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Oud Malaki (2012)
by Chopard


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerDominique Ropion
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Oud Malaki

Middle Eastern Exclusive

Oud Malaki fragrance notes

Reviews of Oud Malaki

I find Oud Malaki to be a solid oud offering with a deliberate lack of polish, but nonetheless rendered smooth enough for an easy wear. It reveals three distinct phases, beginning with a rich, woody aroma with an emphasis on spicy wood notes and a hint of tobacco. Around a couple of hours later it mellows out as the roughness around the edges is softened. The fragrance exhibits soft leathery aspects with a touch of amber, as a complement to the woods. The final phase is vaguely sweet with an amber-woods finish.

Oud Malaki is roughly in the same class of perfumes as Armani's Oud Royal and Tom Ford's Oud Wood. It is less polished than either, and more full-bodied than the latter. Additionally it has a casual appeal that is absent in the Armani. It more or less shuns any fruit aspect. I perceive Oud Malaki as more of a middle compromise of 'east meets west' in the oud realm, rather than any glorious fusion. Nonetheless,
given its solid construction and robust sillage and duration, Oud Malaki is a recommendation for anyone looking for an affordable oud fragrance.

30th September, 2017
I blind bought this based on the online reviews here and on youtube. I seem to be in the minority on this one. This is skanky in a bad way for me. Not a fan of this at all. Two sprays were enough for me to list this on Ebay. As Bavard noted, this has a menthol note that totally ruined this for me.. Close to two hours in and the menthol is almost gone and what's left is in no way that interesting for me to wear this again. Overall a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.
01st June, 2017
This smells like a fragrance marketed as oud, but equal parts spices, other woods, and menthol. As it develops, it smells more fruity, floral, and the base is pleasantly sweet ambery woods with the oud note barely detectable, reminiscent of the base of Trumper's Sandalwood Cologne or Egoiste.
28th October, 2016
Very nice. Oud Malaki reminds me a little bit of Tom Ford's Oud Wood, but I actually think this is better, at least in terms of performance. Oud Malaki starts out with a dry, spicy tobacco and smooth, synthetic oud. I'm not using the word "synthetic" negatively here--it's just to describe the type of oud note that this fragrance incorporates. Most fragrances use synthetic oud as opposed to the real stuff that is found in oud oils and attars, and smells completely different. Anyway, the beginning is spicy and substantial without feeling heavy, and the oud note is exceptionally smooth. It melds seamlessly to skin and radiates a warm, mellow glow that only a well-produced oud note can achieve. After an hour or so, Malaki transforms from its spicy tobacco and woods beginning to a rich amber base. The amber reflects tones of benzoin, vanilla, and caramel. Traces of its opening notes remain leaving their accent upon the amber and this is how the fragrance persists for the remainder of its time. Projection and longevity are both excellent (10--12 hours beginning with about 2-3 feet of projection).

Overall, Oud Malaki is an easy and comfortable wear. I was expecting something sort of "fancy," but it's not...and that's a good thing. It seems completely appropriate for a casual night out in the fall and winter months, but could just as easily be dressed up for a formal occasion. It's more cozy and homey than opulent, but it's also elegant and of an obviously high quality. If you enjoy Oud Wood, Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Oud, or fragrances such as Halston Man Amber or Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens, then Oud Malaki is definitely worth investigating. Thumbs up for this absolute success from Chopard.
26th September, 2015

What a bang for your knock!another oud scent that is probably these days mod and now i am waiting for 1million oud and lacoste L_12_12 oud!!!OUD MALAKI and NOBLE VETIVER are the best men created by CHOPARD. this scents a rich spices and heady woods. Sultry, Strong,Sweet, Provocative, Warm,Bold and balanced.

OUD MALAKI is a heady woody spicy scent.exotic ingredients such as artemisia and grapefruit for refreshing spiciness and tobacco,leather,oud and woodsy notes for a touch of unexpected swagger mix with lavender for a composition full of the intrigue of other lands.the dry down has a deep alluring however i expected something more deep.

OUD MALAKI is for men are not afraid of their sensuality.I dont recommend it for the faint of heart at all.It emites a sense of mysteriousness and makes people wonder.classic guys with high style and subdued taste in scents will apperciate.This evening scent is definitely for cold weather.


Longevity?Noticeable on my skin.

24th May, 2015
Wow! Elegant, refined, and worthy of the Chopard name. I actually like this a little better than Creed's Royal Oud AND YSL M7 Oud Absolu .. and that's saying a lot. It's simply easier to wear and is just plain amazing. I'm no scent snob, but I will tell you I own the other Oud scents listed above and this one is simply more wearable. Period. I love the instant blast of incense followed by the powdery undertones and ultimately the Oud makes itself known. It's closer to Creed's formula than M7. No medicinal notes, but simply a gorgeous and elegant scent that captures attention. If you pass someone, especially a woman, expect heads to turn. It happened to me! What else could you ask for?
18th March, 2015

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