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GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseOlympic Orchids
PerfumerEllen Covey

About LIL

LIL is a shared / unisex perfume by Olympic Orchids. The fragrance was created by perfumer Ellen Covey

Reviews of LIL

At its heart, Lil smells mostly to me like that "woody amber" bleach chemical mixed with burnt pine and a whiff of opoponax that gives the impression of walking through the potting soil section at a garden store. While they don't smell alike, Lil shares enough DNA with Nasomato's Black Afgano that it can give a good idea of Lil's darkness and intensity.

To this darkness, Lil adds a rather surprising and effective raspberry puree topnote, as well as a hint of wintergreen that keeps it smelling "cool" in an abstract sense. The whole thing is inky, both in spirit and smell, and eventually ends up smelling to me like a disinfected doctor's office (but more like something from an S&M movie than a real hospital), with narcotic fumes of rubbing alcohol, as broken Christmas tree branches and vaguely threatening rubber pieces sit in a pile in the background.

Honestly, artful of not, I really hate this bleachy note - it ruins so many mass market scents that I just can't give anything including it a thumbs up, no matter how interesting I think it is, so I'm going with a neutral review, but I do think this is worth a sniff, just to show how artful a "woody amber" can be.
07th June, 2015
Wow - what an opening. Don't let the breezy name fool you. This is a seriously powerful perfume.
An unctuous cool davanna, slightly sinister, really kind of voluptuously degraded, with a haunting kewda and kaffir lime strangeness. A cold, calculating powerfulness. Created to express the seductive menace of Lilith, the ethos of the female warrior in her power. For being so strangely ethereal, this is a really bad-ass fragrance, but not in the traditional perfume way. This is not sassy. This is the cool seniority of a person totally in control and able to glamour others. I wouldn't mess with the woman wearing this.
I'm not sure I can wear it long-term. After three hours (it is very long lasting) it starts to intimidate me with its cool, no, cold, insinuation. It's strangeness becomes more pronounced. I think this would be an incredible fragrance on someone who can handle its Lilith personality. It would intimidate and mesmerize heads of state, like the stare of a snake. I really think this could stare down Putin. I may try this again†in the middle of summer. I have a feeling it's cool mentholated quality might be really smashing then.
I've never smelled anything like it. Mainstream perfumery can take lessons from small perfumers like this who are willing to create daring, out of the box, compelling fragrances of this order. Unique and unsettling. This is one a person owes themselves a sample of to smell what is possible in perfumes. This is called fruity-floral, but it will clear the fruity floral fluff right out of your head. An amazing scent. Even though I'm not sure I can wear it, I'm giving it thumbs up because it's impressive. And yet I too, am a little mesmerized by it.
29th April, 2015 (last edited: 01st May, 2015)

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