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Old Spice Wolfthorn (2013)
by Procter & Gamble


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Old Spice Wolfthorn

Old Spice Wolfthorn is a masculine fragrance by Procter & Gamble. The scent was launched in 2013

Reviews of Old Spice Wolfthorn

Not too shabby Old Spice. Kind of reminds me of Escada Magnetism (dare I say). It's very fruity, but on the darker side, and also has a fizzy vibe, like a soda.

The down side.. there is a cheapness to it that I can't help but notice.. it's there and it's preventing this from being a good fragrance to wear out.
14th March, 2018
Yeah I'm over 45, but this cologne is not stodgy or like overdone with CK fruity overtones. I received this set of Wolfthon in 2014 for Xmas gift. I find it refreshing and light enough to wear everyday. It s like a Sports cologne not romantic mood better but a clean smell. I enjoy using the refresher spray, and all.the products including the bodywash, and deodorant . Use daily and in conjunction with the masculine scents of classic old spice...winning combination for me and lady that bought it likes it on me..Win Win!
12th January, 2015
Fruity... but in a good way

I think I can guess what P and G were thinking with this. "Wolves live in forrests. Forrests have fruit in them but can also be dark." It worked. Well maybe to my nose anyway.

Hopefully this'll last me for a long time. Anyway, at least it's not another sickly clone of P.. you know what. ;-)

Pros: fruity, but dark at the same time.

12th October, 2013
A great deodorant-for females!

Love this stuff! I am a woman who likes to wear men's deodorant. It just works much better than our stuff! :) I know I'm going to get great coverage, but it smells like it was made for females.

I'm in the army and all my buddies agreed this smells too fruity (fruit punch) for guys. Great for me, not so great for the guys.

Pros: if it works for a man, it will surely work for women!
Cons: None (at least for women). It might smell a bit too fruity for guys."

16th July, 2013
Fresh for a moment

If Irish Spring made a laundry detergent Wolfthorn would be it. It's a spicy-herbal blast with a hint of classic aftershave and is quite refreshing. Most unfortunately I either become anosmic toward it nearly instantly or it has no projection, and unless you get some on your shirt it barely lasts a couple of hours. The marketing is iffy, claiming this a scent for nocturnal creatures, but it really is bright and sunny as a child's crayon drawing. The saving grace of Wolfthorn and its ilk is the fact that it is cheap as mall food, making it a good gym bag sort of scent.

Do not buy Wolfthorn deodorant unless you want to smell like bubble gum.

Edit: I finally 'get' this scent; it dries down to lime tobacco! In this regard, once the top notes mostly dissipate it reminds me of English Leather.
21st June, 2013 (last edited: 02nd October, 2018)
The names on the new Old Spice Wild Collection crack me up. They sound more like names of schools at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books. Hawkridge even has a label that says for guys that are swift of mind. That's a bite off of Ravenclaw from Harry Potter.

My favorite of the new line is Foxcrest and you can read my view of that cologne. Hawkridge doesn't have a cologne just a body spray. That scent is hard to describe, its a buttery, cocoa, amber, almond smell to me. It is nice and I wish there was a cologne for that line.

Now for Wolfthorn. A review I read says it smells similar to Happy for men. Now its been awhile since I smelled Happy for men but when I first smelled Wolfthorn it did have a familiar vibe to it. It is strong citrus over musk to my nose. The citrus is almost creamy, like what an orange creamsicle would smell like if melted and poured into a vaporizer. It is followed by a tangy musk smell. It has longevity on me. One spray to the chest lasted all day. Strange but I like the matching antiperspirant better than the cologne. The musk is dialed down and the citrus is even creamier.

The price is right at $8 a bottle. You can't go wrong trying out this new line of Old Spice colognes.
19th April, 2013

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