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Perfume Calligraphy Rose (2013)
by Aramis


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies > Aramis and Designer Fragrances

About Perfume Calligraphy Rose

Perfume Calligraphy Rose is a shared / unisex perfume by Aramis. The scent was launched in 2013

Perfume Calligraphy Rose fragrance notes

Reviews of Perfume Calligraphy Rose

Aramis Perfume Calligraphy (2012) was apparently popular enough to spawn not one, but two flankers simultaneously the following year, or maybe Estée Lauder was just desperate to generate appeal in the Middle East that they pushed out an entire line with unproven returns. Whatever the case may be, we received Perfume Calligraphy Saffron (2013) by the same perfumer as the original, and Perfume Calligraphy Rose (2013) with the nose of Trudi Loren at the helm. Trudi had worked on an Aromatics Elixer Sheer Velvet Philtre Sensuel (2006), so she knew her way around rose perhaps better than Clement Gavarry did on the original, since he buried both the synthetic oud and rose of the first Perfume Calligraphy in so much amber and patchouli that it takes some digging to separate them out. Trudi Loren doesn't even try to make a rose oud tandem with synthetic oud, but instead takes a more honest approach to a westernized version of a Middle-Eastern perfume by just capturing the feeling with Western ingredients, which makes Aramis Calligraphy Rose both smell better than the original, and ironically smell more authentic. Rose is the star of the show here, and it's both front and center for the duration of the wear. However, this is no sweet Damask rose, but a rich, visceral, almost beautifully dark Turkish rose absolute softened with a supporting cast, and feels like a warmer, slightly more approachable take on the niche Ex Idolo 33 (2013) which actually launched concurrently with this.

Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Rose opens immediately with that dark Turkish rose, flanked by a saffron honeysuckle glaze which sweetens it like a much more brooding take on the rosewater they sometimes use for macaroons or icing. This opening glaze doesn't hang around long, as the gothic rose bounds through it like a pro wrestler given an extra shot of steroids, carrying oregano and myrrh in each swollen arm to spice up the opening so it feels slightly pasty. There might be a slight peck of the synthetic oud here, as I get a brief barnyard feeling I didn't get with the original Perfume Calligraphy, but it's gone once the very round French lavender and labadanum come into play. Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Rose plays far more animalic regardless of whether there's an oud note just because of the styrax and fatty yellow musk that's in the base. An ambergris note of probably synthetic origin gives me faint impressions of Creed also comes and goes, but it's no amber composite nor ambroxan, as it isn't overly caramelized or sweet like either of them. Olibdanum provides the final anchor here, and the dry down continues to provide warm, pasty, dark rose which draws comparisons both to the aforementioned Ex Idolo and Frédéric Malle's Portrait of a Lady (2010), sitting somewhere between them. Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Rose behaves more like a Western perfume than the original, keeping it's projection modest, but a smaller, tighter sillage sphere which is more intense and longer-lasting. Performance is outstanding and Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Rose will work all day, even if it's Moulin Rouge-meets-Marrakesh smell is indeed anything but work-safe.

What we get here is entirely unlike the noble but muddled pandering that is the original Perfume Calligraphy, which was fascinating to the point of enjoyable because of it's compromises. Rather than that, we have a rapturous, mysterious, alluring, heady rose bouquet commanding of one's attention. This is a rose which feels at home both in an ancient temple or a modern BDSM club that fits better on a man but also works on a woman familiar with shiny latex or Fifty Shades of Grey. I'd keep this to evening use, but even then, you're going to make an entrance to rival Batman if you show up on a blind date drenched in this, so it's not appropriate for your first meeting with a new interest. I'm a rose fan so this is best of the Perfume Calligraphy line to me, but unlike the first, it's distribution in North America wasn't wide so you'll have to go online unless you have a Bergdorf Goodman handy, which is the only US chain that had it. Besides, who wants to pay its niche MSRP when discounters can sell this for a third of that? Thumbs up for another quirky East/West hybrid that offers one of the best values in this particular niche of dark, saturated rose. Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Rose still doesn't beat Salvador Dali Pour Homme (1987) in terms of grim determination, but little else can these days without the help of animalics and oakmoss, and that's a strict no-no. If you haven't checked out the original Perfume Calligraphy, it isn't necessary to enjoy this, as they don't share anything outside a few parts-bin fixatives and house captives; if Western hot takes on oud aren't your thing, it's best you start with this little gem anyway. Easily one of my favorite takes on the rose. Very well done.
17th October, 2018
Okay lets get started with this lovely review, I sprayed this one on my hand to test it out whenever it came in, and it was a headache inducing perfume. It was way too strong, and me being a fan of stronger perfumes you know it was strong if I thought it smelt too potent. The rose scent is very beautiful all in all, but its just way too heavy on the incense. Also I love the packaging, it has a niche style to it.
30th August, 2018
Aramis’ Calligraphy Rose… interesting opening: part synthetic oud, part saffron, part mutated oregano, part floral-sweet honeysuckle… it would be intriguing if it lasted longer, but it’s gone quite quickly. The oud and saffron were merely the surface frosting over a somewhat dense heart platform of rose absolute, myrrh, Styrax, and a dark lavender. This opening / heart are very different from about everything else I’ve experienced in fragrances. There’s rose there, but it’s at all flowery – it’s a dark red, almost-visceral rose. The heart’s myrrh and Styrax each join in with their individual throaty, vibrations. And the lavender is medicinal. For its depth, this accord sits quietly on the skin. I find it a remarkable accord…

