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Potion Blue Cadet (2013)
by Dsquared2


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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PerfumerMathilde Bijaoui
Parent CompanyAngelini > ITF Cosmetics

About Potion Blue Cadet

Potion Blue Cadet is a masculine fragrance by Dsquared2. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui

Potion Blue Cadet fragrance notes

Reviews of Potion Blue Cadet

Got a 1 oz bottle for about $13, so thought I'd bit the bullet..

To me this smells very similar to Mont Blanc Starwalker, but just not as good. Blue Cadet isn't as smooth, perhaps a bit more floral too. I can see why many would call this one boring.. it feels a bit 1-dimensional. However for a citrus heavy fragrance, it has some big power and good longevity in the first hour.

Ultimately though, it falls flat, and is boring. bottles is awesome looking too though.
23rd January, 2017
I had great experiences with original “Potion” and the other flanker named “Royal Black”. both solid fragrances with good quality and lots of positive things to mention. based on those two I had big hopes for this one too but ….
As far as the smell goes, it’s extremely pleasant and refined but it seems there are a few things missing and unfortunately both projection and longevity are huge let down in this fragrance that makes it very hard to recommend. in one hand you have a lovely smell and in the other hand you have below average performance on the skin. does it worth it? it’s your call!

The opening of this fragrance is a fresh zesty lemony scent surrounded by beautiful fresh and clean smell of lavender which is more toward it’s floral nature and there is a semi sweet, creamy and powdery smell right beside it to make scent more pleasant. it's fresh, clean, a little tart and also semi sweet, slightly powdery and floral at the same time. the clean aspect is very bright that smells like fresh laundry right out of the washing machine and the mellow smell of the lavender based fabric softener that spreads in the air!

In the mid scent stays almost the same but now a slightly bitter aromatic green smell shows up and gives a mature undertone to the scent. personally I believe it’s lavender again or maybe balsam fir that creates this aura. It’s still a fresh and clean smell though but with a bitter and kind of soft smoky aromatic feel mixed with it plus a little more sweetness.

In the base that bitter aromatic feel fades away while only smooth sweet powdery smell remains.
Projection is completely close to the skin even right after spraying it on your skin and longevity is usually 2 hours and if you get lucky 3 hours on the skin.
22nd August, 2016

I only need echo Darvant's review: Useless, common, and synthetic – no more needs to be said.
28th July, 2016
Another one.

Aquatic "traces", fruity tart elements, woodsy resins, musk, tonka, ambergris, patchouli, cedarwood...namely an useless descented by many previous (and just slightly different) spicy/woody/musky/ozonic concoctions as Lanvin L'homme (and l'Homme Sport), Chrome Legend, Gentlemen Only, Zen for men and others, all rolling around the same banal olfactory concept. Go further.

Pros: Virile
Cons: Useless, common and synthetic "

16th August, 2013
A cheap smelling frag for a hefty price

Weak and cheap. You've heard it right, but the thing is - it's not the price that's cheap but it's a description of the fragrance itself. You know those drugstore frags such as St. Oliver, New Yorker, those cheap ones that smell nice? That's Potion Blue Cadet, albeit for a "nice" price to pay. Citrusy, barely woody and completely without character. It does last in fact but it's projection is low, actually there hardly is any. If it was any of the prior mentioned, you know, St. Oliver for instance or Bruno Banani, I would have said - FINE, really not bad - for the price, however Dsquared - this frag - that price - NOT FINE!

Pros: none
Cons: weak, unoriginal

29th June, 2013

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