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Fetish pour Homme (2012)
by Roja Dove


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseRoja Dove
PerfumerRoja Dove

About Fetish pour Homme

Fetish pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Roja Dove. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Roja Dove

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Reviews of Fetish pour Homme

Been playing with this for about a year now and it's the only scent I've ever tried from this house. Longevity is nuclear, I sometimes smell this on my skin two days and two showers after applying it.

RD is not necessarily known for this as far as I can tell but one thing that blows me away about this scent is how natural this smells. I guess this is a tart citrus scent dirtied up with spices as it goes on in a way that emulates a sweaty, animalic leather? Paradoxically, this is one of the cleanest scents in my collection that I would reach for on bright, hot day. It doesn't say night time adventures to me as much as it says "summer at the beach."

Perhaps its that dirtied up lemon-lime grounded in castoreum and ambergris that makes me feel like this is the perfect way to smell on a day trip to Fire Island or Venice - or even walking down the boardwalk in Brighton. Fetish pour Homme does what a lot of those powerhouses of yesteryear from Drakkar to Azzaro and all the rest in between were attempting to do - but it is playful and parodies the chest-beating masculinity of 70's and 80's male scents, all the while taking a turn for the sublime instead of wallowing in cliche. Seems like it's all been done right here by the master with a wink, a little sleight of hand and a delicate twist of the wrist. Stirred, not shaken. Nice job.
06th June, 2018
Resins. I like me some resins.

When I glimpse opinions on BelAmi, Puredistance M, Moschino pH, and Fetish pH (parfum) I always look to see if similarities among and between are noted for I like 'em all and definitely sense overlap.

Spice, leather, moss, amber, with resinous feel.

Moschino is closest to Fetish is closest to M is closest to BelAmi. This grouping is the absolute pinnacle. Sublime.
26th November, 2017
Fetish could be a prototype for oriental style leather fragrance that is bold, masculine, dry spice, cognac booze and castoreum. This leather has a rich flourish to it that requires testing before purchase, but I have not tried a finer example of leather fragrance of this particular type, anywhere. Other reviewers have well described the details of its development, so I will not try to recreate what is already laid to bare.

Fetish edp is very similar to the smell of M by Puredistance which to my nose has slightly more oriental opulent quality than Fetish which is the more "down to earth" of these two Roja Dove creations. The leather aspects to both fragrances are almost identical, which has kept me from jumping to purchase a bottle as I already have M, and don't need a clone. Fetish is a leather I might associate with royalty - more french in style than others. I rate Fetish EDP: 8/10. There is a stronger Parfum Fetish version available and I hope to try it soon.
31st December, 2016
Masculine, spicy and borderline sweaty. Yikes! Monsieur Roja, what's up with that? It smells like the odorous armpits of the playground bully who caught you in a headlock all those years ago! Fetish, huh? Think about it..

I'm exaggerating, of course. It's not all that unpleasant to my nose but it borrows heavily from the 'macho' colognes of the last century with its herbal-spicy-leathery facets. Like something Charles Bronson would wear before he goes about his day breaking heads and kicking arses.

If that particular image appeals to you, be my guest and get yourself a bottle. But don't go looking for me when that credit card bill shows up in your mailbox.
14th March, 2016
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Fetish pour Homme (Parfum) opens with a dash of brief bergamot and lime slightly tart citrus before quickly transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart an emerging cardamom spiced slightly smoky, woody incense-like accord takes command with hints of ginger joining the remaining lime citrus in support. As the composition slowly moves further into its heart, the woody incense gradually recedes as vetiver spiked leather slowly takes over as star. During the late dry-down the vetiver spiked leather remains, now joined by slightly powdery vanilla and oakmoss in the base through the finish. Projection is excellent and longevity outstanding at over 15 hours on skin.

Fetish pour Homme (Parfum) is frequently compared by many to Puredistance M. The vetiver and leather found in the late heart section certainly does have some major similarities to M, coupled with the two additionally sharing a similar spicy structure. That said, those calling Fetish pour Homme (Parfum) pretty much the same composition as M do both a disservice. The key difference (though far from the only one) is Fetish pour Homme (Parfum) features a very strong woody radiant incense-like accord that really is the focal part of the composition for a good portion of its development. So strong was the woody incense in the heart that I really would classify Fetish pour Homme (Parfum) more as a woody composition than the leather most focus on. While M is a more pure spiced vetiver leather play, Fetish pour Homme (Parfum) has a lot more going on as it transitions from citrus to woods to leather to slightly powdery vanilla with each transition seamless. As with the other Roja Dove compositions I have sampled so far, ingredient quality is superb. Also, just like the other Roja Dove compositions the selling price is anything *but* superb. That said, in the case of Fetish pour Homme (Parfum) the quality of the materials and the outstanding end result of the perfumer's skilled execution makes me want to forget about the relatively high cost per bottle and just "bite the bullet" and acquire some of this stuff because it gets pretty addictive, fast. The bottom line is the $480 per 50ml bottle Fetish pour Homme (Parfum) is much more than a duplicate of the great Puredistance M, both proving near equally worthy of owning, earning it an "outstanding" 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 and a strong buy recommendation if one can afford its admittedly lofty price.
27th March, 2015
A explosion of spicy leather with lime is what I'm getting on first application. Oakmoss with floral hints as well as cinnamon also start to bloom from within the main spicy leather and lime accord.

This scent is a lot like Puredistance M, it has the same spicy DNA but with a big dose of lime in the mix.

A very good spicy leather with a twist of lime.
14th June, 2014

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