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Le Sourire de Diable
by L'Antichambre


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GenderShared / Unisex
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About Le Sourire de Diable

Le Sourire de Diable is a shared / unisex perfume by L'Antichambre.

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Reviews of Le Sourire de Diable

This opens very dry and full of spices backed up by sweet amber resinous notes; makes me think "oriental" immediately. The spices are bold and I get a healthy dose of sweaty smelling cumin. There is a bright/fresh accord that pairs interestingly weird with the cumin for a couple of hours. Later, in the drydown stage, the cedar becomes more prominent and as it gets woody, it also loses the sweetness. It's still dry, but not that spicy and sweaty anymore. Overall, a very pleasant experience.
06th March, 2019
A demure resinous scent — labdanum and spices. There’s a lot of cumin, so it goes a bit sweaty, but it’s quite tolerable (depending on your level of tolerance, I suppose). In fact, there are a lot of spices in this, and that’s really what it smells like more than anything — peppery, sweaty spices over a touch of labdanum and a pleasing cedar. It’s quite dry overall, and there’s really not much to it, but I could absolutely see a time and a place for this. Very subdued and undemanding — almost like a woodier, spicier version of Creed’s Royal Oud. It’s priced too high for what it is (it’s an Iso E bomb after 30 minutes), but it’s definitely worth a peek if spices and woods are your thing.
04th March, 2015
I am not a huge fan of amber fragrance or anything too sweet - generally speaking. But, Le Soirire de Diable (Devil's Smile) is the exception and is my new favorite amber fragrance. I never thought I would use the words favorite and amber in the same sentence until I tried this scent. I like the attitude and complication brought out in this amber scent. It is sort of the same level of naughtiness that you find in Amber Fetiche or Ambre Sultan, but the Devil's smile is lighter than either of these. The development and interplay of light and darkness in this fragrance is more fun than work - it is easy to enjoy. The listed notes are: bergamot, ginger, cumin, amber, agarwood, cistus, cedar. The opening is kind of prickly with a lively attitude under the the influence of ginger (attitude) mixed with cumin (animal quality). Cistus Labdanum forms the warm amber body of the scent with some partial breezes of dry cedar and smokey agarwood that swirl about. The fragrance is warm and elevating, lifting the wearer upward into the light, while never letting you forget that it does have "friends in low places" too. Recommended!
17th April, 2013
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United States
Le Sourire du Diable opens with a very complex and conflicted spicy mixture that features cumin and maybe even a black peppery accord. The spice driven fragrance settles down a bit in the early heart as the cumin and peppery mixture join natural ginger and what appears to be waxy iris with just a slight hint of underlying Oud that is barely detectable. During the late dry-down, the cumin is still present but now well in the background as a complex amber-laced accord emulating slightly sweet camphorous myrrh and sparkling vetiver takes the fore (though neither are listed as official notes). Projection is excellent and longevity exceptional at well over 12 hours on skin.

Le Sourire du Diable is a roller-coaster ride for sure. Its rather haphazard spicy open just seems to have all the early notes fighting one other and things don't look too promising. As the scent enters the heart phase the cumin and peppery opening accord (maybe unlisted angelica?) meld with balancing ginger as a very (also unlisted) waxy iris-like supporting note joins them. At this point I am thinking the overall effect smells very much like a cross between Cartier's cumin and waxy iris driven Declaration and its ginger driven Declaration Cologne flanker. The hybrid result is actually not too bad as the ginger takes a bit of the sting off the cumin here unlike in the original Declaration where its just too much. During the late dry-down things evolve yet again with this time the fragrance going in a completely different direction as I get an accord resembling the dry-down of the horrible Eau Sauvage Parfum but unlike that abomination, this is a much more pleasant implementation that does not gnaw at you over time. All in all Le Sourire du Diable starts off a mess and evolves into something almost pleasant though not completely successful, earning a relatively tenuous "good" 3 stars out of 5 rating. Declaration fans will most likely enjoy this more than I but the cumin still was too much for me.
15th April, 2013

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