in a while. The oud is very well done in this one. The rose settles the oud down and the floral vibe kicks in (mandarin). Great fragrance. 8/10.
11th May, 2014
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United States
I received this blind in a split with Portrait of a Lady, at the time my favorite rose scent. Little did I know that along with PoaL I was receiving what may very well unseat it as my favorite rose. I've worn 33 3 times so far, and each time it is shockingly beautiful, with a gorgeous and warm earthy rose scent. I do not get the citrus another reviewer smelled, mainly a rose with oud playing second fiddle. I was looking forward to a nice aged oud scent, so was a bit disappointed that it's barely noticeable (but still there). However the quality of the rose more than makes up for it. The only down side is it's performance. It does not project nor last long on my skin. I am enjoying it, but I don't think I'll be replacing the 10ml that I have once it's gone. Definitely worth checking out
27th February, 2014 (last edited: 09th April, 2014)

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