The base, dominated by labdanum and incense, quietly continues the primary rose accord; and the resinousness becomes more apparent. The base introduces a touch of truer sweetness with a diminutive dusty amber – but the accord does not come across on my skin as much as I would like. The base could stand to last a bit stronger, but it does hold as a skin scent for a decent length of time.
I really like Calligraphy Rose.
22nd December, 2016
This is what you wear on the coldest nights out. This is what you wear to a formal event. This is how a you want to smell on date night. So you were told that men can't wear a rose based scent or that rose fragrances smell like little old ladies. So wrong. Sophisticated and regal. This one doesn't have to try hard to impress, it just does. You can easily get this for a song on one of the discount sites. Compared to....Rose Flash- it's kinda like comparing your Audi to a Mercedes. Which is what this is- an Audi. Not over the top, safe and does everything well without yelling that you're in the building. I'm so glad that the fall is here so I can get this on my skin. Great juice.
12th October, 2016
Sweet Rose & Myrrh...

What a performance! This fragrance opens with a bang of sweet, jammy rose surrounded by myrrh and amber and frankincense, with a big hit of saffron.

It reminds me a lot of the original Aramis - Perfume Calligraphy but with the oud turned down and the rose turned up. I personally don't really get any oud wood in this but the rose is full and sweet and juicy, albeit surrounded and supported by an ambery, honey-like vibe.

The fragrance feels syrupy, like rosewater used in a dessert. Ambergris, labdanum and musk linger in the dry-down, and the sweetness of the opening turns dark, muted and resinous towards the end.

I think this is one which, if you are a rose lover, you will adore. I find the opening a little sweet to my taste, but that comes from the myrrh, which is prominent throughout. I get a syrupy jam feeling with the rose but the incense and resins give it depth the more it stays on skin.

Try this out if you love rose style fragrances and Oriental/Arabian style perfumes done right. I highly recommend the Aramis Calligraphy range, especially as value for price. I like this syrupy rose!
15th September, 2016
Dr. Z. Show all reviews
United States

I'm a huge rose fan with quite a few "rose" fragrances.
Some have It mingled with some woods... some patchouli.. musk.
Some are slightly more masculine and some (most) aren't.
I'd have more but apparently it's become trendy to release a "rose" fragrance that smells like Pine sol. My point is- I love rose.

My wife's name is Rose (actually it's Michelle).

Read these reviews.
Most are spot on.
I'm only going to add one thing. On my skin this fragrance is far from linear:

To my nose, I get an initial whiff of a pale rose that has help from some spicy-saffron lending some tanginess to it- a molecule or two of Oudh cannot be ruled out.
A dusty Oudh.
A Turkish (mostly) rose- "sharp-ish" and resinous at the same time yielding a well balanced blend as it progresses.
This rose has some help, however the intrusion by the spice/ saffron (et al) here is not overshadowing and the base pulls it all together quite nicely.

"Rosita" is a queen and she's Oriental.

It more or less goes right on grooving in this manner ( a bit tamer) but somewhere it begins to "morph"- several factors play into the "when" but on my skin, eventually it does.

However, when the "cocoon" opens (usually in 2-3 hours) and the "butterfly" slowly emerges , I'm plagued by some over active limbic emotions, so the eb & flow required to clinch this review, gets a bit daunting.

An innate flaw. Nevertheless , the show must go on.

At the 4 hour mark it continues to sweeten up as more nuances in the base (Aramis kept this from being a potential catastrophe by adding the perfect base notes) emerge.
I'm perceiving notes that I wouldn't have prophesied, based on the initial aromatic presentation - almost as if I had scrubbed off the first fragrance and applied another. A frag that's sweeter and more powdery with that dusty Oudh still hanging around.
I can't list all the notes that emerge but lavender and amber are among the more detectable least to my nose. spite of all this mumbling the rose is still at center stage.

Still... it's projecting, albeit less.

Still... I'm elated & constantly barraged by that happy feeling that one gets when one knows they've scored.

I really like this gem.
Add the fact that it's $38 on line... there's still hope!!!
I would say this is unisex and suited more for evening wear.

All things related to performance are above average as it's been 9/10 hours since the initial application.
However, for Rosita, the time has come that she must pass on.
But she won't lay in a coffin. Instead she gradually disappears beyond the horizon.

Thankfully, this horizon is sitting in a nice box where she's enjoying a perfectly controlled climate.

-have back up bottle... will travel.



PS now that I look at the bottle.. It does resemble a coffin ;)
05th September, 2016

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